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Dolmens of Carlow

Carlow is the second smallest county on the island of Ireland but it has an abundance of ancient heritage.

Carlow is the home of not one but two megalithic portal tombs known as Dolmens. 351 kata lagi

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Wwoofing at Companhia, Portugal.


Wwoofing was a great experience, a very interesting way to travel. I’d heard about it, and tried it with a few friends. I spent less than a month camping and volunteering on an organic farm, which was an enlightening and enjoyable experience overall. 768 kata lagi


Festival to checkout this December. #DSFKHI

What’s the most happening and must visit place this year end?

Dolmen Mall in Karachi for sure.

Why?  Because there is a year end shopping festival going on,  where there is something for everyone. 328 kata lagi


Guys! We have a new fun thing to do in Karachi! It got me super excited because there are some activities I LOVE besides eating too. 435 kata lagi


Latter day dolmen

Latter day dolmen
My wife building latter day dolmen (upon dolmen) in Miers, Lot region, France.

Photo: about 4 months ago, “Dolmen de la Pierre Levée”.

Revising Tu'whacca's Throne

Traversing Alik’r’s Dunes to revisit an ancient temple – Tu’whacca’s Throne. The winds are electrified by the nearby dolmen; the land calls to me. Soon, soon; my duty calls first.