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Gorafe Dolmens...

The Megalítico, Gorafe Granada, Andalucía, Spain.

The first human settlements in the area date back to prehistory. Visitors can admire almost 200 dolmens within the ten necropolis. 167 kata lagi


Poulnabrone Dolmen, Ireland - Travel Guide Photography

The Poulnabrone Dolmen is an ancient portal tomb in the Burren region of County Clare. It’s estimated to date from between 4,200 BCE and 2,900 BCE. 58 kata lagi


Arthur's Quoit: Coetan Arthur, St Davids

As yet another imbecilic newspaper headline emerges about where King Arthur might have been born, eaten a burger, fought against constipation and died, I find myself inspired to write about a summer visit to Coetan Arther (PRN 2623). 404 kata lagi

Places And Landscapes

another walk along the coast

The walks, the randonnés along the coast, are certainly highlights of Brittany. In particular the walks along the old paths customs officers used to trail to control the coast and deter smugglers. 295 kata lagi


Interview with Matt Bille

Matt Bille is an author in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

He is also a naturalist, historian, science writer, and defense consultant.  A former Air Force officer, he is the author of over 20 technical publications and articles on space-related topics. 905 kata lagi


Dolmen de Barrières

Dolmen de Barrières
Another impressive dolmen,which can be seen close the abandoned village of Barrières, in the Lot region, France.

There were only a couple of families left in the early stages of the 20th century. 12 kata lagi


Independence Day Celebrations at Dolmen Malls

Dolmen Mall, Pakistan’s first international standard mall, is famous for being at the forefront of every major national celebration. With every event, they have continued to raise the bar when it comes to family entertainment and shopping in Karachi. 525 kata lagi