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Why Apulia is rapidly becoming a popular vacation destination

Puglia’s history is inextricably linked with those of other Mediterranean countries and the invaders who came from afar: the ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Normans, Emperor Fredrick II and the Spanish Bourbons. 46 kata lagi

Cornwall (3) Lanyon Quoit

‘Quoit’ is the Cornish word for a dolmen.  A dolmen was constructed using three or more large stones supporting a huge capstone, as seen in this photo.   64 kata lagi

Ganghwa History Museum

On our last day on Ganghwa Island we went to the history museum. The museum opened in 2010 and is located on a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 93 kata lagi


New commercial center by BA United Holding in Zahle. Company building its mall network

Gate 1451, a commercial center in Zahle is expected to open in the first quarter of 2018 in Hoch el Oumara, facing Star Gate.

It is owned by BA United Holding, a company established in 2007 and active in various industries, including real est….
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I happened on a message
left under a stone
by an old brick wall
I used to visit long ago
as a child

it’s not easy… 14 kata lagi


We can all get 'Kapray' now

Its year 2015 and finally we have ‘Kapray’ in the market, Kapray is basically a clothing brand that covers everyone’s needs, includes Men, Women, kids and Home in its collections, its more like a fast fashion retailer brand so its like high quality and easy to get stuff, you know its the kind of store where you walk in and you find the perfect dress and you dont even have to go through the hassle of searching around hundred other stores to find your ‘sapnoun ka kapra’ 267 kata lagi


It's a Dolmen!

“What on earth is a dolmen?” I can hear some people say :)  In a nutshell, dolmen are megalithic tombs, consisting of upright stones supporting a large flat stone.   481 kata lagi