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A dolmen, starting

Mournoth dolmen, starting up. I’ve got a good view from one of the many  broken planks of one of the many mangled ships. The thing is, Halcyon Lake is a lake. 30 kata lagi


word: dolmen


Definition: (noun) A prehistoric megalith typically having two upright stones and a capstone. Synonyms: cromlech Usage: All that was left of the pre-historic community was a dolmen, an enigma that stood in nature like a letter from a lost alphabet. Discuss.

Pouqelayes or fairy stones

One of the Jersey dolmens known to Ireland was the Pouquelaye de Faldouet, an imposing passage grave standing above the Royal Bay of Grouville that inspired a poem from Victor Hugo. 231 kata lagi


5 November 2015 - Le Puech and its Dolmen

This is a circular walk from Le Puech up to the Dolmen on the hill above the village. The return is via Mas Delon. The overall distance is about 6km, but the first part does involve a substantial climb of about 200m on a hillside path. 101 kata lagi

Off Road Walks

The Big Draw-ing

The 15 Hundred Lives art collective that I’m a member of is holding a Big Draw event at the Creative Bubble artspace for a couple of days. 193 kata lagi


Poulnabrone Dolmen - The Burren County Clare, Ireland

The Burren is an unusual and vast landscape on the west coast of Ireland in County Clare. At first blush it looks like a green and grey desert with nothing to be seen. 200 kata lagi