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At Home Day

After watching Big Little Brother play with a camera Dolly asked me if she could have a go! Once we managed to borrow the  camera without Big Little Brother being upset Dolly got to work. 134 kata lagi


KOTW-Fisher Dolly 10

KOTW-Fisher Dolly

Ok so as un-cool as it is I must admit to liking Christmas. Now don’t get me wrong you can stick the shopping, countdown, visits to the outlaws and the infernal carols in your hat, as far as I’m concerned but the unnecessary drinking, extravagant food and partying are right up my street, so bring it on. 681 kata lagi


The Wintrust Business Lunch: John Carpenter, Eugene Hollander, Tim Swindle, and Dr. Benjamin Domb

It’s Friday folks!  Sit back, relax, and enjoy this packed episode of The Wintrust Business Lunch.  John Carpenter joins Amy Guth to begin today’s show with a look at Dolly – a platform that connects people who need things moved with the people who are willing to help them move (think Uber for movers).  73 kata lagi

Wintrust Business Lunch

Johannes Volk - Hydro Funk [DOLLY023]

This is Johannes  Volk’s second EP for Dolly. Two fierce but club friendly rolling techno tracks featuring an epic Luke Hess remix. With their warm and euphoric chords ‘Hydro Funk’ and ‘Shadow Section’ will take you right back to the golden days of techno. 25 kata lagi


2011 Petit Le Mans - "It's okay, I know what I'm doing NOW!"

Having not scared the locals the previous year, I found that they actually wanted me back to work at the next Petit, so with this in mind, and knowing more about where things were, I was able to book a better car, hotel and generally make my week long experience in Georgia a much better experience. 489 kata lagi


How to shut a noisy Dolly up

So Dolly talks way too much some days! I’m fairly quiet and it gets on my nerves. When Mamma was out the room I decided to find out how I could make her shush! 153 kata lagi