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Esteban Adame - Unofficial Discourse [DOLLY029]

Well respected Galaxy 2 Galaxy member Esteban Adame appears on Dolly with 3 strong, true and soulful Detroit House groovers supported by a Los Hermanos remix in full effect, strong package for all Underground Resistance lovers.



Dolly Said

I’m working 9 to 5, like Dolly said.

Dreaming of a different life ahead.

The clock strikes nine and I arrive on time.

Usually, at least. 157 kata lagi


Hurraaa Dolly är dräktig!!!

Vackra Tinybull’s Dolly Parton är parad med stilige Irgen Gold Tsar-Bull ”Alfons.

Båda hundarna är PLL fria och hälsotestade. Bägge har ett härligt temperament och har även genomfört BPH (beteende och personlighetstest) med fina resultat. 56 kata lagi


Pipes, Tees, and Gears Result in Smooth Video Shots

It’s depressingly easy to make bad videos, but it only takes a little care to turn that around. After ample lighting and decent audio — and not shooting in portrait — perhaps the biggest improvements come from stabilizing the camera while it’s moving. 232 kata lagi

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