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A Trip To The Museum!

Hello fans! Yesterday, my long suffering PA and GF, Wendy K. Gloss, went on a road trip to the small city of Uitenhage, or to be more exact, to the VW museum which is right next door to the VW factory. 879 kata lagi


New "Monster Doll Baby" Photoshoot!

Introducing our first photoshoot of 2016! I’m so excited to get back to creating these weird glimpses into the Gloomth Universe. This shoot was a lot of fun to create and… 217 kata lagi



Hanging dolly in ceiling,

Red liquid flowing.

Knives everywhere,

Dolly out of air.
Dolly smiling with tears,

Dolly now full of fears.

There’s only one thing that can save dolly, … 64 kata lagi

Reflections on a Snowy Day

Day to day life is stressful, but with the snow today life seemed to slow down. I played today with my littles and reflected on how time had flown with my bigs, Seems crazy even to me sometimes that, at 45, I am the mom of a 14, 13, 5 and 1 year old all at the same time. 345 kata lagi



Sophie woke up screaming.  Within seconds, Mummy was there, flicking on the big light.  She sat on the bed and hugged her daughter, patting her back and stroking her sweat-soaked hair. 343 kata lagi

William Stafford

Caturday Thoughts - No New Year's Resolutions for Cats

Cats don’t make New Year’s resolutions. They live in the moment and don’t over analyze life. They are resistant to influences from without. Marketing doesn’t touch them, the news doesn’t depress or anger them; they don’t watch it. 189 kata lagi