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Doctor Who: The War Games (part five)

Intrigue grows a little this week as we meet another villain, the Security Chief, played by James Bree in a high-pitched, teeth-gritted performance that most of us older… 227 kata lagi

Doctor Who

The Gospel of John Hurt - Part III: Out of the Wilderness

We now understand that John Hurt played the Doctor.  That his Doctor has as much of a right to that title as any other, that he stuck to promise as far as he could, that he’s no more at ideological tensions with his other incarnations than Pertwee’s Doctor is.  2.673 kata lagi


Counter-Measures: Threshold

Writer: Paul Finch

Director: Ken Bentley

Producer: David Richardson

Summary: After the events of “Remembrance of the Daleks”, Captain Ian Gilmore has founded the Intrusion Countermeasure Group (ICMG): Professor Rachel Jensen, her student Allison William, and several other military and scientific personnel. 129 kata lagi

Doctor Who

Timestamp #108: The Horns of Nimon

Doctor Who: The Horns of Nimon
(4 episodes, s17e17-e20, 1979-1980)

Doctor Who does mythology once again, and they do it just as well as before. Which, if you’re keeping score, is not well at all. 1.380 kata lagi


There’s no in-line comments because we haven’t the time or desire to moderate. That said, we welcome feedback. Send us comments, suggestions, even submissions via the… 9 kata lagi

Capaldi Replacement

Paterson Joseph: I'm just a Doctor, I don't make the Daleks shoot.

Born: London.

“Veteran character actor” is a phrase that could have been applied to nearly every Doctor of the classic era at the time of their ascendancy to the role. 597 kata lagi

Capaldi Replacement

Doctor Who - Ghost Stories #1 (of 4)

Follow the Ghost, from the stunning 2016 Doctor Who Christmas Special “The Return of Doctor Mysterio,” into a brand-new, galaxy-spanning adventure with the Doctor!

An all-new adventure with the Ghost, Lucy Fletcher, and the Doctor. 25 kata lagi