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Review: Insurgent

As promised here’s my review of Insurgent The second book in the Divergent trilogy!

To be honest I liked this book way more than the first one, the plot itself was way more interesting, with revolts and rebels and Tris. 172 kata lagi



Per (my sometimes depressing) usual, I’m about three weeks late getting to the theatre to see the new Ghostbusters movie. One of my best friends has seen it 5 times already and after every time he messages me, “Just saw it again!” and then proceeds to brag endlessly about all the wonderful things I’m missing. 532 kata lagi

What is a 5-star book?

A book that I give 5 stars has to have the full package. If it’s the first book in a series, I’m usually looking for something new and fresh that will have me coming back for more. 403 kata lagi


Bout of Books 17: Day 5

I hate how quick Bout of Books goes. It’s just over too soon, every time! And while I may not be having a great Bout of Books in terms of reading, I have enjoyed the challenges so far. 446 kata lagi


Erudite silver

name: Erudite

color: silver

price: IDR 28.000


Erudite Gold

name: Erudite

color: gold

price: IDR 28.000


Dauntless silver

name: Dauntless

color: silver

price: IDR 28.000