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linuxlite gnu/linux distro pros and cons

linuxlite 3.8 gnu/linux distro pros and cons


  • it boots into a gui from iso (you can then click install to hd)
  • the 64bit version works even on a Pentium Dual Core T4200 2Ghz…
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linuxlite is a great guest os for virtualbox and vmware player

linuxlite is a great (LXDE/XFCE based) guest os for virtualbox and vmware player since vboxclient tools are preinstalled and you just need to run aptitude install open-vm-tools for vmware workstation player… 9 kata lagi


CRUST zine now available in the webstore

CRUST zine (MLD004) is now up for purchase in the webstore! The first printing of this poetry and photography zine is limited to 100. Copies are $3 each and will be shipped within a week of order. 15 kata lagi


peppermint gnu/linux

peppermint gnu/linux cloud desktop lxde/xfce hybrid distro

The default desktop environment for Peppermint is LXDE (literally, “Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment”) which has shown itself time and again to be user friendly, easy on the eyes, and wicked fast.


dietpi supports apache, lighttpd and nginx

dietpi is available for nano pis, raspberrys pis, virtualbox and vmware and supports apache, lighttpd and nginx

it also allows you to completely automate a DietPi installation with no user input. 18 kata lagi


Call for Calls for Submissions: Spread the Word About Your Zine/Distro/Library!

Share your call for submissions, let people know about your distro or zine library, announce your newest zine, let people know you are crowdfunding a zine project… … 72 kata lagi