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Dissociation #Write31Days

Welcome to day 28 in the 31-day writing challenge on mental health. Today, I will be discussing dissociation. I used to have a diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder, but dissociation is also common in post-traumatic stress disorder and borderline personality disorder. 563 kata lagi

Mental Health

talked today to Dr barry, dissociation on my mind

Had my weekly appointment today with Dr Barry. I discussed the intense episode of dissociation that I had last week. Not sure if I mentioned it but I had a really intense episode of dissociation, culminating in us wandering the streets at midnight. 411 kata lagi

Dissociative Identity Disorder

The Man Who Walked Away

Maud Casey, the author of “The Man Who Walked Away” is a capable writer. The historic fictional account of the psychiatric treatment of Albert Dadas by Dr. 380 kata lagi

Book Review

Who Am I? And How Did I Get Here?

Author: Margaret (Maggie) Currie

Dissociative Fugue (Formerly Psychogenic Fugue)

Imagine waking up in an unknown place with no recollection of how you got thereā€¦sounds like the aftermath of a Saturday night out, right? 1.086 kata lagi

Dissociative Fugue

Missing Time

This isn’t the first time this has happened. Not that it happens frequently, but it does occur regularly – sometimes in tight bunches tied to a particularly tumultuous period in my life. 330 kata lagi


SIA is Unforgettable--Review and Giveaway!

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