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Life's lessons...

I rarely post anything about my daughter unless it’s that we spent the day together out and yes today we did . 🙂anyways my daughter has been dating ta guy now going on 5 yrs in Oct he is 7 yes older so almost 30 per say but in most cases acts like he is 18 or younger my daughter is way more mature then him at 22 and this relationship is so one sided always been about him and and he is a gamer so stays up all night laying video games works but only part time could of earn full time but is sabatoging his chances by not giving enough effort has no motivation ok so your thinking why is she with him well did not realize all this at the time seemed like a super nice person but now seeing he isn’t . 344 kata lagi

What Being Hated Feels Like

We all might have heard of the phrase, ‘I don’t care if he/she hates me.’ But deep down inside, we do care.

Being a high school student, I’ve been bullied several times, I’ll be honest. 272 kata lagi


The dislike I have for you

I do not like you, nor do I like the way that you were brought up.

You seem to think that all you do is god-like… 131 kata lagi



I guess you could say she’s like one of those Disney princesses – admired by all, fawned over by the boys and basically, all has the qualities that everyone would die for. 95 kata lagi


Bitcoin Beware: The Empire May Strike Back

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It has been a tough week for Bitcoin. China continued to crack down on virtual currencies, prompting a major Bitcoin exchange to… 596 kata lagi

Money Matters

Why I hate dating

Before deciding to write this, I thought, what if this affects my love life. But then I remembered, 1. no-one will be reading this, 2. I’m single af anyway *hands over face emoji*, *laughing emoji*. 625 kata lagi

🌹30 day art challenge🌹 Day 6🌹

Something I Dislike


The first thing that came into my thoughts, was clichés

  • On one hand “school” is the standard cliché answer. Well, there are many things to dislike about: Mean teachers 🤓 , Mean Classmates 🗣👥 and Homework 📖
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