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On Estrogen:21 years - Cooking around

*This is a series in which I will be sharing a few typical challenges I faced as a part of growing up. If you are a girl, I am hoping you can relate to it in some way and have a laugh or two. 749 kata lagi


Day 3: 30 Day "Love Yourself" Challenge

Day 3 is to make a list of at least 2 things that you don’t like about yourself and I know I can do way more than that easily. 1.183 kata lagi

Daily Blogs

Seeing A Social Worker Whom I Like With A Psychiatrist I Dislike In The Same Clinic?

So, I went to a new psychiatrist a few days ago for treatment for my PTSD; I met with the social worker, who I greatly liked — a lot. 79 kata lagi

Seriously, No One Likes You Ted Cruz

Did I mention that absolutely NO ONE loves Ted Cruz? This includes his daughter. Pretty sure the guy has never kissed his own kid before. That was so terribly awkward and she’s obviously terrified and disgusted at the same time. 51 kata lagi


Ted Cruz Decides to Shame You

It’s crazy to think someone would be willing to marry Ted Cruz, yet alone procreate with him. His former roommate and current screenwriter and director, Craig Mazin couldn’t stand him. 248 kata lagi


Sobriety Day 29: Learning To Accept Dislike

There is a woman at work (I’m going to call her E in this blog) who doesn’t like me. I have no idea why.

She and I were never friends, but we were friendly. 445 kata lagi