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30 Day Writing Challenge-A Family Member You Dislike

I really don’t dislike any of my family, but sometimes I am disconnected from them. I do have a cousin that I don’t really get along with. 96 kata lagi

Day 23: A Family Member You Dislike

In the unrealistic hopes of me being famous one day and this blog blowing up, I’m not going to name any family member or describe why I don’t like them. 326 kata lagi

30 Day Writing Challenge

Would You Get Rid Of A Guy If Your Dog Didn't Like Him?

Our listener Amy has been seeing a new guy and things have been going really well, but when she invited him over her house, her beloved pit bull Frank, who is usually a sweetheart, did not like him… 46 kata lagi


6 Things I Dislike About Korea

I’ve been having a hard time the past few weeks. The weather is changing, the holidays are coming. I really miss everyone at home. So, I’ve decided to write about a few things that have been bothering me about Korea. 552 kata lagi


Other Women. 

Today I’m here to talk about Other Women.

These are not the women that our other half cheat with, no. Today I’m talking about just other women in general. 345 kata lagi


Three To Carry With You (2014)

1. Key.
2. Wallet.
3. Song.
You know the one-
The one you dislike,
and in your head, is
on the run.


Blog Changed

I see the writing

layout is now different.

I don’t like this change.