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Eslflow’s guide to lesson plans for favorites,shopping, Brainstorm template for “Things I like to do” (PDF) Likes/dislikes re sports dialogue exercise (PDF) GERUNDS AND INFINITIVES Verb + Gerund Verb +Preposition +Gerund Be +Adjective +Preposition +Gerund Verb + Infinitive Verb +Inifinitive or Most people like to do some things and do not like to do others. 396 kata lagi


A Woman I Don't Like

She is a tall woman. With sleek shiny brown hair, shoulder length. Her eyebrows are thick and sharp and give her the appearance of a forceful character. 442 kata lagi


Preparing for People Who Won't Like Your Writing (and How Not to Take It Personally)

I’ve written before about how writers seek criticism when what they really want is praise. Who doesn’t? Everybody wants their endeavours – regardless of what those endeavours are – to be validated. 1.283 kata lagi

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Squared’s Scrolls – Worst Movie Adaptations

When I read a book then find out that there’s a movie coming out based on the book I always go through the same feelings – Excitement on seeing my beloved characters come to life, followed by dread that they will mess up the story when put into picture format. 304 kata lagi


Gaya Bercinta Ini, Dibenci Dan Sulit Membuat Kaum Wanita Mencapai Orgasme

Mencampuradukan berbagai gaya bercinta di atas ranjang dengan pasangan, menjadi pengalaman yang menyenangkan. Sayangnya, tak semua posisi bercinta disukai oleh kaum wanita, terlebih membuatnya sulit mencapai klimaks. 161 kata lagi

What's Worse - Being Overly Sensitive or Insensitive?

What bothers you? What do others say or do that upsets you? On what topics are you most easily offended? Maybe it takes a lot for someone to offend you, but at some point, on some topic, everyone becomes offended. 670 kata lagi

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Top 5 Bookish Pet Peeves!

As always, a huge thank you to Shanah, aka Bionic Book Worm for hosting this fun meme!

This weeks topic: Bookish Pet Peeves! 344 kata lagi