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Feelings of Hatred

I am generally a kind and compassionate sort of gal.

But lately I have had nothing but active dislike, approaching hatred for a particular person. 197 kata lagi

Updating the Dream...

I had a major epiphany yesterday. I had just posted yet another book promotion post on our blog and found myself disliking it intensely.

I have never liked the ‘hard sell’ and conveniently  usually forget to do any, but if you want people to read (and buy) your books, you are supposed to do it well and often. 408 kata lagi

Life As An Author

The Question I've Been Meaning To Ask

Why do you hate me so much?

What did I do to make you hate me? Or dislike me? Or talk about me behind my back? What?


Impressions 77

There is that rule about meeting someone and realizing whether you like them or not in just three seconds. In my case, my attitude towards someone new in three seconds is basically just, I haven’t found reasons to avoid you. Yet.

Where The Writer Is

13 Reasons We Don't Like Listicles 

Disclaimer : For this listicle, talking of the reasons for not liking them, I am playing the devil’s advocate.

I do like Listicles very much (I have been writing them for my blog every Friday for the past five months and would continue to do so for a very long time, unless I step up on the evolutionary ladder). 548 kata lagi


Why I dislike Ebooks

Some people love ebooks. Some people hate ebooks. I am one of those people who dislike them but read them when necessary. For example, when I had to pack all my books into boxes and my library had temporarily closed down right before I moved and then once I moved to Australia and I couldn’t join a library until I got an address which took longer than expected. 404 kata lagi




May rifle through your life

Like pick pockets

Climb inside your privacy

Invade your quiet

They may leave traces

In your life line

Becoming family… 165 kata lagi