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I H8 Flying

In the past couple months I’ve travelled to a few places by plane. Each time I go to the airport, I’m excited about the adventure ahead of me whether it’s surprising my parents on a trip back to Pennsylvania, or finally going on a vacation with my roommates to Myrtle Beach. 1.368 kata lagi

Post Grad

On the origin of dislikes

First and foremost I have to take a leap of confession and state that I have no idea what I’m doing here. I have no degree in literary art, I haven’t attended any journalism courses, I haven’t ever earned a single dime off writing and I was below average as a high school student. 405 kata lagi

Against The World

Breathing to fight contrast and being overwhelmed

Breathing is maybe the only source of energy most prone to negligence. Are you breathing enough, or correctly? Besides food and drink, which feed our physical body and enable us to burn calories, we must consider that without the oxygen we breath in, there would be no combustion, or consumption of energy. 640 kata lagi

Motivation- Keep Going!

Devil Teacher

Have you ever met someone so annoying, and so frustrating? Have you ever met a person that you have to think : If I hit you with my car, will anybody really miss you? 508 kata lagi


He's Not My Type

I met someone I didn’t like this week…maybe that’s too strong. I crossed paths with a person who came off as unfriendly, arrogant, boisterous and a bully. 253 kata lagi


[Review] Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage

A slight amount of disclosure might be required before I start delving into the whole amateur review spectacle. You know how there’s a bunch of games that base themselves entirely out of the whole “OMG LOOK AT ME MOMMY AREN’T YOU PROUD OF ME BEING SO RANDOM!?” or those silly wacky simulators that have some sort of broken engine that allows the game to have loads of “CRAZY” physics. 1.083 kata lagi

Video Games


I think that, at some point in all of our lives, we have all dealt with procrastination. While procrastinating seems to be quite a common human quality, I ahve days where I feel as if it’s an actual chronic disorder. 307 kata lagi