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Sometimes you've just got to say...

I hate bath bombs…. yep I said it.

I’ve tried, I really have. Years ago I once tried a bath bomb and was extremely disappointed. Lush in the last few years has become a major hit and my friends are in that craze. 859 kata lagi

All The Things That I Dislike: A Poem

Omelettes, loose jeans, Donald Trump,
Body odour and speed bumps,
Chocolate chips inside ice-cream,
Soggy toast and fever dreams,
Dog and cat hair on my shirt, 155 kata lagi


Off With His/Her Head (or I Don't Discriminate)

i’m a long way
from Henry VIII
but it doesn’t mean
that when your
faux arrogance
stands between
my eyes and
good writing
i won’t send you… 34 kata lagi

October's Favorites and Dislikes: CC Creams

There are CC creams out there, both good and bad.

There are so many foundations and face products out there, so it can be a struggle to pick the best one that matches your tone, looks good on you and doesn’t break you out as well. 591 kata lagi

CC Cream


Whatever you like to do, do more of it. Whatever you dislike doing, do less of it. (And do something else.)

Pay attention to your inclinations. 7 kata lagi

Keith Ashford

Outside of myself

Like breaking 1000 glasses.

I look at myself, in the mirror. I notice the hills and troughs of my face, the curves of its womanly shape. 586 kata lagi


5 Things Men Think Women Find Hot But They're Absolute Bullshit

Gentlemen, You. Are. Amazing. If I had to look into the dictionary for a synonym of Irresistible it might just say your name. So, give me one reason why are you spoiling all your awesomeness by believing common myths about what women like. 871 kata lagi