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My Opinion Got in the Way

It is not possible to see clearly

something that you do not like.

-Travis The Traveler


Things I don't like about extroverts

As an introvert who just recently understood what the term means, I often wished I was more extroverted. However, as we don’t always get what we want in life, and almost everything in life is influenced by our temperaments, I have a hard time relating to some extroverts when… 106 kata lagi


Hate No One

At times, we as human beings find ourselves despising people for different reasons or for no reason at all. The word hate is a very strong word and should not be blantantly thrown around like it is today. 482 kata lagi


Three We Dislike (2015)

1. Gridlock.
2. High prices.
3. Vultures.
But they serve a
To rid of many an
over season.


Pet Peeve

Pet: 1. an animal kept for companionship, interest, or amusement.  2. an indulged or pampered person.  3. somebody whom others find lovable.
Peeve: 1. something that annoys or irritates somebody. 98 kata lagi


O R'lyeh?

There are some perfumes that gain notoriety, some deserved, some not so much. There is always some fragrance that people will declare to smell of crotches. 624 kata lagi


Author, speaker and inspirational truth-teller Glennon Doyle Melton came to town yesterday and let me tell you, seeing her is like waking up to the warmth of the spring sun after a long cold winter of gray clouds. 1.021 kata lagi