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You don't like your child? Here's how to fix it!!!

This is rarely talked about. Infact noone wants to admit it. It’s far from postpartum depression. It is important to distinguish between a seasonal dislike for your child or a chronic one. 313 kata lagi


Painful Truth

Do you know why people like you more than me? Because you are a beautiful lie and I’m the painful truth.

Is it fate that you hate to date on this app?

During class, I talk a bunch about different apps and various ways to use them. Some of them are straight forward-use the app as designed. Others I unconventionally use them to support our operations. 112 kata lagi

Words cut deeper than a knife. 

23rd May 2017, we were honoured by respective positions in the council body of the school. Yes, I was one of them. Many were left heart broken. 292 kata lagi


Have You Ever Felt Like Everyone Secretly Disliked You?

Have you ever had a feeling that the people around you, disliked you? Like they only talk to you, because you talk to them, but they would rather not be involved? 698 kata lagi

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