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Who am I?

Hello! This is my very first blog post! Let me tell you a little bit about myself! First, my name is Alex Trani, and am currently enrolled in Lehigh University as a freshman! 223 kata lagi


thumbs down, dislike, red fang Gif For Fun

thumbs down, dislike, red fang Gif for Fun at your Time


I Still Don't Like Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day. The holiday that you can’t openly dislike without serious criticism.

Ever since I was in junior high, I have thought Valentine’s Day was a stupid holiday. 361 kata lagi


Hating for no reason.

Have you ever found yourself having a strong dislike for someone who never offended you? The person may just live down the street and may not even know you by name. 152 kata lagi


Self Assurance

Do you ever feel Loath? For no one but your own self? You don’t like your nose, it’s too steep? You don’t like your feet, they’re a tad bit broad. 180 kata lagi

When You Hate Your Best friend's Boyfriend

I’m torn between being happy for a friend, supporting her life choices and being honest about how I felt about her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend who had cheated on her, lied to her, and whose girl on the side has continually put her through an emotional wringer for months on end. 427 kata lagi

Abby's Day