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Internal War

The war populating in my mouth is overwhelming any time and explosion of words will flare and pop sending me falling forward forward we march as contempt has snuck into the battlefields and infiltrating each side sagging and dropping my tongue I would think I would be more eloquent with my temper but it is a spoiled child throwing ideas like tantrums and my body quakes in the aftermath of its raging backfires can I just say I dislike you and walk away


I Don't Like the Term "Work Hard"

When you’re doing work that you love, it feels effortless.  It’s anything but “hard”.  Work hard seems to imply I’m grinding myself through a painful experience. 168 kata lagi

I have not and will not fall for autumn

I don’t like autumn. I don’t particularly like summer or winter either though… so like, it’s totes nothing to be offended about.

When I think fall, I think of tacky fake leaf decorations, pumpkin fucking everything, candles, apple pie, scratchy sweaters and Halloween. 751 kata lagi

The one on loving yourself

Books and movies, makeup and gum. These are the the small things that make up the smaller portions that eventually add up to the larger part of my life. 329 kata lagi



Isn’t fate rather cruel?

I walk alone…and I like it that way…but there is nothing I can do about it either…it is better to walk alone…yes… 200 kata lagi


i dont wanna be myself anymore (another silly poem, plz dont judge)

i’ve never liked my face

it’s always screamed of disgrace

others never seem to like me

or at least it’s highly unlikely

i try to be friendly, you see… 166 kata lagi


Product I didn't like:Skyn Iceland 

I don’t remember if I got this in Ipsy. But I’ve been trying to use all the samples I’ve been getting.That or giving them to friends. 404 kata lagi