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Could a Facebook 'Dislike' button backfire among teens?

I admit, it is more than a little strange to “Like” a Facebook post where a friend shares tragic news such as the death of a loved one or the loss of a pet. 1.558 kata lagi



Why must things take the direction they do?

Why can’t people be true?

Who knows what their motivation might be,

But sometimes blinds me to the point I can’t see. 220 kata lagi

The One Where Someone Said 'I hate this one'

So, I was at a harvest school assembly recently and the teacher announced the next song and I heard a voice (don’t worry it was a pupil not a teacher) saying… 452 kata lagi


Numb Thumbs

I read recently whilst browsing the worlds #1 Social Media website (outside of China, and that’s not a hashtag) that they’re currently working on introducing a ‘dislike’ button, the intention for expression of empathy, obvs. 1.201 kata lagi

The Facebook dislike button may be a scam

Earlier this month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the long desired ‘dislike’ button would be publicly revealed soon.  However, the scammers have already used the dislike button as bait to trap Facebook users into believing that clicking on some links would give them an early access to the dislike button.  230 kata lagi

Honestly, I don't like it

Facebook is about to get a dislike button, reckon I can dislike that? In a world where we thrive off likes and hearting things, the added dislike button is just going to further ruin self esteems that have already been permanently damaged with the invention of anonymous posting. 540 kata lagi

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