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I really don't like DLC

Quick Warning: This is an old post that I feel I should go deeper into and make it bigger than I made it. I might possibly redo this article into something that makes me happier, but hey for archival reasons here it is! 265 kata lagi

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Likes and dislikes- Zen Master Seung Sahn Haeng won

If in your mind there is like and dislike, everywhere you will have problems.
-Zen Master Seung Sahn Haeng won




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I’m fenced in by ugly people
Wherever I go, there they are
Another loathsome cripple
Believe me, I don’t go too far… 73 kata lagi



Prom is when you get “all dolled up”, but these folks went a bit too far!


The Pretty App By Katie Sise

The Pretty App (App #2)

Katie Sise

Rate: 1.75 (Part 1 = 1; Part 2 = 2.5)

Another disappointment by Katie Sise.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you should read my review of… 311 kata lagi


1 Hour Without Judgements

Recently I have been reading a lot about spirituality and positive thinking. I have always believed in the power of positive thinking and mind over matter but recently I really put together the importance of accepting others with their flaws. 244 kata lagi