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How to Clean Your Computer System

Try these point it help to clean your pc-
1. Update your antivirus software and run a full scan.

2. Clear up some space on the hard drive. 100 kata lagi

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Run Disk Cleanup - save GB of space

I’m a big fan of the built-in Windows Disk Cleanup utility, cleanmgr.exe. Since the extra features added to the Vista & Server 2008 version it has become a great way to recover sometimes quite substantial amounts of space from your system (OS) drive though its Windows Update Cleanup feature. 364 kata lagi


dọn đĩa trong Windows

Nếu bạn để quá nhiều đồ trong phòng của mình thì việc đi lại sẽ khó khăn, bạn cần phải bỏ bớt đồ đi để có không gian trống cho việc sinh hoạt. 326 kata lagi

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Enable Disk Cleanup on Server 2008 R2

I know, I know — we shouldn’t use this on servers. Sometimes though, in the right environment and for the right reasons, it can be useful (and you don’t have to install something like ccleaner). 145 kata lagi


Windows 7/Windows Update problems; KB3004375 and KB3031432

The updates install repeatedly, and there is much chatter from others having the same problem. Postings exists with Command Line instructions as-to a fix but there seems to be no current solution. 199 kata lagi


Installing Disk Cleanup In Windows 2008 Without Rebooting The Server

The Disk Cleanup executable file cleanmgr.exe and the associated Disk Cleanup button are not present in Windows Server® 2008 or in Windows Server® 2008 R2 by default.  250 kata lagi