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The Basics of Gum Disease and What To Expect in Periodontal Treatment

Maintaining good oral health goes beyond brushing your teeth alone. It is because of the notion that teeth, since they are the most visible, should be given priority that numerous people are suffering from mild to serious problems on other areas of the mouth. 55 kata lagi

Everything Belongs to God

Everything we have belongs to God, so I am not so sure, He could or would have a bad relationship, a disease of any kind or a lack of supply.  63 kata lagi

White spots on prawns not due to viral disease: AVA

SINGAPORE: The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) on Friday (Apr 29) clarified that white spots found on prawns purchased by a consumer were not caused by a viral disease, but are actually part of its reproductive organ. 175 kata lagi

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Hard-Hit Colombia Could Be the Key to Understanding the Zika Virus

Colombia has had the second-most cases of the mosquito-borne Zika virus after Brazil, and earlier this week health officials from the South American country announced that two more babies had been born with the birth defect microcephaly after their mothers had been infected by the virus. 864 kata lagi

The Itchy Chicken

Recently I was on holiday and traveled through Cape Town. I made use of public transport and was in contact with lots of other tourists. The Red Bus and the Blue Bus is one of the 101 things you should do when visiting Cape Town … but be warned! 249 kata lagi

South Africa

The Rage: Part 27


“I am not a threat to you.” The man puts his back against the wall and folds his arms.

I scruff the dirt with the toecap of my boot, drawing a thick line down the middle of the room. 172 kata lagi


Symptoms of Disease

Later Jesus said to them again, “I am going away. You will search for me but will die in your sin. You cannot come where I am going.” The people asked, “Is he planning to commit suicide? 437 kata lagi

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