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It is God's Will! Really?

I really and truly hate the expression, “it was God’s will.” Really? How do you know? To be fair, the overwhelming majority of people living in the United States were brought up on one of three basic belief systems: Jewish, Christian, and Islam. 537 kata lagi


Study predicts rise in Alzheimer's disease

MASON CITY, Iowa – It’s a devastating disease that destroys the memories of people who suffer from it. A new study says the number of people who are affected by Alzheimer’s in the U.S. 140 kata lagi


Chronicillness diaries....day 3

Got up not too bad.
Had a great physiotherapy session.
Added Pilates.
But stiff in the evening.
Had a strong wave of depression.
Tried hard to overcome it. 19 kata lagi

Creative Writing


If someone walked up to me six years ago and told me I would be completely bedridden for the next three years of my life from a tick bite, I would have laughed. 741 kata lagi

Lyme Disease

Love Your Pet: Snuffles in rabbits

When your pet rabbit has a case of the sniffles, it’s called snuffles, and it is a potentially devastating disease. In Today’s Love Your Pet, Dr. 122 kata lagi

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