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Expert Shares Everything to Know About the Disease

Erin Andrews has revealed that she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and underwent surgery to successfully remove all traces of the disease. According to the National Cervical…


Loved Even When All You Can Do Is Be

Some days are harder than others. We experience challenges. We face issues that changes the course of the day. We deal with chronic pain for which healing has yet to come. 232 kata lagi


Planetary change, not just climate

It’s more than climate change we face. Much, much more.

DOWNER WARNING: Do not read this if you’re feeling blue. Come back after you’ve put on your rainbow coat of many colors.  429 kata lagi


Bird Flu – China

With the addition of 84 human cases of avian influenza A(H7N9) announced by the National Health and Family Planning Commission in China, the number of total human cases has topped 1,000 since first reported in 2013. 14 kata lagi


Notice: In less Than Twenty-Four Hours, Demand Becomes Blatant.

This is what I hoped for. That this blog would motivate PTSD sufferers to come out of hiding and speak up. To cease to suffer alone and to become inspired that perhaps there are ways and means to improve their condition and situation. 486 kata lagi


All Recovery Paths Matter

There’s a lot of shaming that goes on in the recovery community. Shame from the outside, and worse, shame from the inside. Some people think they’re better than others based on their method of recovery. 1.268 kata lagi


Lights Out 012317 1836

When you lose control and certainty of your health it can be truly unnerving. Your mind, strong, trying to convince yourself that things are fine, you’ll be okay. 167 kata lagi