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What's This?

What’s this sensation

Traipsing around my body?

This dreaded malaise

Erupting from deep within,

Splitting cranium,

Depersonalizing me,

Tearing trachea,

Incinerating my soul,

Leaving me lifeless? 9 kata lagi


The Beginning

This blog is intended to be therapeutic for me, and possibly somewhat helpful for those that may be going through the same thing. With any luck, it will also help get epilepsy awareness out there. 1.362 kata lagi


Why You Need to Sleep

If you’re like me and have no set sleep schedule and choose to close your eyes for the night at the same time that birds start chirping outside, just so you can wake up a short, few hours later, you need to stop. 416 kata lagi

Advice & Tips

Don't Mind Me, My Nerves are Shot

Yeah, so this is a true story.

As a homeschooling mom, I also run several co-op classes. There are some Monday mornings the moms come up to me after class, rub my arm and say, “Hopefully you’ll have a less stressful day…” Or, “You okay? 1.138 kata lagi


Why I Dry Brush

Today is a bit of a last minute blog post since I forgot to plan it out yesterday and woke up this morning with the realization that it was indeed Thursday so please hang in there with me as I might ramble a bit in this post. 436 kata lagi

Lisa Vanderpump: Yolanda Foster Brought Up Her Kids' Lyme Disease!

The whole storyline of ailments and their validity isn’t a pleasant one, but for some reason The Real Housewives of Everytown seem to think it’s ratings gold. 21 kata lagi

As men age, their sperm contains more disease-causing mutations

Source: As men age, their sperm contains more disease-causing mutations – Medical News Today

For the first time, scientists have pinpointed the source of some severe disease-causing mutations in sperm-producing tubes inside the testicles of healthy men. 814 kata lagi