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Notes From My Personal Sugar Rehab

As of 1st April I officially went off refined sugar for a month. So no white, brown or silver stuff, juices nor fructose substitutes. For the sake of exercise I did not replace it with sweeteners and I tried to limit naturally occurring sugars such as honey. 1.158 kata lagi


End-Stage Kidney Disease — An In-Depth Analysis

On 22nd May, The Lancet published a study titled “Factors affecting outcomes in patients reaching end-stage kidney disease worldwide: differences in access to renal replacement therapy, modality use, and hemodialysis practices”. Read more

Exercise Is The Best Medicine

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Meihua Li, a Pharm.D. candidate class of 2017, Touro College of Pharmacy, with a Ph.D. in Pharmacy from Seoul National University, South Korea… 656 kata lagi

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Vitamins 💖

Plexus XFactor is a multivitamin everyone needs! Look what all it can do for you! 😍 I’ve been saying I need to start taking vitamins, and I have found the one. 35 kata lagi

Father Kircher was the Jesuit who made the first scientific museum. As the result of his general interest in things scientific he wrote a little book on the pest.

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Is There a Way to Effective Checking Out and Managing a Illness Like Multiple Myeloma

In the event that you are usually loved 1 has already been recognized together with multiple myeloma, also called fda orphan drug liver disease, you may no uncertainty have several questions concerning this application form of cancers. 320 kata lagi