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Tying the Two Together

During my medical leave, I decided I was going to pursue going on testosterone. I had told my girlfriend at the time, and my parents, which apparently wasn’t a surprise to them. 436 kata lagi


Depression: The Empathy They Desire, The Apathy We Render


A really cruel word..

A really cruel notion..

A really cruel disease..

A really cruel tag for someone..

A really cruel taboo…

Depression is not a disease, nor it is a symptom. 512 kata lagi


A Forgotten Epidemic

Encephalitis, also known as acquired brain injury, is an inflammation of the brain. Most of the types of encephalitis are caused by viral infection.

Between 1915 and 1926, an epidemic of… 380 kata lagi

Medical Science


her name was spit

from your mouth,

a disease rotting you

from the inside-

the reason

you stopped



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A Cruise

By now the bodies have started to ooze, creating a pool of bile, urine, and shit on the Cinderella ballroom floor. Rigor mortis has set in making the makeshift nautical mass grave impossible to parse through. 666 kata lagi

Short Fiction


Today I hate myself. I loathe, despise, and abhor myself. I feel sick. The last 2 days of exercise was undone in 5 minutes. I find what I did revolting and yet I still do it. 111 kata lagi

Weight Loss Problems

All Things Science and Health

Hey Cite A Sista Fam!

My name is Kishana and I am excited to serve as a writer for Cite A Sista during its beginning stages of greatness! 264 kata lagi

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