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What The Health: A Must Watch Documentary

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I wanted to share my thoughts on this highly controversial documentary What The Health available on Netflix in hopes to inspire you to change your diet. 636 kata lagi

Thinking Positive & Mortality

Seems like perception is everything now-a-days.  “See it, achieve it”. With popular books like The Secret, people are starting follow, “put your thoughts into the Universe and the Universe will respond.” A genie in the bottle I guess?   320 kata lagi

Want to feel better? Eat right and exercise! How hard is that to understand?

Since the vast majority of people don’t read “Triathlete Magazine” I am going to pass on an article called Get Phit by Erin Beresini. Erin writes: “Ameica is terribly inactive. 742 kata lagi

Kilcruttin Cemetery, Tullamore, no 1 in a cemetery series Michael Byrne

 Kilcruttin cemetery is located off Cormac Street and close to the boundaries of what is now Scoil Mhuire. Indeed, the original access lane and entrance to this cemetery is still to be seen. 1.374 kata lagi

Local History

Coffee Definitely Helps You Live Longer, According to Science

(Source: www.inc.com)

Conventional wisdom is that coffee drinking is bad for you. Doctors, nutritionists, and self-help gurus (including, for instance, Tony Robbins) have railed against… 609 kata lagi

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