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Life Is Hard Work

I did not have the Thanksgiving I had envisioned. The food was great (if I do say so myself) and I had all the trimmings. I was able to shop, cook and be presentable at the appointed hour. 504 kata lagi

My Story

The word VEGAN

Many people hear the word vegan and cringe. They imagine barefoot hippies, animal rights punks, strict, disciplined fitness fanatics or some alien combination of all three. 267 kata lagi


For teens and tobacco, out of sight might mean out of mind

WEB DESK: Keeping tobacco products out of sight in convenience stores may make teens less likely to smoke, a U.S. study suggests.

The old quote “All diseases run into one, old age” is not valid now as the adolescents are diagnosing with severe diseases. 552 kata lagi


Matter Over Mind

what do we know
of our unlit interiors
vital with viscera
organs comprising
our personal engines
of private biology
pumping and beating
secreting absorbing
digesting and dreaming… 59 kata lagi



Hawaii reports more dengue

The Hawaii Department of Health continues to work with other state and county agencies on the issue of the Dengue Fever outbreak. 350 kata lagi



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Diabetes Diet Parts 9-12: Tempting main dishes, healthy salads, yummy desserts, and beverages & drinks

Research recipes for each item:

Tempting main dishes:

  1. Tangy tomatoes with spicy green pepper
  2. Chargrilled fish with coriander, green chili and coconut relish

Healthy salads: 50 kata lagi