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Bad Dream (cause and effect)

I have someone that afraid to have dream, because whenever he dream, it always horrible dream. So, today I want to talk about bad dream. 396 more words


The Mumps

So, apparently my high school has been contaminated with the Mumps. If you don’t know what that is, I’ll just include a link. (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mumps… 86 more words


I hope that none is suffering with seasonal allegy’s, but if you are I got some helpful ways to help you naturally combat them. All of us with ms and ms symptoms need to make sure to care for ourselves naturally, for we don’t want anything crossing the blood brain barrier that is anything but. 462 more words


Slideshare of Michael J. Fox Foundation

http:/ this powerpoint gives some details on the foundations and gives a glimpse into the latest news on fundraising for the foundation.


Understanding Stroke Recovery

Stroke recovery happens as soon as the disease process is under control. The brain starts to slowly respond to the damage done to it and will alter…

VIDEO: when science funding goes towards a much needed holiday

In November last year the Kings Sierra Leone Partnership (KSLP) charity received a funding grant from The Department for International Development (DFID) to continue their efforts against the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone. 295 more words

Science Funding

What is an Alcoholic? What is Alcoholism?

I am not sure if everyone would agree upon just one answer to this question. What I have learned is this, an alcoholic is the person and alcoholism is their disease! 933 more words