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Zika, A new Outlook in Medicine?

Its getting closer and closer to that time again. Its gradually warming and soon our favorite insects will be out and about once more: Mosquitoes….Last year Latin America and eventually parts of the United States were facing quite a vicious outbreak of a virus called… 303 kata lagi


Disease Detection using Nanoparticles

An assistant professor, Shawn Putnam, at the University of Central Florida’s College of Engineering and Computer Science has developed a practical and more efficient way in detecting certain diseases such as HIV, Lyme disease, Syphilis, and numerous other infectious illnesses. 386 kata lagi


H7N9 avian influenza: China

The China National Health and Family Planning Commission reported an additional 28 human cases of avian influenza A(H7N9), including four deaths, for the period of February 13 to 23. 53 kata lagi


Everyday hero

There are few instances of people nowadays that are in my life that I would say are heroes or at least the bravest people I know. 724 kata lagi


Love and light

My husband lost his grandfather recently. The man wasn’t biologically related to him, but from the stories I heard, he loved his wife’s children from a previous marriage. 170 kata lagi