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Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Professional DJ

  1. Non-Stop music from the time your first guests arrive to as late as your venue lets us play.
  2. Choose songs from any genre for your event.
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Disc Jockey

Way Back Wednesday: Kool Herc And Hip-Hop's Early Beginnings

A few years ago I had the pleasure of kicking it at the Scratch DJ Academy in Los Angeles. This was in the early stages of The 5th Element Magazine and I wanted to feature the academy for an upcoming issue. 290 kata lagi

Hip Hop

National D.J. Day!!!

I’m keepin’ it cool, old school, and rockin’ it out!!!


National Disc Jockey Day is observed annually on January 20th.

A disc jockey, or DJ for short, is a person who plays recorded music either on the radio or at a club or event. 218 kata lagi


Never Be Like You feat. Kai

Well. He’s back. Flume surprised us with a preview of the upcoming EP, ‘Skin’ the past week or so and now the first full release of a song from ‘Skin’ is out! 171 kata lagi



First of all, I’m not a big fan of these women’s humor. There, I said it. But, I did see the trailer and thought, why not? 161 kata lagi

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My Brief Stint as a Disc Jockey

Happy New Years, everyone!

How was your new years? What did you do?


Well, T and I went to Brettheim where a friend of ours was hosting a shindig.  535 kata lagi