Sekolah Full Day?

Hi readers. Blog ini goes viral sejak MKM Drop Out. Well, kayaknya emang MKM harus sering-sering DO biar kalian mau baca blog ini. Dan ini emang masa-masa yang jahat. 355 kata lagi

Hal-Hal Absurd

SVP & ANPS host a Seminar "SPK Akreditasi"

One of the benefits of being an ANPS school is being able to attend sharing events like this. Earlier this year SVP was successfully accredited level ‘A’ by Badan Akrediasi Nasional (BAN). 87 kata lagi

Sekolah Victory Plus

Smile for the future Instagram photo competition by Adam Khoo

Hey all SVP Students,
Want to join this great competition ? Just take a picture of a smile, include the merah putih. (facepaint, flag, or just post edit) and tag it… 13 kata lagi