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Nostalgia Review #6 – Digimon Adventure Episodes 31-36

(Part 6 of) Di-Di-Di-Digimon! To prepare for the new series of Digimon, named Digimon Adventure tri., (which has now been revealed to be a 6-part film series starting in November 2015) I have decided to watch the entire series of Digimon Adventure (Digimon: Digital Monsters) in 9 sittings, making a review on each set of episodes. 1.996 more words



Chapter 77: X0VA-1: DXWvDS

Agumon and Marcus return home after the destruction of Earth-2, only to find Quartzmon’s meddling firmly at play even on their own earth.

Digimon Xros Wars

Digimon is coming back, and I can't wait anymore!

Yesterday while searching Facebook I found this post on 9GAG’s Facebook page. Once I saw the title I completely freaked out. Of course I knew about the new Digimon season, but I hadn’t seen the images of the all grown up cast from season 1. 109 more words


Of all the characters you've created, which is your favorite and why? - Karen S. Chow


So, the intention of this post was to promote the novel we’re currently working on. But, when I thought about all of the characters I’ve written–and it’s quite a hefty list!…10+ unpublished novels worth–my favorite doesn’t come from the novel I’m currently working on. 78 more words

Fan unhappy with new Digimon tri. art starts petition for redesign before release of first movie

By giving people a voice that can reach anyone else in the world, the Internet can be a powerful tool for change. Online petitions can draw attention to, and offer solutions for, issues that negatively impact us all, such as unjust laws and inappropriate use of public funds. 584 more words



Oh yes!  The original Digimon characters (Season 1 & 2) are finally back!  Finally, I can get some closures, such as how the heck did Sora get with Matt (aka Yamato)??   62 more words

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Sweet little Digimon toys will get you ready for a Digimon movie marathon

We’re super excited for the impending release of the new Digimon. Fans and artists are all speculating about the story and design for this… 353 more words