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Exploration 90

After the 5th grade one franchise made a huge revolution in my life, and it was none other than Pokemon. I was so obsessed that I was collecting everything there was to collect that had those Japanese creatures on it. 139 kata lagi

Drawing Stages

UPDATE: MegaHouse G.E.M. Angemon, Angewomon get painted

I was only away for a few hours and look what do we have here! It’s a magazine scan of MegaHouse G.E.M. Angemon and Angewomon, now fully painted! 105 kata lagi

Non-Fairy Tail

Bandai Premium Reveals The Digimon Adventure Tri Complete Selection Animation Digivice

Don’t be confused by the long name, and don’t be confused by the product itself, this is not a crazy knock-off toy, and this is NOT the same… 567 kata lagi


Digimon Adventure: The Miyotismon Arc

This is the end of the line. If I didn’t have fond memories of Puppetmon as an interesting villain, I would have dropped the series halfway through this arc. 592 kata lagi


Show Me Your Brave Heart

As part of the 15th anniversary celebration, Megahouse joined the bandwagon by introducing the Stuffed Collection line featuring the Digimons in the original anime series. 237 kata lagi


Digimon Re:Digitalize thoughts so far

Great game!
My only problem is how repetitive and recycling of images used. You can see this used quite a bit in the coliseum. It’s a bit open world which is nice. 123 kata lagi


Fillers: Magic Girls

I think this is the best title for what this is, it doesn’t really have a purpose other than serving as a colour filler for the OCD side that is now filtering into my blog posts, I cannot have two posts of dark or light one after the other :l… 11 kata lagi

The Diary Entries