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Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Further Discussed

“The trailer starts out with the beginning of everything, and how it all started with online chatrooms. Before they knew it, a hacker appeared, and offered them a wonderful present, but also tells them that they must login to EDEN, otherwise he’ll hack them. 163 more words


The Second Season of Digimon Fusion to Air on Nicktoons

The official Twitter account for Digimon has announced that the second season of Digimon Fusion (Digimon Xros Wars in Japan) will premiere on the Nicktoons Network on March 8, 2015. 160 more words


Spring Anime 2015

For the spring anime, I’ll be watching

Yamada and the 7 witches
Shokugeki no Soma ( lol foodgasm )
Uta no prince-sama ( omg omg omg <3 <3 <3 ) 98 more words


XME Bravely finished

The final Chapters, 15 and 16, have been posted to AO3, and the story is placed in second place in order on the XWAU-02 playlist.  Maintaining in universe chronological order is hard to do with this Multiverse. T_T

Digimon Xros Wars

First Look: Yamato (Matt) and Gabumon from Digimon Adventure Tri.

Last month, we saw how Taichi and Agumon would look like. Now it’s time for Yamato/Matt and Gabumon.

Gabumon looks fine, but Yamato (it’s going to be weird saying that instead of Matt) looks very different. 64 more words


Digimon Adventure Tri. thoughts

Ani-chart week, an unofficial event that happens 4 times per year when, just before the newest season of anime starts, youtubers and bloggers flock to… 861 more words