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Coffeehipster's Spring 2015 Mini Preview

Ok. I’m not going to beat around the bush. Being a seasonal anime viewer is like playing Russian roulette… but with more bullets. Most of the time we lose, but we attempt to justify our choices by finding the smallest positives we find in the shows that we chose to retain our some of our dignity. 1.473 more words


[Profiles] Wada Kouji and Re-Fly

Wada Koji may not have many hit songs in Japan, but he is most recognizable as the voice behind many of the Digimon opening and ending songs… and perhaps his most iconic was the first one – Butterfly. 219 more words


Netflix Available In Australia, Now Another Source Of Legal Anime Streaming

Despite what Nexflix WANTS you to believe…it is a service that allows you to watch a great deal more than just “Orange Is The New Black”. 433 more words


Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth locations... in the real world

Okay, we all know many of the anime we watch and the games that we play have locations based in real life.

One such game is Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth which came out some time ago for the PS Vita. 79 more words


Vote with your wallets

Localization woes

So yet another game the internet wants localized shows no signs of coming west. Digimon cyber sleuth is the latest example of Japanese developers refusing to bring games over.

374 more words

The Beast Spirit of the Wind 

This drawing that I drew is called Shuutomon from the anime called Digimon Frontier (my favorite show). I drew her using a mechanical pencil, outlined it using an outlining pen, and colored her using water colored and for the background, it’s black paint (to make her more eye catching with her colors) … 67 more words

Black Paint

'Digimon' Returns to Celebrate 15th Anniversary

If you can’t get enough “Digimon” on Netflix, there’s more in store for you.

Rob Harris of Movie Pilot says the popular 90s anime will return… 260 more words