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Kindness Genome | Earth 2 | Candmon | Pendulum 3
Water Genome | Wood 2 | Ganimon | Pendulum 2
Beast Genome | Wood 1 | Chuumon | V-Pet 2… 94 kata lagi

Digimon: It's Been One Week Since We All Got Nuked

After the sensual similarities between the love anthems of Batman Forever and American Pie, a less excitable film was necessary to broaden the palette. Having discussed some of the iconic aural experiences of the millennial music era, we were both hankering for some of the more obvious hits. 5.149 kata lagi


Digicast Episode 11: Digimon Tamers Movies

Tamers was good, right? So the movies based off of Tamers are going to be good too, right? Tom, Buggy, Chris, and Maddy quickly realize that no, that’s not quite true as they discuss the Okinawa Board of Tourism, Minami’s Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day, half-vanished dubs, and daddy issues. 51 kata lagi





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Digimon And Gobots

Throughout the history of brands and franchises often there are two or more products target a similar audience or at least a have similar products. Some times these competing franchises are able to co-exits, Coke Cola and Pepsi are a famous example of this. 987 kata lagi

Free Gatomon Cross Stitch Pattern Digimon

Cross stitch pattern of Gatomon from Digimon. Thanks to DigistarDBZ for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Gatomon Pattern

Grid Size: 128W x 63H
Design Area: 9.00″ x 4.36″ (126 x 61 stitches) 99 kata lagi