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Fashion Spotlight: Alien Squad, The Digital Gate, and Jurassic Dead

Ript Apparel has three new designs! Alien Squad, The Digital Gate, and Jurassic Dead, by ES427, Prismic_Designs, and AtomicRocket, are on sale today only! Get them before they’re gone… 56 kata lagi


Song Challenge Day 6: A song I can relate to

“A song you can always relate to”

I though about several before deciding on one for this. It’s from a kids’ anime (Digimon Tamers), but I’ve never listened to the cynics who say that having big dreams makes you immature. 16 kata lagi


Infuriating Fantasy #12: Digimon Frontier is not Digimon: A Quickie

Due to my depression and anxiety acting up and making me sick for a bit I don’t have enough time time for a full article but still want to get something out.  625 kata lagi


Digimon Adventure Tri's Mature Look

Long gone are the days when Digimon tried to compete with Pokemon. Regardless of who won that war, fond memories exist for both. When a new… 303 kata lagi


Digimon World: Next Order for PS Vita HD Screenshots here!

Back in my much younger days, Pokemon and Digimon is the big deal, Although Pokemon has always been my favorite but Digimon has its own charm as well. 94 kata lagi


Female Protagonist Revealed For Digimon World -Next 0rder-

Yes, back when the Digimon line of virtual pets were first released they were marketed towards young boys, but it’s now 2015 and a lot has changed between then and now. 341 kata lagi


Which Did You Like More Pokemon Or Digimon?

So I remember as a kid the on going debate on the playground or wherever discussing which was better Pokemon or Digimon.
Now I was a total Pokemon fan as a kid and I still am. 95 kata lagi