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Anime Universe: Digimon Adventures 02

Pairing/Characters: Ken, Wormmon

Genre: Friendship, Family

Summary: Wormmon has only been jealous twice in his life. Having a small puppy around was something he was happy not about. 1.312 kata lagi

Creative Writing

Digimon Adventure Tri: Things to Consider

With the first film releasing and wrapping up last weekend, I’ve had time to digest and gather my thoughts about the excellent opening. At this point we know that part two is set for release on March 12th 2016 (four months…). 501 kata lagi

Top 5 "Wow" Moments in Digimon Adventure Tri.

By: Denise Salazar

On November 21st, the first installment of the six-feature films for Digimon Adventure Tri. was released as four episodes streaming worldwide. Let’s talk about the top 5 noteworthy moments that “wowed” both the 90’s fans and new audiences! 1.104 kata lagi


Pictures of the Week #15 | 16 November - 22 November 2015

Minggu ini menjadi minggu orang muda, karena lewat satu kegiatan bernama KAJ Youth Day 2015 di tanggal 21-22 November 2015 ini, saya bertemu banyak sekali orang muda dengan hasrat dan jiwa mudanya untuk menjadi generasi PLUS. 163 kata lagi


Blog Post: Digimon Tri - Saikai / Reunion : Initial Thoughts

I apologise if this ends up a little bit rambling, but I really wanted to get something down quickly on this.

So today I watched all four episodes of Digimon Tri – Saikai / Reunion. 880 kata lagi


A Little Rant from An Old Friend

It was November 21st where I got a bunch of notifications from multiple people asking me the same question: “Have you watched Digimon Tri? What do you think about it?” Being an avid Digimon fan since the year 2000, had finished the whole animes for multiple times and despite never being into the games except some few, my friends would share their excitement with me when it comes to Digimon. 905 kata lagi


First Look: Digimon Adventure Tri

Alternative titles: Digimon 3
Anime Original by Toei Animation
Streaming on Crunchyroll


It’s been a few years since Tai, Matt, Sora, Joe, Izzy, Mimi, TK, and Kari last saved the Digital World and parted ways with their Digimon partners. 585 kata lagi