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Ever since Pokémon Go has been released, all the Pokémon fans – myself included – have been reliving our childhoods. We are remembering all the times that we played Pokémon on our gameboys and watched the anime series. 952 kata lagi

Playthrough Journal - Digimon World Data Squad Part 4

Play Time: 6 Hours, 57 Minutes

Average Party level: 19

The Story So Far

Kagura’s Sister, Yuma, has been tracked to Livlius Island. This sector is known for its dragon-type Digimon. 202 kata lagi

Video Games

Change into digital champions...!


Based On:
Digimon Virtual Pets
No. of Seasons:
1 (Technically)
No. of Episodes:
Production Company: Toei Animation
Original Japanese Run: March 7, 1999 – March 26, 2000… 1.052 kata lagi

A Lifetime Of Animation

More English Cast Members Announced for Digimon Adventure tri.

More English cast members have been announced for Digimon Adventure tri. – Chapter 1: Reunion:

  • Robbie Daymond is Joe
  • R. Martin Klein is Gomamon…
  • 64 kata lagi


In the midst of this Pokemon frenzy, let me just say that Digimon will always have been the better version of the two (although in popularity, Pokemon still wins I suppose). 927 kata lagi


Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters - Bandai Namco Introduces The World To Two More Appli Monsters

As a twenty-two year old living in an age of cynicism, it’s not often that I wake up of a morning, catch wind of an exciting piece of news, and am rendered giddy in delight as a cause of it, but it is franchises like… 614 kata lagi