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Diet review #4

Hopefully that number is right, haha I’m too lazy too check. Well anyways welcome back to the weekly diet check in! Though I guess this was a little late….or a lotta late. 205 kata lagi


D stands for Discipline and Diet [ABCs of a better life]

D stands for Discipline

Let me make it clear: Discipline isn’t behaving like a robot.

Discipline dwells in the little things. When you feel your life is not quite right, look around you for signs of lack of discipline. 413 kata lagi


Laziness Is My Curse (Oops)

Yeah, it’s been a few…weeks I guess. Oops.

Well, I’ll be honest. Food is questionable, despite effort to do better. My problem is it’s too bland some of the things I eat. 536 kata lagi

Weighing in is the Hardest Part

DAY 6 – Sunday the 15th

Before leaving the hotel to return home, I managed to weigh myself on the scale at the gym. I don’t own a scale (working on it!) and have only a handful of times weighed myself over the last few years. 537 kata lagi