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a minimized controlled brain fast

today am on a new minimized controlled fast of 100mcg Modafinil at break of dawn and one meal of sprouts, and Vegan Turmeric Sauce at 2pm.  483 kata lagi

30 Days On Turmeric And Sprouts

Week 1 Insanity

I finished the first week of Insanity and I’m halfway through the second week at this point, and it’s been a strange time. It’s a hard program because Shaun T and the crew on the DVDs move so quickly. 747 kata lagi


One Ride At A Time!

Sunday, May 1st my husband and I got up and headed out for an early morning trail ride in Pack Forest (4000 acre experimental forest run by WSU across the street from us). 154 kata lagi

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

What's in the Food We Eat?

More and more people are starting to read the labels on the food they eat, but not because of a new diet fad. Instead, people are turning to the nutritional facts to see what kinds of chemical additives are processed into packaged foods. 246 kata lagi

Healthy Living

A potato-rich diet before pregnancy could up diabetes risk.

Source: NHS Choices – Behind the Headlines, January 2016.

Follow this link for abstract.

Date of publication: January, 2016.

Publication type: Journal article.

In a nutshell: A closer look behind recent headlines which suggested that pre-pregnancy diet may increase the risk of developing gestational diabetes. 21 kata lagi


Jump On My Shoulders

Inspiring song of the day! Enjoy!!

“It’s not supposed to be easy…that’s why it feels so fucking good!”


RD has Lists, too

I almost titled this post “just shoot me now” or “somebody please wire my jaws shut” and decided both were inappropriately weenie-whining. Not delighted when my village take a bit of a sterner stance, but I confess there are times when a kick in the ass is absolutely appropriate. 979 kata lagi