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My week in Recap (Sort of) !!!

Hola! just a little part of my week …

My “dates” (7 of them) with Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna palette has just started today if you don’t know what I’m talking about please… 305 more words


Day 9: My Worst Habits

Today’s post promises to be interesting. My worst habits, you ask? Well, ahem, no one likes to bring their worst side to light. Perhaps, if I were to look at the silver lining, this post could potentially improve my life and eradicate some of those habits. 412 more words


My day on a plate 24/04/15:

Cheat day!

Exercise: 45 min spin class.

Rachel x

Weight a Year

Ok, so, it’s seven in the morning on the 26th of April 2015 and I am officially beginning my final attempt on Mount Weight Loss. I have decided to give  myself a year to lose 1 1/2 stone. 403 more words


Fat Assumptions

I have been fat, I have been skinny, and everything in between.

I am not being paranoid of other’s assumptions, no,

I have experienced fat reality blows… 225 more words


Maintenance Log, 04/25/15


Comments on Exercise: Spent lots of time at the wedding running around and helping set up stuff so that works.


Breakfast: None. 56 more words