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First week weigh in!

Well I’ve finished my first week! (6 days technically). And I’m very very pleased to announce an 8 1/2lb weight loss! In some ways this brings with it mixed feelings. 180 kata lagi


Practicing a D/s diet

Hi y’all, it’s getting toward the end of the summer, and back-to-school adverts have already started. After working so hard to create a swimsuit body—cough-cough, yeah, right—it would be shame to gorge on carbs as the nights grow shorter. 479 kata lagi


Healthy and Not Boring

It is always said that you must eat healthy but we always find ourselves running from these type of food because of its taste or we find it too boring so here are healthy and not boring food… 513 kata lagi

What's wrong with me? Day 23.

Well, I don’t know. I haven’t been feeling great lately. I started having this habit of waking up in a bit of a panic thinking that I’m either late for work or something, even though I know I have an alarm set, I end up waking up over an hour before that alarm and just trying so hard to get back to sleep before the alarm actually sounds, and most of the time I just give up and get up. 459 kata lagi


Exercise before breakfast: Benefits

This perhaps will be one of the shortest and most straight-to-the-point article I will have ever written here because it leaves very little room to beat about the bush. 607 kata lagi

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Tabata Bing Tabata Boom! (2 min read)

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Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Family & Life and Health & Fitness Writer… 502 kata lagi