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How Jogging can Change your Life (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Eliezer Ntim

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Pancake day!! 


Weigh in tonight at slimming world 🙈

If I’m honest I do not think I have lost anything. I’m not feeling well again and felt really sick last night after some sweet chilli chicken I made, so not had much for breakfast, it’s lunch time now so need to try and eat for that, my son is also off school today with sickness I hope there isn’t a bug because I’m back at work tomorrow. 72 kata lagi


8 Ways to Improve Brain Health

By Phoebe Chi, MD

The human brain is, arguably, the most valuable organ in your body. Unlike your heart, lungs, or kidneys, your brain—that 1.4kg mass of interconnected cells called neurons—makes up the essence of who you are…of that which makes you…you. 1.183 kata lagi