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Apa itu "DIET" ?

Mendengar kata diet kita akan berfikir bahwa makanannya tidak enak, makannya sedikit, ga boleh makan sembarangan, ga boleh makan malam dan lain – lain. Sebenarnya itu adalah pemikiran orang yang tidak mengetahui apa arti sebenarnya diet dan tidak tahu  bagaimana cara menerapkannya. 295 kata lagi


Baby got back... :)

On the podcast today: ChasingFifty/Itunes

Yes the Great Sir Mix A Lot of the northern region of boogie-town, inspired us to appreciate the circumference of a woman’s booty. 128 kata lagi



I have a history of dislocating my right shoulder. I’ve dislocated it three times in the past. The first time I needed the doctors to put it in for me but the second and third times I put it in myself. 615 kata lagi

My Journey

Vegan Vibes: It's Not A Competition

I went vegan in August of last year. I am the first to admit I have not been perfect and have made heaps of mistakes. However it has been the best lifestyle change I have ever made. 800 kata lagi


Keeping "fatbrain" satisfied one meal at a time!

Some days I feel mentally ravenous. Other days not so much.  On the days when “fatbrain” has me reeling with head hunger and I begin to long for the days of cookies past I have to do something about it…to keep myself from going off the wagon, or down the hill to a bakery! 300 kata lagi

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

235  My Struggle.........

This weekend has been a total washout. Definitely need a do over. Due to flooding there was no church this morning. There is also no school tomorrow because of standing water. 293 kata lagi

Diet And Exercise

Tonight's Dinner April 23, 2017

Okay so I had 23 points left over for dinner.. Here is the breakdown..

  1. 16 Red Robin French Fries = 7 points
  2. 13 Morning Star Farms Classic Chikn Nuggets = 16 points