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What's for dinner?

What’s for dinner? Last night we made a yummy well balanced meal that anyone can easily make at home.

You need:

4oz sirloin steak-about 300 calories… 312 kata lagi


Toddler in hospital with vitamin B12 deficiency after being raised on a vegan diet

A two-year-old girl has been hospitalised for vitamin deficiencies, thought to have been brought about by a poorly implemented vegan diet.

The girl was admitted in a serious condition to Istituto Giannina Gaslini, a children’s hospital in Genoa, Italy. 86 kata lagi


A Little bit of an Update

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve started this, and I feel compelled to share a couple of things…

I know this is unhealthy, and nothing can really make up for the fact that this is slowly killing me, but it’s not like I’ve stopped eating entirely. 289 kata lagi


Get Hard(er): Fixing Hypertension-Induced E.D. With Diet Exercise, and Meditation

Disclaimer:  This is the second attempt at this article, the first of which was inadvertently erased due to impulsiveness and ineptitude.  This has led the author to give an abridged introduction with slightly less exposition, giving the reader more of the “how” than the “why,” and 150% more dick jokes.  356 kata lagi


Golden Rice Controversy

Genetically modified rice – called ‘golden rice’ – can increase yields and, since it produces beta-carotene, can prevent the sequelae of vitamin A deficiency that is common in those with a predominantly rice-based diet. 54 kata lagi

Richard Lilford

'If you've lost your appetite today, I think I have it . . . ' Anon.

Have you ever woken up one morning, with no previous indication that there might be anything amiss, and suddenly find yourself inexplicably caught up in the throes of some kind of hypnotic trance, unable to do anything else all that day except eat and eat and eat  779 kata lagi