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Ravioli di Portobello

Here is another favorite meal at Olive Garden. I found this recipe and it seems to be passed around so that every recipe you find is the same. 175 kata lagi


7 Simple Steps to Improve Your Health

Here are 7 super easy things to do to get your healthy eating back on track!

1. Have soup or salad with your meals. This alone will add a bit of fiber and nutrients to your daily intake. 114 kata lagi

Ana Goldseker

Meat Allergy, But Maybe No Alpha-Gal? Well, Good. I Should Be the Only Alpha-Gal for My Alpha-Kid

Back in January, I wrote about Martin reacting to beef. I speculated that his beef allergy was related to his Lyme disease, and specifically to Alpha-Gal ( 1.099 kata lagi


Beginning of my journey to lose 10 stone!

I started an Instagram page back in 2015 called Vegan_Slimmer after seeing an ad online to complete a vegan challenge, it was either PETA or Viva! 241 kata lagi



Discipline is probably one of the best attributes you can have. I say this because discipline can relate to all areas of your life. If you have no discipline, your life will end up in shambles. 592 kata lagi

it's hard to lose weight when you're not mobile

My doctor says I need to lose weight and bring down my cholesterol. Be honest I know I’ve been overweight for a long time for my size. 46 kata lagi

I Love Leg Day!

I know many probably wouldn’t agree with me but yes I do!

I don’t however, always love the day after leg day (note – today is that said day), or stairs the day after leg day, ¬†or just walking the day after leg day but i do love the feeling of absolutely crushing a work out especially as i have knee problems (a bit more about that in the “about me” section) that limit me to what exercises i can do safely < key word there. 171 kata lagi