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Pengalaman "BERCINTA" dengan ESP.

Alhamdulillah, semangat tengahari ni nak up-date blog bila ada kengkawan yang sudi share kisah mereka bersama ESP, rata-ratanya di kalangan ibu-ibu juga anak-anak muda yang mahu kelihatan lebih menawan, ewahhh… :) Mata ni mengantuk sesangat, tadi pergi hantar anak ke sekolah pun terhuyung hayang bawa motor, huhhu… Mr. 353 more words


Self Esteem

I have hit a new low with my self esteem, it kind of came from nowhere. It’s so bad I don’t even want to work. I wouldn’t pay to fuck me so why should anyone else, I’m quite disgusted with me self. 127 more words


Podcast | Improvising a Recipe | Quantity Breeds Quality

Welcome to Delicious Medicinal Food

Here’s the podcast!

Take 2 Improvisational Cooking & Quantity breeds Quality

Here’s the text (I know I indicated before that text wasn’t a preliminary part of this blog) but here are the notes I wrote, from which I…

873 more words

Day Four of One Hundred and Thirty Three: Trying

Wassap World.

Breakups always throw me into an over-achieving tizzy. Or is it that dating throws me into an underachieving slump? Let’s go with both of those. 687 more words

Day 233: Resisting the Urge

I’m up late and all I want to do is eat everything that I can think of. I want sushi, chicken wings, pizza, burgers, nachos, I want it all. 172 more words


03/04/2015 Food I ate

Wednesday. I hate typing the word ‘Wednesday,’ you know?

Breakfast: Bowl of rice with seaweed soup and kimchi.

Lunch: I went to the Culver’s s since they were having a ‘buy 1 get 1 burger’ thing going on. 47 more words


03/04/2015 My weight

Well well well, what do we have here?!

C u tmr.