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Daily Goal: Movie after lunch, Chef’s Table tonight. Get over to the Wellness Center!

Calories – Target 1300 – Actual 1287

Steps – Target 10,000 – Actual 11,886… 27 kata lagi

Vegan Mac’n’Cheese

Gotta love this quick and delicious comfort food recipe..you don’t even need a valid excuse to make this!



I've Been Putting this Condiment On Every Meal Lately

I love to cook and bake. It’s a relaxing activity for me, and one of the easiest ways for me to save money and stick to a healthy diet. 272 kata lagi


Weigh Day Woes

Another week another weigh in, and this week I lost a pound and a half, which takes me to my two stone award! So thrilled to finally get that certificate after being so close for so long! 287 kata lagi



One thing I learned this week was that it’s much, much easier to gain weight than it is to lose weight. Since the end of November, I’ve been running three times a week (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays). 535 kata lagi

Cool Stuff

Home Workouts Vs. Gym Workouts

Let’s rewind the scene to 1800’s. Eugene Sandow. The man was ripped AF!

His understandings and fitness regimen was nothing less than the modern routine to say the least.. 572 kata lagi

Metabolism boosting smoothie bowl

It’s winter and I normally don’t drink a lot of caffeine, but I need some serious injections of it today to wake up. I wanted to be a little creative with it, so I put coffee in a smoothie bowl…it’s like a jolt of awesomeness.   142 kata lagi