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Supplements May Be Destroying Your Health

By Moira Lawler   www.fitnessmagazine.com


If you want to get a prescription drug, you have to visit an M.D. But if you want to try a supplement, all it takes is a trip to the neighborhood drugstore. 317 kata lagi


Bailing on birthdays 

So it’s the end of day 18 today and I’m currently lying in bed and not out at a birthday dinner for an old friend. To be fair it’s a friend I haven’t seem or spoken to since this time last year so although I feel a twinge of guilt I’m fairly comfortable with not being out partying right now. 588 kata lagi


...point 2...

Sooo…I’m down a whopping .2lbs. That’s point 2, as in 2/10ths of a pound.

I will take it.  16 ounces to go to post op goal weight. 31 kata lagi

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

Medical Medium Diet : My New Favorite Recipe

This morning I weighed 163 pounds. This is down from my beginning weight of 175 by 12 pounds.  My goal is 145 pounds.  I’m almost half way there. 125 kata lagi


Small Changes That Will Clean Up Your Diet

They say you would never put petrol in a diesel car yet we’re all so quick to put things in our bodies that are the equivalent of the above. 1.082 kata lagi


I'm fat. I'm dealing with it.

This is me.

I’m fat, too fat. It’s unhealthy, looks awful, and makes me feel terrible about myself. I know roughly that I need to lose about 50kg, of which I have lost 1.7kg so far – that’s so much and so scary to even type, but it’s reality. 1.013 kata lagi


The Never Ending Diet Metaphor for Life...

I just gawked at one of those celebrity articles featuring how “hot” certain actors were back in the day and then ‘look at them now.’ As I peered curiously at visions of youth lost and it’s companion weight gain, I felt sort of sad. 1.151 kata lagi