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What a difference...a week makes

None, zilch, nada. No difference in weight this week. Now, this could be down to one of several reasons which I will list below;

Chinese, Mcdonalds, Pizza, Chinese again, pasties for breakfast, crisps, alcohol.. 206 kata lagi

“Stress Relief - Cycling Time Trials”

I’d had a very tough start to 2015, with a strange lump on my chest giving me a cancer scare and life generally being a struggle as I changed jobs and adapted to various other changes that were taking place. 305 kata lagi

Lose the Fat

I finally booked Rome yesterday :) I have a wedding there in August (Not mine!) and I am really looking forward to it.

I do not want to go to Rome in the scorching heat and be carrying all this excess weight. 408 kata lagi


How to Manage Your Diet and Health If You Develop Gestational Diabetes

Throughout pregnancy, women undergo a variety of screening tests for their own health and the health of their unborn children. One of the most common tests is for gestational diabetes. 97 kata lagi



Saying see you later, yet again, to CBTL’s Mocha Ice Blend.

Why is it such a big deal?

Because to me it is.

Hope I don’t get grumpy. 27 kata lagi