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remember me

to read a book
to sew a little
to wake up early.


Life Lately...

Good morning, blog reading world!  How is the day going for you so far?  I am awake and feeling refreshed – a little extra sleep has a way of doing that to me.   625 kata lagi



Nobody ever tells you this but the worst thing about administering CPR, especially to a loved one, is that your thoughts are chopped into bite-sized urgency with each compression. 98 kata lagi


26th July 2016: White Mice

I am the official student of NUS now!! Yay!! :D

…Okay let’s bring back to the topic.

Along with RH dancers, I went to Kent Ridge Hall for dance rehearsal along with the other halls. 199 kata lagi


Session 141 - Core (or Corr what a tough one)

I’m going to write this post a little differently to normal, as I want a different focus for today. Today was my 5th session in a row, and have had some great sessions within that 5. 773 kata lagi

Blog Post

FAQ about our move

Most of you are asking the same questions. Here are the answers!

Why Nantes?

We wanted a big city, near the ocean, with an active lifestyle, not too expensive to live in. 424 kata lagi

July 26, 1866

“it is a lovely evening and I should enjoy it much if John was with me…”

“Pleasant. John has gone to Fairhaven. remained at home during the day  Mira and Ann Elisa passed the day here.

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