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Day 123 Home Sweety Home

Finally atlast after a month (almost) for staying in Naga City, my foot has touched the land of my upbringing. After 12 hours of travel, I finally reached my old not so big house. 125 kata lagi

Sunday Scrabble and eavesdropping: Some notes

By Matthew E. Milliken
May 4, 2016

At least two Sundays a month, you can find me at Saladelia Cafe at 4201 University Drive in Durham sometime around 2 p.m. 1.422 kata lagi


Two months and counting...

This is for me. A place to record my thoughts, concerns and struggles as I try to rediscover myself and my place in this world. If others choose to read it, so be it. 443 kata lagi


How are you?

It happens almost every time, when meeting someone I know and getting that first word which is Hi and I already know what the next question is going to be. 1.035 kata lagi


A Mother's Footsteps

Mother’s day. Another western custom that has slowly filtered through into the more conservative eastern culture. Growing up in a Muslim Indian home with relatively strong traditional and Islamic values, we really never celebrated Mother’s day. 1.340 kata lagi

The World Around Me

Can we talk?

Hey guys,

Right now I’m at school trying to focus on my work and it’s just not happening…I just can’t focus. It’s driving me insane. Yesterday I did a live stream and it was all fun and games until I realised that people were actually taking the mick and making fun of me.. 145 kata lagi

The Decision to Quit

Roughly a month ago I published a post entitled Fearless within which I discussed my new job briefly. After one month of working with the company I have decided to quit. 145 kata lagi