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So!! Hello people!

Today I thought I’d post a picture of myself since I’m bored.

Plus what do you think of my makeup? Let me know in the comments! 74 kata lagi

Teen Diary

The Mistake

I promise I won’t infect you of my love anymore…:-( 


Valentines Day Gift Guide - For Her

A few days ago I wrote a VD gift guide for him. It so much fun to make that I couldn’t resit making a gift guide for her too. 369 kata lagi


My first MacBook

My first apple computer was new MacBook 12 inch, with its compact size and lower power consumption is a new thing, especially with very different operating systems with regularly being use. 65 kata lagi


Day 42/366 : Who are You? Who am I?

Today I am more thoughtful than other days. Today I am calm, and quiet, and silent that are actually very opposite of my character.

Character, yes, it is always defined by other people around us. 254 kata lagi


Some time to myself

I’ve always found Dublin an interesting place to stop and people watch. We’re a quirky and odd sort and I mean that in a highly complimentary way. 161 kata lagi



Cinema smell, creaking seats, the muffled thuds of adjacent auditoriums.
Daisy sat next to me and sighed, it’s been a long time since she was here. 246 kata lagi