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Life with questions and doubts

Every day in life, I wonder.

I wonder about everything.

Everything I did, do, will do, I always have questions and doubts regarding those actions. 64 kata lagi

Eggplant with Kale & Yogurt

Another recipe from Bon Appetit! This time it is for roasted eggplant, crispy kale, tomatoes & yogurt! We ate this just as is without anything else, but it would be excellent in a pita with some hummus…some falafel… with some fish….rolled up in a wrap… the possibilities are endless! 621 kata lagi


Fred Jackson echoes what the community means to the Bills

He wasn’t drafted.

He wasn’t sought after.

He’s a humble Texan turned Buffalonian.

The unlikely path of Fred Jackson meanders and branches out like the Cazenovia Creek. 686 kata lagi

Buffalo Bills

My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday

“We are not just passing each other. Both our ends are connected in a loop. Our lives are one.” 490 kata lagi
Daily Notes

Witley, June 26, 1917

Tuesday          Finished painting guns & wagons. weather rather squally. lots of dust, Went to pictures tonight they were fairly good. its a great night I think I’ll go out and read till lights out Am feeling well — blue – no mail… 202 kata lagi


Journaling through Life, For Life

Keeping a journal when you are going through a rough time is cathartic. It allows you the space to vent your thoughts and feelings without judgement. 66 kata lagi