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Overcoming my laziness

If there is anything to kick my ass into drive on living healthier and getting my body into excellent condition, it’s this pregnancy! I’ve been eating whatever I want lately and it needs to stop! 52 kata lagi


Connections 🐶

I’m back again! Hello ☺

Right now I’m lying on my sofa, the weather outside is pleasant and weather always has an impact on my functionality. 420 kata lagi

August 31st, 2016 - Las Vegas, NV

Hey! How are you? I hope you’re doing well. I can be better, but I appreciate you maybe asking “How about you?” inside your head. 131 kata lagi


The God that Sets Me Free

Freedom is unique thing.

It’s messy.

It’s endless.

However, it is what we are called to walk in.  There is a God who came to earth, clothed in flesh, to bring freedom to a humanity desperately trapped in sin. 302 kata lagi

Steve Martin's Diary


Johnny Carson plays straight man to Steve Martin on The Tonight Show, 1989.


[Diary] 4 days

Nhật ký (4 days)

7:45 AM

Người ta nói rằng người mà bạn nghĩ đến đầu tiên khi thức dậy và nghĩ đến cuối cùng trước khi ngủ chính là người mà bạn yêu. 1.421 kata lagi


Double, Double, Toil, & Trouble

When I was five years old, I saw a ghost at church.

I don’t think I actually believe in ghosts now, though I was afraid of them at the time.  781 kata lagi