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Diary #17

Another week has passed. I experienced a lot of new things, I did a lot of the regular things and also this week has been good for me! 252 more words


The First For Everything

Well, the first pancake is always the worst… The pan was maybe a bit too cold, or maybe the batter just wasn’t thick enough. If you have made pancakes before you’ll know what i’m talking about. 293 more words


March 6, 1852


March 6th Saturday  Mr Scott whitewashed the parlour

& sitting room chamber this morning and I

varnished the front entry oil cloth.  Lavinia

came at eleven and Augusta this afternoon… 342 more words

19th Century

Friday Catblogging: Top Cat

Here’s an old picture of Oscar showing Della who’s the boss. He does not rule with an iron paw:


I Heard the Wrong Song

This morning on my way to the office I played only this one song repeatedly, Blank Space from Taylor Swift. And I guess this is a wrong song, not that the song has something wrong – Taylor Swift is really great – or the song likely doesn’t match my age, hey… don’t start thinking how old I am, I’m still young enough for Taylor’s songs :) 529 more words


Day Fifteen. 5 March 2015

Today went relatively smoothly with apple oatmeal for breakfast, salad and two sandwiches for lunch, a cup of applesauce and my now perfected chickpea hash recipe around five (with a side of salad), more apple oatmeal, more of my chickpea hash that fooled my sister into believing it was meat (with more salad), a slice of apple pie. 77 more words