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Like light waves in the sea.

Now I feel a calm sadness, like waves that hardly move in the sea, and you just know that they exist because of its pleasant noise.

Written by Espe P.




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My Christmas Was Pretty Cool This Year!

12/25/01: It’s Christmas Day! Right now it’s 12:32 in the morning. I don’t know why I was freaking out about Jordan. His mom was gone the whole day, so he couldn’t call me because she had the cell phone. 590 kata lagi


The Art of Crass exhibition opens in Leicester on 1 June 2016

The ‘Fight War, Not Wars – The Art of Crass‘ exhibition, curated by Sean Clark, opens in Leicester on Wednesday 1 June, running until Saturday 18 June. 161 kata lagi


‘Stuff’ not being too innocent – 8th & 10th January 1999

Friday 8th There was major long eye contact between me and Ewan today. I don’t think either of us realised at first that we were looking at each other so we didn’t turn away. 395 kata lagi


Leaving York.

It has only been a short amount of time since I packed up my things and left York, and I think a week or two has allowed me to gather my thoughts like I did my possessions, and reflect upon what this City has taught me, the memories I will carry from there forwards, and how the past couple of years has prepared me for everything to come. 847 kata lagi


Side to side 

Currently listening to side to side by Ariana Grande. Maybe it was just a song, but thinking about the title side to side made me think if my life was rocking side to side. 126 kata lagi