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Diary: 29 August 2015 1:10pm {Wonderful}

I just had a wonderful morning spent with two of my children.

At first, things looked ropey. I missed the early train, and with the train strikes this weekend, I didn’t know if the next one would turn up on time. 269 kata lagi


Late Summer Vacation#7

Finally I’m back to Japan, to Tokyo literally. I still have to have a trip to Morioka and am going to restart my job. Everything has an end:-( 18 kata lagi


A search for a diary

well kanina i used ( well i actually wasted ) an hour at national bookstore looking for a journal/diary with padlocks . you know why? cause i have these parents who tend to look at their child’s journal and reads it . 78 kata lagi

62 different kinds of PIE!

In the early 80’s a place called the Norske Nook was written up in a book about the best Road Food places in America.  And with that write up began a boon for the little town of Osseo WI of nearly unprecedented proportions.  263 kata lagi