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Monday 26th September 2016

Hello, today has been an okay day. I must admit I have been very lazy, I should’ve been starting my workout regime today but I have been binge-watching TV. 149 kata lagi

Weight Loss

Monday: A Test of Wills

Contrary to popular opinions, I believe that waking up on Monday is easy. In fact, it’s the easiest thing I’ll do all day. Fresh off a weekend of overindulgent sleep and lounging about, the typical 6:00 AM exhaustion doesn’t pack quite as much of a punch. 817 kata lagi

DAY 77 (19+16+42) 2:00 PM

Everything is good.

I am horny, and that’s good. I used to be frustrated about  being horny because I didn’t have a good partner with whom to release that sexual tension; so I coped by Fapping and then – later on – with Porn and PMO; then getting addicted to it. 184 kata lagi


#1 the start

Dear Diary,

Trying to make a go of this diary thing. It’s meant to make you feel better and at this point I’m willing to try anything. 231 kata lagi


How could I?

What’s up, what’s up?

Okay, I don’t know why am I always doing this but somehow I miss Monday to post and then the other Monday I somehow remember. 368 kata lagi

Blog Post

Always on Sunday (9)

This more and more becomes a “Always on Monday” blog post…maybe I should change its title…or maybe not, because then I don´t even have any motivation to get it one on time. 540 kata lagi


Surat Yang Sepertinya Tak Pernah Terkirim Namun Isinya Sampai

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb

Dear Reyhan, apa kabar? Kuharap kamu selalu sehat dan berkecukupan di Denpasar sana, pasti menyenangkan bisa berada di tempat yang menjadi destinasi liburan banyak orang, termasuk aku meskipun Raja Ampat berada diurutan teratas bagiku –abaikan ini. 3.068 kata lagi