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A mother-daughter relationship is arguably the most intimate and the most complicated one can ever have. I had a whole story of what happened typed out, but I realized it would be unfair to them and I will probably regret it documenting it online.


Food diary

My favourite teochew porridge from the Beauty World Food Centre. I love how everything just tastes homemade, it’s really the definition of comfort food :’) this costed $3.50 with porridge, pumpkin, cabbage, and a braised egg. 536 kata lagi


Subway is my only source of vegetables

We had a band camp-type of thing yesterday. People from a high school band on Oahu came to play with us. I met a lot of really cool people and I hope we do more things like that in the future. 354 kata lagi

Givin ‘em What He Wants

This is Getting Off at the Gym Part 2

Click here for Part 1

If the gym wants to get me off so be it, I’m getting tired of looking away. 154 kata lagi


Flower time☆フラワータイム

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my blog room again!

It has been rainy both in Shamballa & the physical world. 108 kata lagi



Another day full of scrounging online for rental properties. The stress has eased now that I’ve been told I can open up to options in other school districts, I feel bad for my sister having to switch schools, but you gotta do what you gotta do. 650 kata lagi


3|21|18: Snow.

Today was a snow day !

I’m really confused because I haven’t had a normal day so far this week. On Monday I went home early because I had horrible cramps and bled right through my pants in an hour, so I was miserable. 687 kata lagi

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