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Diary  - April 17th

my first day as a former employee of Lancaster University…

Weather was dry and sunny but cold.

My LU email worked until lunchtime when it stopped without any warning. 163 more words



Jesse from the RV Mobile Home Center showed up on time.  It took an hour or so but we eventually got the fridge started and I hope that I may be done with Fridge repairmen for a while. 480 more words


OMG!!! I DID IT!!!

Wow, two blogs in two days. That’s a new record. And you know what else is a record? Today I’ve been 365 days soda sober. I made it a whole year! 1.119 more words


The Backpacker Team!

This is the backpacker team!

Honestly traveling isn’t familiar with me. I mean “the real traveling”. But I have tried so many times, like go outside of the town alone, wandering, go to the mall alone, enjoying me and my quality time alone. 37 more words


A Graceful Face

Exposing my most profound insecurity, to teach myself and others to not be ashamed of the color red. 1.078 more words