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On This Day: 22 October 1706

On this day in 1706, Thomas Bowrey paid his half-year’s rent for the Kings Head Inn, Southwark to Peter Briggins.

Briggins was a prominent Quaker who kept a diary in which he recorded details of the Friends’ Meetings he attended and brief notes of his other business. 183 kata lagi

Balance or Conflict

I want to show you I care for you so deeply even to the point where even when I’m hurt and gather negative emotions/thoughts, I still think about you and how things might have made you feel. 417 kata lagi

About Me

Left Without Goodbye

To My Viewers:

In my first blog, I came forward stating my blogs will not be diary pieces. In the last post, before this one, I said I wanted to learn how to love others and situations – even when I have every reason not to. 620 kata lagi


Complications ((Uncomfortable Series))

I hate talking to other guys in front of guys I like but sometimes it just can’t be helped.

I saw Taylor stretching in the back of the ab section before I entered but my friend was right by the entrance. 93 kata lagi



Yesterday Will and I were supposed to have a picnic with our friends, but everyone had stuff to do so we decided to cancel. Today they went to the mall without us. 68 kata lagi

Ada Soto di Semarang

Jadi kemarin aku dapat ini di linimasa twitter

Dari lihat judul saja sudah langsung cepat-cepat membuka link untuk mencari soto kesukaanku: soto semarang. Awalnya udah minder dulu karena biasanya Semarang itu dilewatkan oleh media, eh ternyata ada. 403 kata lagi


Diaries; 22nd - 31st October, 1915.

Friday 22nd October: Labourse

Both ours and the German artillery have been very lively all day. We are expecting to go up the line again tomorrow, another attack is coming off. 363 kata lagi

World War