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It’s 10:30pm here in Germany. And I’m so exhausted from the hike today.

I knew about this mountain before I flew here. And had the plan to go up alone. 820 kata lagi


03/12/16 - Humongous German Design Fair

I didn’t take many photos today! We spent most of the morning being horrifically tired and hungover… Surprise surprise. After that ordeal we went to a massive German design fair where I took this photo, it was a pretty crazy place, loads of beautiful things, many of them extremely expensive sadly.

Christmas Show Weekend!|Blogmas Day 3

So at my school we perform a half an hour show on the first sunday of December, this year being Sunday the 4th. Our show is called “The Forgotten Toy’s”. 349 kata lagi


On a lighter note.

Music is in all of us, it is a natural inclination.

We pause for the songs of nature, we sing along with our favourite tunes. 450 kata lagi


3 Dec. Evening. Mindfulness of breathing. Gormanston Castle.

30 minutes of Anapanasati. I focused not only on the sensations inside the nostrils, but also on the sound of the air entering and leaving my nose. 44 kata lagi


Happy,Different and Me

Hi it’s nearly the new year so I decided to do some reflecting posts from this year and this is going to be the first one. 616 kata lagi

Anxiety and Christmas 2016 illustrations

I stepped outside today that might sound silly to most people but having anxiety makes it extremely difficult.But I managed it after hours of trembling avoidance. 361 kata lagi