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Week 40 Day 1 – 30th September

Week 40 Day 1 – Today I took some more ‘shutter’ photo’s, as commissioned by my friend for her new business venture. The nice consequence was that Willow and I got to spend a morning at Sue’s house with all Willow’s friends, as Sue is a child minder. 54 kata lagi


Week 39 Day 7 – 29th September

Week 39 Day 7 –Using her birthday money, Willow chose a fox cowl for herself and it arrived today! I don’t know who was more excited, me or her!!


You Won't Be Forgotten.

No… You won’t be forgotten. You’ll be stuffed between the pages of someone’s life. You’ll lay in their shadowed closets or in their lit up beds. 210 kata lagi

Bipolar Diaries: Your Average Day Through the Eyes of a Bipolar

Episode 0: The Beginning of the End

Why I went to the psychiatrist in the first place was my own decision.

For as long as I can remember, I was very moody since then. 857 kata lagi


Week 39 Day 6 – 28th September

Week 39 Day 6 – My little bundle of contradictions. My little Willow who says she is a boy but wears a Princess dress and can still speed along on her bike.


July 26: tolerance or avoidance?

So, today I am biking all day, down the shore. It’s about a 50 mile ride. I’m crazy, of course, but I need to keep this promise to myself to continue to do this bike ride every year. 324 kata lagi



Man, I’ve got the itch something terrible! The insignificant act of trip planning has me wanting to get out where there are fewer internal combustion engines and more feathers. 333 kata lagi