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Tuesday 25th July, 1939 

I suppose, upon reflection, that it may be possible to eliminate certain people from the investigation. This morning Miss Luton and Miss Herkside bustled me from the street – where I was not, despite what they might believe, stalking the Mareks like some dolled-up hyena around a corpse – and into their home. 289 kata lagi


5 Ways to Stay Motivated During Self-Challenges

Dear Readers,

Doing these Bonnie Challenges is a lot of effort. It wouldn’t be fun if it wasn’t, but that also means it can get really difficult to keep it up if motivation stays down too long. 921 kata lagi


Nido: Language improvement

Due mesi fa ho scritto un post descrivendo lo sviluppo linguistico di Enrico e Giulio in inglese (Elisabetta ancora non parla). Già allora mi sono meravigliata della velocità con quale questi bimbi capiscono e riconoscono una parola straniera. 522 kata lagi

Activity 0-3

Four Weeks On

I had my final radiotherapy session on 26th January, and was told that it would continue to work for about three weeks from when my initial treatment ended and another three after the last of my boosters. 335 kata lagi


Pretty item of the day: Floral washi tape ✨

I really wish that we had a PaperChase close to little old Penznace, I would live in that shop and probably become very poor. Do you live close to a PaperChase and find yourself in there often? 78 kata lagi


More hard times, 19.02.2017

I think we can all agree that progress doesn’t necessarily has to do with going down in dress sizes or getting killer abs. I need to remind myself of that, too. 337 kata lagi

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