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Diary 2017 (207) December 6th - slave kelly and the pit

Wednesday, December 6th, Mistress Jenny and I went to Psi’s realm and took slave kelly home. She had been disobedient and I had announced to punish her for that. 314 kata lagi

Diomita Maurer

Travel diary: Day 10 - Wellington and Flirting

We set of early today for a 5hrs drive to Wellington. When we left our Skotel in Tongarito National Park it was very windy and quite chilly – such a difference to yesterday. 597 kata lagi


Hari Esok pun Saya Suka

Entah kenapa, saya suka dengan langit Sydney sore ini.
Biru-keunguan. Ada warna merah mudanya juga.
Hujannya pun saya suka.
Sepertinya segala sesuatu yang akan ditinggalkan malah menunjukkan sisi terbaiknya. 166 kata lagi


May 31, 2009

I need to write these things down.  I IMed him earlier.  He’s such a douche I can never even say his name.  I truly feel like he’s not worth it anymore.  112 kata lagi

Friday 15th December


Fold our clothes when we take them off,
Close our eyes on trains,
Smile like we’re dreaming a good one,
Put a ribbon round it, 16 kata lagi


Friday Musings

At my current rate of not sleeping by this time next week I will be delirious. I’m not a great sleeper at the best of times – I have severe sleep apnoea, chronic joint pain etc etc – but I really cannot turn my brain off at the moment and it is keeping me awake. 601 kata lagi