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Friday 31st July


Happy in newmoon shimmer, I slept like a sleeper. The corn a
whispering moat, protecting the house. Woke up plugged in,
electric, nothing too much trouble. 13 kata lagi



I feel a bit empty today, like a deflated balloon. I have a deadline in a few hours for a paper I have produced about 2 lines of and I can’t even bring myself to care. 282 kata lagi

Mental Illness

Seal Us

After here, our knees straight
We stand tall, in Salvation
Called by your Spirit
Bound in Him through your love
That we may be called yours… 14 kata lagi


Start Over

~ Te duci la ziua cuiva si toti danseaza in jurul tau , iar tu stai pur si simplu cu capul in telefon de frica sa nu te cheme cineva sus sa dansezi. 501 kata lagi


Diary: 31 July 2015 1:50pm {Torn in Two}

I’m feeling torn in two pieces at the moment. It feels like a struggle between my old self and this new self which I’ve discovered over the past week. 215 kata lagi


Good morning

Happy Friday!
Hoping you all have a great weekend!
Be safe have fun!

Thinking Out Loud

The Weekend Diary - Of Trains and Stolen Things

I realise the reservation ‘gods’ have dealt me a dubious hand within five minutes of coming aboard the 11.03 to Edinburgh Waverley. That is all the time it takes for me to spot the trio of old geezers parked in the pair of seats immediately to my right and be swarmed by the posse of loud, giggling women who breeze past on their way to the seats they have reserved a few seats behind me. 1.304 kata lagi