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NASA rules out apocalypse in 2036, too

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Yesterday, NASA announced the latest orbital data on the asteroid Apophis, which indicated that there is less than a one-in-a-million chance of it hitting Earth in 2036. 200 kata lagi


Realm of Mathematics

– “Mathematics is the language of the universe” –

Everyday millions of students go for learning and spend hours studying, what they call the “trivial science” because they do not understand the importance of it. 983 kata lagi


Sarin learns Perimeter, Area and Volume in school part 121 (Math Question)

The blog postings are about the Singapore Math. The readers can learn from the postings about Solving Singapore Primary School Mathematics. The blog presents the Math Concept, the Math Questions with solutions that teaches in Singapore Primary Schools. 185 kata lagi

Singapore Math

Meet Me At Half Of Pi

Meet me at half of Pi

That’s 1.57079632679

Square units from our starting point

It’s half of a moon

Half of the distance that it takes… 131 kata lagi


Lightness, hyperspace, and lower oscillation bounds

When does a map admit a lower “anti-continuity” bound like for some function and for all ? The answer is easy: must be injective and its inverse must be uniformly continuous. 536 kata lagi


Set Of 3 Old Rare Brown Glass Fishing Net Ball Float 3 Inches Diameter

Set Of 3 Old Rare Brown Glass Fishing Net Ball Float 3 Inches Diameter
For Your Consideration, This Is A Set Of 3 Rare Brown Glass Fishing Ball Floats, Each With A Single Button, Approx 3 Inches In Diameter, And Slightly Different In Color. 84 kata lagi