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Ptfe-2.50x10 Ptfe Teflon Rod 2-1/2" Diameter X 10 Inch

Ptfe-2.50×10 Ptfe Teflon Rod 2-1/2″ Diameter X 10 Inch
Large Diameter Piece Teflon Rod Have 20 Inches Will Cut And Send Buyer 10 Inches Thanks Model – WHe386403b9535bb87… 16 kata lagi


Continuity and diameters of connected sets

The definition of uniform continuity (if it’s done right) can be phrased as: is uniformly continuous if there exists a function , with , such that for every set . 504 kata lagi


Find π i cirkler i GeoGebra

I denne vejledning beviser vi at omkredsen af en cirkel delt med diameteren er π. For nogle vil det måske også være nyt at tegne cirkler med en bestemt radius. 23 kata lagi


Rolling Wheel

If a wheel completes exactly revolutions while rolling feet, what is the diameter of the wheel?
Source: NCTN Mathematics Teacher, September 2006


The above figure shows the ground distance traveled by the rolling wheel of radius feet in revolutions. 10 kata lagi

Problem Solving

Moon-y trivia

Today, across the U.S., the moon and sun are being very shady.  But how does the moon, 400 times smaller in diameter than the Sun, blot out Earth’s star during a total solar eclipse?  269 kata lagi

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