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Next gen gaming with first gen internet: A rant

This is probably one of the most frustrating matches I have ever played.


The Rise, Dumb Mistakes, and Down Fall of Zim, Finn, and Shim - Pt. 1

This intro is more for the younger folks who read this. I know you are aware of how things were so different thirty years ago or earlier and believe me; they were! 580 more words



“You’ve Got Mail!” the jaunty voice would intone once the grating sound of the dial-up modem finished its protracted business of connecting. The voice was referring to e-mail, of course, but America Online built itself up out of nothing via snail mail. 376 more words


Dial-Up Using Fox News Viewer Suddenly Has Strong Opinion About Net Neutrality

Sources in Xenia, Ohio report Mark Stanton, a 67 year-old, retired office manager and avid viewer of the cable television channel Fox News, suddenly developed a negative opinion about net neutrality last week despite never having heard of it before then and possessing an understanding of the internet his 35 year-old daughter describes as “beyond rudimentary.” 316 more words

the youtube generation.

I grew up when the internet was just becoming a thing. I fondly remember the dial up tone while I waited for the little yellow AOL man to run right. 418 more words


Dial-up is Still Around

Since most people in the country can get some form of broadband many people think that dial-up is dead. We all remember those days of trying to get a connection to a modem and then listening for the beeps and boops. 728 more words

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