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This Makes Me Sad..

While watching computer related videos on YouTube tonight, I came across this one..

Seeing how these teens react to Windows 95 makes me so sad.. 261 kata lagi

#136 Depressionless - 'Re-connecting With Friends'

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When I was at secondary school the internet was just starting to make its mark, it hadn’t quite invaded our mobile phones yet but the connection at home was going strong. 495 kata lagi

Mental Health


Today I booked a flight through calling the airline. After I hung up, I wondered aloud how often people do this anymore.

Naturally, this led my thoughts to my childhood days when there wasn’t the internet and my Mom would always call to book our flights. 169 kata lagi


Dial-Up Date

Let’s take a trip down Mating Dance Memory Lane, shall we?  I invite you to fall down the rabbit hole with me to that time I was the Bad Date, capital B, capital D, to my first ever Internet Date.  3.327 kata lagi


6 reasons to start writing a blog

Many people today start a blog or a YouTube channel to become famous a and gain free products and earn a ton of money. Blogs and other social media have become work and a way for companies to reach their potential clients and sell their merchandise. 510 kata lagi


O: Old-fashioned

One of the days last week, I think it was for the letter J, I really struggled to think of a topic to blog about, and when I finally did get around to doing it, it was nearly 10.30pm. 451 kata lagi