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Writing, Fetish Groups And Dial Up

12:07 PM

I write this knowing that I have two blogs I have perhaps never posted.

I write this at work while Microsoft Excel Online continues to give me fits. 635 kata lagi

From Emoticons to Emojis: the Evolution of Online Communication

I remember learning to type on a computer keyboard and only being able to use my right hand because the left was too slow. I remember waiting for my family’s incredibly clunky desktop computer to load up, pixel by pixel. 365 kata lagi

I Challenge You

After tearing my ACL my senior year of high school, I quit drumming after playing everyday for 12 years. When I was admitted into Northwestern as a journalism student, and I quickly realized freshman fall quarter that adjusting to Medill was hard enough and deemed drumming and music as a thing of my high school years. 435 kata lagi


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