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Using Gigabit Broadband

Mozilla recently awarded $280,000 in grants from its Gigabit Communities Fund to projects that are beneficial uses of gigabit broadband. This is the latest set of grants and the company has awarded more than $1.2 million to over 90 projects in the last six years. 790 kata lagi

The Industry

The Internet over your phone

Of course you have the Internet on your phone. (Well, you probably do. Although sales of dumb phones are on the rise, so maybe you don’t.) 495 kata lagi


What is this CRAP!?

Sooooo I was going through my old hard drive and found a metric ton of crap from the early days of my internet experience.  We’re talking the days of dial up and AOL messenger.  38 kata lagi

Dial-up Internet

Sometimes I miss the beautiful singing of dial-up modems communicating with each other and negotiating the terms of their courtship.

A brief thread in Slack at work had us joking about old technology, even though some of it isn’t all that old, but it had me try to be poetic about the days of dial-up internet.

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Oh no...what happened?

Everybody has to start somewhere right?

I typically tie my beginnings with computers back to when I was trying to help my mom figure out why the computer couldn’t connect to the internet. 168 kata lagi



As clearly indicated in this photo of my ‘elevated’ clock collection…time really does fly! Otherwise, how the hell did so much time go by between posts?  531 kata lagi