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The sound of Internet

There isn’t a sound of Internet anymore… just saying. Nostalgia for another. Reminds me of my younger days. I was adult when this sound was in my home. 19 kata lagi


Cruise Poem C02

Unexpectedly –
I have no phone, Internet –
On a week long cruise –
Disappearing from the world –
Without notice from the world

09.02.16… 175 kata lagi


The Land Before Time

This week I spoke to my mother, Coral, again, this time about her experience with the internet.

It should go without saying that her experience was completely different from my own. 476 kata lagi


Digital Natives

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing my dad (Neel) again on his experiences and views of the Internet and being online.

Neel was introduced to the Internet later on in life so his accounts differ to those who started using the Internet from dial-up. 193 kata lagi


Am I really that old?

So, we meet again. I’m making another post, written at stupid o’clock (01:42am) and you’re reading this. I don’t know how you’ve managed to stumble across this, but i sincerely hope you enjoy it. 1.029 kata lagi

Writing, Fetish Groups And Dial Up

12:07 PM

I write this knowing that I have two blogs I have perhaps never posted.

I write this at work while Microsoft Excel Online continues to give me fits. 635 kata lagi

Dial-Up Nostalgia

When Buzzfeed presents 31 Struggles Kids Today Will Never Understand, Generation Y stands up in a flurry of nostalgia as we look back on the technological advancements which shaped our youth. 250 kata lagi