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The Dangers of Poor Spelling, Episode 71: Nudity Roulette

It is “wax nostalgic,” not “whack nostalgic.”

While I may know what you had MEANT, it did not stop my brain from taking a sharp turn into “OH FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST PLEASE NO NO NONONONONONO!!!” Land. 217 kata lagi


“I had a home computer, with slow as a wet week dial-up internet"

“I had a home computer, with slow as a wet week dial-up internet,” Tim Foster said, “which would take about five minutes alone to connect.” This was my Dad’s response when I asked what his first experience with the internet was. 359 kata lagi


Widgets Rapid Fire

Without the thoughtfulness of 56k the WordPress widget allows the user to quickly publish text and images at the speed of nearly instant.

Without a data bottleneck; do we allow time to load? 29 kata lagi



Manila, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – Despite being considered the social media capital of the world, the Philippines has not kept up with most countries when it comes to Internet speed.   226 kata lagi


Hallmark Rejects

Caution: vulgar language and bitter commentary. For the inscrutable, morally correct reader, beware of the following, explosive rant.

This came from the inimitable Fargo North (decoder), back in the ancient days of dial-up, tying up one’s phone and future life forever: 394 kata lagi


I got mail~!

I signed up for a yahoo email address a few years back and I started to regret that lately. Too much advertisement and what’s worse, too much uninteresting  545 kata lagi

Off Subject

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