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who is it, true is what

you can’t imagine a life without

the black of your leather jacket.

there aren’t many zippers that

can out match what you’ve undone, there

aren’t many zippos that can unlight what… 37 kata lagi

New Ways to Wear Stripes

Stripes are classic and can be seen just about everywhere this season. For those of you who need some inspiration when it comes to wearing stripes in new and exciting ways, here are a few looks that you can try. 471 kata lagi

Oro Gold

RAID Diagonal Parity : How does that work?

In a RAID setting, we use parity for redundancy and fault tolerance. Parity basically is the XOR operation of the incoming data bits in order to get a new bit that helps in retrieving the parent bits back (in case of disk failures). 200 kata lagi


Orange & Green Diagonal Stripe

Thin diagonal stripes of white, orange, and green fill this design. This is Orange & Green Diagonal Stripe:

For fabric, gift wrap, and wallpaper, visit… 30 kata lagi

Surface Pattern Design

another pavilion, of sorts

Today’s project is a nine-square pavilion that is organized along the diagonal, with two opposite corners rounded off, one side a wall, the other a colonnade.   27 kata lagi

Entire Buildings