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Sort Non-boundary Elements in a Matrix

Write a program to declare a square matrix a[][] of order (N x N) where ‘N’ must be greater than 3 and less than 10. Allow the user to input positive integers into this matrix. 460 kata lagi



Converging lines are two or more lines that get closer together towards their end. In the image above, the lines converge at the horizon point. 683 kata lagi


Identity, Diagonal, Symmetric and Triangular Matrices (Linear Algebra)

Hello. This post will be about certain matrices in their special forms. The matrices covered are identity, diagonal, symmetric and triangular matrices. These topics are typically found in an introduction to linear algebra course. 703 kata lagi


Feng Shui Fun On The Run

The perpendicular lines and diagonals in differing planes and sizes create a visual assault.
Learn to identify the elements involved in this conflict to cure it when you SUBSCRIBE. 37 kata lagi

Feng Shui

Big Brother watching the stairs

For me stairs are very photogenic and frequently I catch myself capturing another one.

These particular stairs are to be find at Dordrecht station, but actually thisĀ could be any place. 51 kata lagi