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Fancy pants and band aid hands

To be honest as much as I want to say I was dealt a bad hand of cards, a lot of it falls only on myself. 259 kata lagi

Perry's Story - Liver and Pancreas Damage from Cipro

Ten years ago today I had a Liver Biopsy done that confirmed that I had a severe toxic reaction to the antibiotic called Cipro. A medication that should have never been given for a small bacterial infection that amoxicillin would have worked just fine for. 462 kata lagi


Does it take you “forever” to get dressed? Does everything have an elastic waistband?

The last time you saw your doctor, did it go something like this? 243 kata lagi

Observations On The Go

Day 4

First Shake of the day.  Chocolate.

Breakfast is stir fried okra  with salt free seasoning blend (for flavor) and a dash of Himalayan pink salt


Low-Carb Breakfast Recipes

From the Diabetic Living Online website its Low-Carb Breakfast Recipes. Recipes like Hash Brown Potato Cakes and Knife-and-Fork Breakfast Burrito can be found here. It’s all on the Diabetic Living Online website.  189 kata lagi