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How Sugar Makes You Fat & Sick (and can even lead to Cancer)

We are flooding in sugar. See how this leads to obesity and even cancer.


Young Leaders growing up

Currently I am in Vancouver, Canada. Next week, the World Diabetes Congress will take place here and people from all over the world will come together to talk about diabetes. 337 kata lagi


Day 3

Although I’m feeling more settled into the group of girls here, the differences in why I’m here to them is becoming more apparent. As a diabetic omitting insulin my eating disorder isn’t even officially recognised and I guess that’s making me feel like I don’t deserve to be here. 328 kata lagi


Happiness and Nerves

I apologize that this blog is coming out a day late, I’ve been trying very hard to release blogs every Wednesday, but this week was tough since I was traveling to and from home. 1.008 kata lagi


Immunotherapy for type 1 diabetes deemed safe in first US trial

In the first U.S. safety trial of a new form of immunotherapy for type 1 diabetes (T1D), led by UC San Francisco scientists and physicians, patients experienced no serious adverse reactions after… … 6 kata lagi


Two days

Compare the two photos above. They show the 24 hour trace of my blood glucose levels over two consecutive days.
The first a night of constant highs, needing correction boluses through the night to seemingly no effect until finally4am my levels finally started to drop. 60 kata lagi