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chargrilled courgette salad with lemon and basil

Three weeks ago the charity Diabetes UK warned that diabetes “threatens to bring down the National Health Service” unless we tackle the obesity crisis through better food regulation. 665 kata lagi


These bags may be little, but they are powerful.

As a mom, it’s not only heartbreaking to see my toddler suffer with diabetes, but it’s also hard to wrangle all her “stuff” together.

Not only do I have a diaper bag, my purse, snacks, all of the “normal” mom stuff to lug around, but I also have to always always always always always have G’s diabetic supplies. 326 kata lagi

The pissing evil

Fifteen years ago, I was diagnosed with insulin resistance. Two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes.

The word “diabetes” has always struck terror in my heart. 1.195 kata lagi


Advocacy: Standing Up for My Lows

Week one of classes!

Once again, the long term college session is back in full swing! I’m back to sleepless nights, gallons (not really) of coffee, and a continuous stream of pens and pencils I’ll lose every other day. 981 kata lagi

Two diagnoses + Two Careers = One Good Life

Ok, this may sound nuts, but today I’m actually glad I’ve been diagnosed with diabetes. It’s actually made me think about my diet and exercise. And, it’s resulting in my being healthier. 821 kata lagi


Here’s What a Man Consumed and Overcame His Diabetes Without Medicine!

This is the story of a young man who was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure four years ago and succeeded to cure himself. Insulin and high blood pressure pills were inevitable. 49 kata lagi

Healthy Eating

Finding Time for Fitness

We all think we’re pretty busy. However, most of us can think of a couple of great excuses why we don’t eat right or exercise the way we should. 301 kata lagi