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Can fasting help reverse the symptoms of diabetes?

Research on mice has suggested that a specialised fasting diet may help regenerate the pancreas to enable it to control blood sugar levels. The study — conducted by the University of Southern California — has major implications for diabetics, both Type 1 and Type 2, as it will potentially help reverse the symptoms of diabetes by allowing the pancreas to regulate high blood sugar levels by releasing insulin into the bloodstream. 30 kata lagi


Living on the Edge

Anyone who has owned a dog knows how attached you get to those little furballs. To us, they are not pets, but part of the family. 402 kata lagi


Happy Birthday, Ron Santo, And Thank You

Today would have been the 77th birthday of Cubs Hall-of-Famer, Ron Santo, and, as possibly the biggest Cubs fan ever (present company excluded) it’s fitting that the first game of Spring Training falls today. 611 kata lagi

This is What Happens to Your Body If you Drink Water on an Empty Stomach Every Morning

Drinking water is one of the basic need of living organisms. We often drink water when we feel thirsty and almost everybody is aware that water is an important element of digestion system. 529 kata lagi

Health Benefits

Beat the heat with this cool Breakfast Recipe -- forgotten foods


Pearl Millet Porridge or Sajje Ambali or Kambu Kanji

Pearl millet is known as Sajje in Kannada,Kambu in Tamil and Bajra in Hindi.
It is very healthy and highly nutritious. 317 kata lagi

Millets Recipe