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NYC Dysfunctional Food Folks, Let's Do Lunch!

In Manhattan? Would you sit down with a total stranger to share a meal and discuss how challenging it can be to make healthy food choices? 36 kata lagi

Holidays, Injuries, and Insulin Pump Application Resubmitted

It has been a while since I last posted. Have been a bit busy with work, holidays, and diabetes management so haven’t had much time to blog for a while. 670 kata lagi


En Puebla surgen casi 200 casos nuevos por semana de Diabetes Mellitus II

La diabetes es uno de los padecimientos que más atacan a los poblanos, tan solo la Secretaría de Salud atiende a 60 mil personas con este padecimiento, con un aumento cercano a los 200 casos en promedio por semana en el caso de la… 297 kata lagi


Diabetes in dogs

Diabetes just like in humans is caused when the body doesn’t produce enough insulin, which allows the cells to utilize glucose, one of the body’s most important nutrients. 758 kata lagi


Pima Indians: Born Sick and Innocent

Until the 16th century, the native American group called Pima Indians was a self-sufficient agricultural community living on crops, fishing and hunting. After the conquest of America, when the Spanish arrived to their land, Pima Indians were restrained to a small fraction. 453 kata lagi

An Open Letter To My Body

April 13th 2016

Dear Body,
4 years ago today was the day that marked how much I messed up. After being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 4 months prior, you started to get back to a healthy weight after losing almost 11 pounds before diagnosed. 315 kata lagi