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Day 27 Vegan v Diabetes challenge

Hi everybody
I’m basking in the glow from getting down to the South Coast to see my family for the day and I will have a stupid grin plastered on my ugly mug for the rest of the week. 143 more words


Healthy Lifestyle Changes

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it is exactly that I wish to accomplish. What are my short term, mid-term and long term goals? 396 more words


Free Diabetes Management Workshops in the Bronx

#Not62: Montefiore Diabetes Workshops

Back in April 2013, the city Health Department reported the Bronx had the highest diabetes rate in New York City. Since then, the diabetes epidemic has remained unabated in the Bronx. 285 more words

Community Resources

Living with Hypoglycemia

Imagine riding a crowded subway car to work. Its a beautiful, hot summer day and there is only one stop to your destination. Your body suddenly starts to sweat and your heartbeat is faster than usual. 594 more words

Tim McGraw chats with Teresa

( WTNH)— Tim McGraw chats with Teresa about about why he’s rallying Americans to take up the American Diabetes Challenge. Tim says this cause is close to his heart because a lot of his fans have been impacted by the disease.   52 more words


I did (or should I say didn't do) it again

I didn’t post yesterday…again. This time though, it wasn’t intentional. I honestly forgot. Failure on that goal.

My diet went to hell on Saturday. After that post, I went on and on about wanting to do better and so forth and so on and I screwed up again. 273 more words


Busted Guts: The Conclusion

Day 5 melted away quietly.  Until the very end.  When everything, once again, erupted.

*Warning, warning.  Blah, blah, blah.  See previous posts if this is your first read of… 1.619 more words