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Know the Difference :Diabetes Mellitus Vs Diabetes Insipidus

There has been a global rise in the prevalence of diabetes in recent times. This year WHO had  it focus on diabetes for the 2016 World Health Day. 374 kata lagi


It is official; AHIMA has clarified coding of Diabetes and assumed manifestations!

AHIMA has clarified coding of Diabetes and assumed manifestations, and QIRT will adjust coding practices accordingly. As of today, May 23, 2016, QIRT will code Diabetes and assumed manifestations per AHIMA clarification. 178 kata lagi

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Guideline Update for Heart Failure Therapies

In a guideline update published on May 20, 2016, the American College of Cardiology, the American Heart Association and the Heart Failure Society of America detail the groups’ recommendations for the use of two new heart failure medications. 495 kata lagi


Keep your baby safe from cold and flu-it may make them susceptible to type-1 diabetes

Parents, be careful and keep your baby safe from cold and flu as it can make them susceptible to type-1 diabetes.
Newborns, who catch a cold and flu before they reach the six-month mark, are more susceptible to type 1 diabetes in adulthood, according to a recent study. 260 kata lagi


Health and fitness professionals and researchers (me included!) have always cried hoarse about the downsides of obesity. For decades, obesity has been reported to impair health and reduce longevity (Allison et al., 2008). 608 kata lagi

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Small amount of chocolate each day may prevent diabetes

London:If you are chocoholic, there is a good news for you. According to a new report, you can now have your favorite chocolate every day without worrying about diabetes. 338 kata lagi