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A clean bill of health.... sorta.

We were never in any doubt that looking after a diabetic Gryff cat was going to be an experience. The vet was pretty clear with us from the get go so we were prepared for the frustration, heartache and expense that was invariably coming our way. 746 kata lagi


Low-Carb Comfort Food

It is raining and I have had a boring weekend of cleaning the house, walking the dogs in the rain and mud, and subsequently re-creating the house. 386 kata lagi


Eggs Rule The World

Eggs are super useful. Particularly when trying to replace carbohydrates (or a carb majority diet) with protein.

Protein is known to keep us fuller for longer, and not only does it mean our waistlines shrink, replacing some carbs with protein also can mean that you don’t need to stab too! 137 kata lagi


Chilli Con Carne with Cauliflower Rice

I have read about using cauliflower as a rice replacement for a while, though this is the first time I have tried it. I was pleasantly surprised! 298 kata lagi


Nutty & Seedy Soda Bread

Ok so I know that I have been banging on about removing carbs where possible, BUT, as a T1D, we do need to have some carbs from time to time, say if we are having a hypo and need to have something to keep us out of the red. 361 kata lagi


Tomato & Red Pepper Soup

Another variety of soup for my lunches this week. This only made two portions (it is quite a thin soup so I have more to fill me up), so you might want to double up the quantities. 142 kata lagi


Carb-free dinner accompaniment - courgetti and red cabbage

I think in the UK we have mostly grown up in the culture of a meal having meat, veg and carbs like potatoes, rice or pasta. 139 kata lagi