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He's not the messiah he's a very angry cat....

This is Gryff:

Gryff is the apple of my eye, and the love of my life, and a very angry cat. Actually, I need be clear about this from the get go because I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a big part of the story – Gryff is a VERY angry cat, although you probably wouldn’t guess it to look at him. 567 kata lagi


Diabetes Mellitus Made Easy

We know that diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disease closely associated with high blood sugar level, but how do we confirm the diagnosis apart from observing an array of classical presenting symptoms? 1.365 kata lagi


Diabetes Mellitus: TYPE 2

Diabetes has become very common these days and every other person is suffering from it due to high, sedentary and stressful lifestyle. 2.505 kata lagi

Diabetes Mellitus

Your Child with Type 1 Diabetes is Starting School

 Type 1 Diabetics First School Year

The first year of school is approaching for your child. Going to school is such a joyous milestone for you and your child. 721 kata lagi

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Diabetes Destroyer - Finally a Legit Diabetes Cure?

As many of you may know, managing your diabetes can be quite difficult, especially if you’re relying on ‘natural’ methods or just not a fan of traditional insulin or metformin. 1.470 kata lagi


Feline Obesity, A Growing Problem

The veterinarians at Cat Care are now more likely to see cats that are overweight or even obese, than to see cats that are their ideal body weight. 717 kata lagi

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Are You Pregnant? Then You May Have Diabetes!

There is no way to deny that women are extremely vulnerable when they are pregnant and this is a time in their lives that is full of excitement and also of dangers that can be quite alarming due to the effects they can have on the health of both the woman and the child they carry. 640 kata lagi