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Diabetes mellitus (atau Kencing Manis) selanjutnya disingkat DM merupakan penyakit kronis seumur hidup yang mempengaruhi kemampuan tubuh kita dalam menggunakan energi yang terdapat di dalam makanan. 332 kata lagi

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Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus


Diabetes Mellitus Klasifikasi dan bahan-bahan eksternal ICD-10 E10.–E14. ICD-9 250 MedlinePlus 001214 eMedicine med/546  emerg/134 MeSH C18.452.394.750

Diabetes Mellitus, DM (bahasa Yunani… 2.947 kata lagi


Ayaskriti – Best herbal formulation for Diabetes, Obesity, Anaemia

Ayaskriti is one of the highly useful and effective medicines for those suffering from Diabetes Mellitus (Prameha / Madhumeha). Since this composition consists of many useful herbal ingredients along with elemental iron (purified), it also helps in combating fatigue and anaemia, especially in those suffering from Diabetes. 376 kata lagi


Controlling & Preventing Diabetes

If you are looking for a how to prevent diabetes, you are not the sole one. Many diabetic patients want for the simplest way to take care of diabetes. 206 kata lagi

Info Regarding a Diet for Diabetes

Diet for diabetes is necessary in the regulation of blood sugar levels. It is been said many times that the right diet, along with exercise and medication, is solution of controlling diabetes. 221 kata lagi


Simple & Efficient Home Remedies for Diabetes

There is no complete heal for diabetes and one can only control blood glucose level through proper diet, do exercises and medicine if necessary. Diabetic patients have to understand that they have a complex disorder that will carry on for life time. 212 kata lagi