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Marie C (MarieConleyHbg), Pituitary/ BLA Bio

Marie Conley is a consultant focusing on engagement and stakeholder strategies and fund development for a variety of clients through her company Conley Consulting, LLC. 848 kata lagi


My patient with hypercalcemia complains of polyuria. What is the mechanism of hypercalcemia-associated polyuria?

Polyuria is considered a classic symptom of hypercalcemia and was one of the symptoms described in the first published case of hyperparathyroidism (1). Several potential mechanisms may explain this phenomenon. 240 kata lagi

A Message to Teachers 

Dear teachers,

I know many of you have a no bathroom policy in your classroom, where children can’t go until after class. As a person with Diabetes Insipidus I write to you on behalf of those children with this or other conditions that cause bladder problems. 273 kata lagi

The diagnosis

After weeks of the GP assuming Beren had the same rare type of diabetes as his brother (diabetes insipidus*); Beren was thought to have type 1 diabetes after finally testing his urine it contained glucose. 1.360 kata lagi

Diabetes Type 1

Painting the whole picture!

Last year (Jan 2016) life was just getting back on track before Beren was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I was a divorced single mum (out of the blue for me) living on my own with two sons. 590 kata lagi

Diabetes Type 1

My very first blog!

Someone suggested I start this blog about my son’s diabetic type 1 journey (with other stuff thrown in) which is something I’d been interested in. I thought my grammar would not be good enough and who would want to read it anyway! 22 kata lagi

Diabetes Type 1

#3 - Sweet Urine and D.I.

When you hear that someone is ‘diabetic,’ that usually refers to the formal name, diabetes mellitus. Mellitus is the Latin word for ‘sweet like honey.’ 1.037 kata lagi
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