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They say a picture is worth a thousand words

Can’t.. keep.. eyes.. open *YAAAWN.
Last night I went to bed early without writing a post. Today I want to sleep in as soon as possible as well. 107 kata lagi

Bucket List

Fish and Chips di Track 9

Menu asli Inggris ini terdiri dari ikan ditepungi dan digoreng serta potongan kentang yang digoreng pula. Menu tersebut dilengkapi dengan saus tartar atau mayonnaise, dan potongan jeruk lemon. 60 kata lagi

Kuta, 27th June 2002

ALEX: Had a nice room service breakfast and then hit the shops big time. We bought 2 pairs of trainers, some top watches, a Paul Frank pitcher set, huge towelling rug, more cd’s and other presents. 70 kata lagi

Kuta, 22nd June 2002

MEGS: Woken up at 6.30 by Vayatar asking if an 11.00 pick up was ok. Hm. So we returned to Le Madre for breakfast; a traditional black rice pudding with banana – very tasty, owner still making us smile while we ate! 152 kata lagi

Kuta, 18th June 2002

MEGS: Both had a bit of a bad night’s sleep, mine was to do with the wine which disagreed with me (just as I thought I was getting better). 140 kata lagi

Lombok, 10th June 2002

MEGS: Up early and into town to window-shop for all the stuff we want to get. Back to check out of the lovely Dewi Sri at noon. 205 kata lagi

Kuta, 8th June 2002

ALEX: Another day in paradise. Another wander through the streets of Kuta followed by an agreeable lunch at Dunkin Donuts. Indulged ourselves and had a massage – bit firm, but great all the same. 127 kata lagi