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Energy Medicine for Cardinal Spring Fire!

With Aries we begin again. The cycle continues. The snake’s tail is forgotten again, and it’s head moves forward. It’s eyes are wide open and ready. 320 more words

General Astrology

Rainbow recovery salad

Rainbow. Because of all the delicious colours go’in on in that bowl.

And Recovery. Because I crave this when I have been overindulging. … 360 more words

Natural Remedy for Sinus Problems

I have caught a cold from little boy who brought the horrible thing home from preschool. I have always been such as healthy person, until my little man started preschool and now we are both catching everything and the doctors just keep giving us both antibiotics, one after the other, which is horrible on our immunity and our bodies. 206 more words


In an attempt to be healthier.

Before I started working, I was definite I was going to buy protein world products and a juicer and have smoothies for breakfast on the way to work, eat really well and have an amazing body… well, now I’m having second thoughts. 132 more words


Friuteatox Day 2

What I ate

Today I ate porridge with homemade  granola and pomegranate and Lemon Daytox on writing this I have realised it was the same as yesterday. 237 more words

Clean Eating

HUM Nutrition: Cleanse To The Rescue

I recently came across the company HUM Nutrition and was really intrigued by their Cleanse to the Rescue, a 3-day detox for radiant skin and a flatter stomach. 362 more words

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Six days of DETOX

De laatste paar weken heb ik het idee gehad dat ik minder gezond leefde.
Ik wilde hierin veranderen. En die mogelijkheid voor verandering deed zich opeens voort! 466 more words