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Colon Clean from The Detox Lab Review

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This product is a miracle capsule for me!! I have had constipation problems for a while now with no relief. 161 kata lagi

PJ days are very busy on a detox

Was so looking forward to a day 6 being a day on the sofa and not getting dressed… However I hadn’t realised how much  rubbish I eat on a PJ day in “normal life”. 125 kata lagi

GT's Kombucha

I LOVE Whole Foods! I’m also a sucker for anything organic, so I’m constantly trying new things from there. The other day, I was looking for an uber healthy drink to go with the pressed sandwich I was getting when I stumbled upon… 500 kata lagi


Getting Back into the Swing of Things!

The school year is getting started and everyone is trying to get back into the routine of things. The first week is crazy, but flies by. 463 kata lagi


Oh Sony, It's A Pity You Don't Understand..

YOU TAKE ME BY THE HEART when you take me by the hand.
Still no phone in sight, I’m missing it real bad. Actually I think I’ve been detoxed from it, I use to have it with me everywhere and now I don’t feel the need to since I’ve been doing things on my own lately. 320 kata lagi



I just wanted to introduce my NEW venture to you. It’s been a massive learning curve and I’ll be honest, that this venture feels positively different. 224 kata lagi