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To hunger (day 2) A lover letter to myself

Body as temple

sacred vessel

breath of life



This doesn’t feel much

like a love letter


My addictions rise

anger and sadness

threaten to over whelm… 38 kata lagi

10 Day Shred

Part of the Transform30, the subject of our presentation here on Wednesday, September 28th at 7 p.m. Watch this to get a general idea, then join us Wednesday night to get all of your questions answered and get started: 10 Day Shred, Transform30, and presto you have made a BIG change in your health and life. 39 kata lagi

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The daily plastic that affects sperm quality.

Last week the media was domineered by news that the sperm of Western men is very quickly and seriously dropping in quality. The reason? The chemical BPA found in plastics. 535 kata lagi

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Day 270

Monday 26th September 2016

I have been on this detox now for 8 days. It has gone really well so far – I can’t believe that I have lost so much weight on it. 291 kata lagi

Weight Loss

Does Cleanse Tea Work?

Yes, Cleanse Tea does work!

Tried and tested personally for a whole month, as recommended by the manufacturer of Cleanse Tea, Bauer, the conclusions are in and they are very clear: it works as intended and then some. 280 kata lagi

Kou Tea

The Histopathology Results Were In....

I was on my way to work when I got the call from my wonderful surgeon, Mr Haywood,  to give me the results of the Histopathology report. 2.517 kata lagi


Three Reasons Why You Should Detox

During a recent trip to Los Angeles, there was an unmistakable pattern I determined after driving for so long. Being an avid travel lover, the eight-hour journey was something I was looking forward to; the exhaustion thereafter was expected. 534 kata lagi