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Apple Cider Vinegar: Detox, Cleanse and Healthy

I love Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV! The healthiest drink of all time.

Cures all and heals All. When mixed with leaves, herbs and other healthy fruits- I call it-earthy boosters, the effect is Amazing. 592 kata lagi


She's got highhhhhhh hopes, how you can too

Since about April I started feeling the pangs of anxiety. I don’t have anxiety but the little monster finds its way into my life every now and again. 421 kata lagi



Makan ringan untuk memulihkan kesehatan

Semua orang dilahirkan sehat, karena akibat kebiasaan makan dan hidup yang salah, badan kita mengumpulkan banyak racun, kekebalan darah dan menyebabkan asam badan meningkat. 87 kata lagi


I looked at people in the city

Waiting in line for a tea with many other strangers starring down at their phones and I mindlessly into space is when it hit me- are we as a human race… 350 kata lagi


10 Powerful Foods That Can Change Your Health in a Short Amount of Time

Our health depends on a variety of factors, primarily our physical and emotional well-being. These two forms of our health are largely influenced by the foods we eat, the movement we get, the relationships we have, and the environments we’re exposed to. 178 kata lagi



I can’t believe it’s almost the end of May already and before we know it, it’ll be June and halfway through the year. I have been spending much of my days starting to prepare for GAMSAT (or more like just flipping through the ridiculously thick The Gold Standard). 470 kata lagi



Do you have a moment that you just want to be mean??

I do.

I can be mean. Super mean.

And I regret it.

I just had the mean evil moment. 1.077 kata lagi