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3 Day Sugar Detox

More people now are becoming aware of how sugar can detrimentally affect their health and are seeking ways to reduce or eliminate it from their diets.After doing a number of 10-day and 30-day guided… 622 kata lagi

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Saving Money on Cleaning Supplies

This year I have been in the process of “detoxifying” our home and our lifestyle. Lately I have been learning to make my own”safe” cleaning supplies. 201 kata lagi


Week 2

I made it!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Nothing very exciting has happened this week. BUT I have stayed on track and have been 100% on target. 261 kata lagi


Farewell, Instagram. Again.

I have always struggled when it comes to my relationship with social media. I recently decided to delete Instagram…for the 4th time. I’m hoping to stay off for good this time. 624 kata lagi

Thoughts Lately

The Multipurpose Mask

So this week I started a fun new community page on my Starting From Soil Facebook. Folks can ask questions, share tips, and recipes relating to health and wellness.  673 kata lagi

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Wellness Packages

Get a rejuvenation treatment with AyurMir Tourism’s wellness package. We are allied with top wellness centers in overseas to offer redeeming lifestyle.

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