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Mega Fit Tip: Drink More Water

You’ve all heard that drinking water is good for you.  But when you’re trying to melt a few pounds off, it’s even more important and more is better. 359 kata lagi

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Cancer Care - Detoxing Your Environment

Since my diagnosis I’ve been thinking (and reading) a lot about all the toxics we are exposed to as part of our day to day living. 1.535 kata lagi


The healthiest and the yummiest iced tea I have ever had.

This ice tea was absolutely amazing and the best part is that this tea is good for your health. I chose to have a youthberry+passion-berry ice tea. 50 kata lagi

Detox: Sucul de Morcovi

Sucul de morcovi se poate bea intre 0.5 si  4 litri/zilnic. Are efecte miraculoare pentru organism. Este cea mai bogata sursa de vitamina A, usor asimilabila, continand insa si importante cantitati din vitaminele B2, C,E,F. 216 kata lagi

Life Detoxing: For the One Who Can't Give Up

Determination. It’s your middle name, right? You are the epitome of strength.

When the going gets tough, you get tougher. When life falls apart, you stand up and pull everything back together. 48 kata lagi


Detoxing MY Way + Detox Watermelon Smoothie Recipe

Excuse season is officially over! There are no more crazy 10pm dinners filled with heavy meat meals, no more being forced to consume ginormous amounts of matzo, no more 4 cups of wine at a sitting – It is time to DETOX! 378 kata lagi


Start Your Day with Lemon Water!

The benefits of lemon water are endless!

I was introduced to the concept of lemon water from my grandparents, who swore by all things natural. They were vegan for 60 years, practiced yoga regularly and lived a holistic lifestyle. 692 kata lagi