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Detox Series:Episode 8

So today we took a trip back in time with Mikey Peake a good old friend who has incredible empathy and wisdom for someone as stupid and naive. 55 kata lagi

Getting My Monday Glow On

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If only I had a dollar for every time I’ve said the words “diet starts on Monday”! Trust me, I’d have quite a few dollars as this seems to be a bit of a manta over my weekends.   460 kata lagi



I love tea. More than coffee or any juices that may have the same detoxifying capabilities. Tea is great. And it is not as overloaded with caffeine. 60 kata lagi


Just Juice?

So I decided to do a juice cleanse. I guess my reasons involved wanting to kick start some healthy eating habits and my diet, feel energised and fill my body with some good stuff, and I’m not gonna lie maybe lose a bit of weight (although I know this is not the purpose of a juice cleanse). 1.411 kata lagi

Future Plans

Hi guys,

Just a quick one today as I want to explain the change in types of posts in the next couple of months.

My plan is from Thursday I will be doing a juice diet for a week to prepare me for going back onto Cambridge. 252 kata lagi

All Things Food

10 Day Detox Diet Overview

I’m going to try and keep this brief and do a pro/con list since each of my daily recaps were a bit lengthy.

See Day 1… 354 kata lagi

Why Paleo?

Because it consists of real food with real nutrients! These foods are what our ancestors ate, before chronic diseases infiltrated our modern-day society. They heal the body and promote its natural processes. 394 kata lagi