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21 Day Detox: Day 1

Like many of you, I struggle with health on a regular basis.

After I graduated high school and decided not to partake in collegiate sports, working out on the reg became, well, not so regular. 418 kata lagi

Life StorYnia: Loner is the New Sexy

Have you ever spent a whole day with no one but yourself? I know it may sound lonely but believe me, you’ll discover yourself more with you being a loner even for just a day. 442 kata lagi

Social Media Detox

Yesterday, after some time reflecting on my addiction, I finally took the plunge to quit cold turkey for an entire month. (18/05)

The concept of a social media detox has been stuck at the back of my mind over the years for several reasons: 391 kata lagi

The Lifestyle Edition

Addicted to Love

I’m addicted to love. Well not exactly, I’ve never actually been in love before, rather I’m addicted to the feelings of infatuation, and validation that being with someone brings. 186 kata lagi

Detox #1

If things are numbered, you must have the good sense to know that there is more than just one. This is a summary of our first detox visit. 671 kata lagi




Paket bisnis synergy #STARPACK Dengan tools alat ubiomacpa pengecekan jantung ,
dan alat alat demo.

dicari agen member atau reseller trulum synergy dan detox synergy… 150 kata lagi

Suboxone Taper/detox- week 3 .5mg

Well, it’s 4:30am and I can’t sleep. I slept from 1-2am but my son woke up crying and wanting nurse. I had my husband bring the baby to me because I didn’t feel like moving from the recliner chair in our living room. 331 kata lagi

Recovery-Mental Illness