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Kimi to Zutto - Romaji Sub and English Translate

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It has been a long time since I watched the movie, but I quite liked the song featured in one of the Detective Conan Live Action series. 34 more words

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Their comes a time in each doodler’s(it’s not a real word is it?) journey when you draw a character with kitty ears and tail….I couldn’t resist orz; I was re-reading Kyunyo-san’s DCMK fic called “Kitty Kitty” because I needed some cheering up(her stories and art make me feel betterTvT) and then this happened…yeah…


Lirik OST Detective Conan Versi Indonesia

detective conan adalah serial kartun detektiv yang terkenal dan sukses. bahkan telah berulang kali dibikin live actionnya. berikut adalah lirik lagu OSTnya versi bahasa indonesia… 86 more words

Lirik Lagu

Weekly Wrap-Up: Winter 2015 #1

Another week of anime, another week of greatness. Let’s see how this week of winter 2015 did! (A little late with this post, but better later than never, right?!) 1.394 more words

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[Giới thiệu] Các fanfic của tác giả Wings89

Detective Conan

- Các fanfic của tác giả Wings89 -

by perry130296

Những bạn nào là fan của nhân vật Ai Haibara/Shiho Miyano hay cặp đôi ConanAi của bộ truyện Detective Conan hẳn không lạ gì với cái tên Wings89 – Một author viết/dịch fic DC nổi tiếng, và ss ấy cũng là admin của… 2.999 more words

Detective Conan

[Oneshot] New Year's Bet

- New Year’s Bet-

Vụ cá cược đầu năm

Fandom: Detective Conan

Author: Potsie18 @ fanfiction.net

Storylink: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8857983/1/

Genre: Friendship

Rating: K+

Status: Hoàn thành… 1.017 more words