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Christian Apologetics Case Closed

Opening the Case

The prism’s edge has cast light on a different topic this time, offering new perspective. Those in Christian apologetics have acknowledged several areas in which apologetics can improve. 3.083 more words


Detective Conan

The cases of a detective whose physical age was chemically reversed to that of a prepubescent boy but must hide his true mental development.


Detective Conan Manga Goes on Hiatus Due to Creator's Surgery

Detective Conan (Case Closed) manga creator Gosho Aoyama is announcing in this year’s 16th issue of Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine that he has to put his serialization on an irregular schedule. 157 more words


Detective Conan Goes on Hiatus Due to Author's Surgery

The 16th issue of Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine has announced that Detective Conan (Case Closed) manga creator Aoyama Gosho will be going on hiatus as the result of a surgical operation.   42 more words


Had fun with this:D not very creative I know, but I really liked drawing Conan with a straw hat. I found the fact that Kappei Yamaguchi acted out Usopp’s voice really hilarious and interesting since he’s the VA for Shinichi and Kaito(and some others) that thought somehow made me think of Conan in similar clothes to Luffy XD random but fun nonetheless~ it’s just to bad I couldn’t draw it wellTvT;


Japanese Airport, Totorri Airport renamed after Detective Conan

Tottori Airport was renamed Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport on March 1st with a commemorative chartered flight from Shanghai; the flight arrived at the airport and received warm welcome from Tottori Governor Shinji Hirai among others. 58 more words