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Famous characters celebrate special occasions in your life with personalized letters

What’s better than friends wishing you a happy birthday? Having One Piece’s Luffy or Ash from Pokémon personally doing it instead! 358 kata lagi


Case 34 - Who Shanked Teddy?

We do our best to solve the puzzle on this episode as we start Volume 12 of the Detective Conan/Case Closed manga with the Moon, Star, and Sun Case. 42 kata lagi


Blind Piracy: Story of a Retired(?) Pirate

Okay, I initially wanted to write an article about my perspective with Piracy. Specifically Anime and Manga. I now feel that things may have changed slightly. 903 kata lagi

Anime Review

[AnimeNEXT 2017] TMS/Re:Life Interview

At AnimeNext 2017 back in June, I got to speak to the staff of the anime Re:Life. It was a short but informative interview that also went into other shows they’ve worked on, including an anime from the same studio as… 401 kata lagi


Detective Conan Manga Passed the Mark of 1000 Published Chapters

Yep you read the title right the shounen manga also known as Case Closed just had its 1000th chapter published in the latest edition on the magazine… 441 kata lagi

Detective Conan

Detective Conan Exhibition in Seoul

What?! What??!! To actually didn’t know that there was Detective Conan Exhibition in Seoul, how focus did I stay in the ‘cave’ to ‘cultivate’?!! Hahaha…. 229 kata lagi

Random Thought

Thank you note untuk Rebecca (Jakarta Timur)

​Hai Rebecca, terimakasih sudah berbelanja di Kirameku Shop 😃😃

Semoga suka dan ditunggu orderan selanjutnya 😊😊

– Paket pengiriman ke Rebecca (Jakarta Timur)

– Action Figure ‘Conan Edogawa from Meitantei Conan’ 11 kata lagi