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funny meeting you here

So it seems that the latest Detective Conan full-length feature is inspired by the Singapore Flyer. I was watching it on the plane (gah, what is it, 36 more hours until I get home?) and couldn’t quite believe my eyes when the credits featured footage of the Marina Bay skyline, and Gardens by the Bay. 142 kata lagi


Case Closed Review Episode 15 - The Cartoon Connoisseur Theater Podcast


We’re back with another Toon Review! This episode Ubernerd is joined by Dubious Khan as we talk about the mystery genre and the anime “Case Closed” (aka Detective Conan). 39 kata lagi

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Angels of Death: Fictional Detectives Who Witnessed a Suspicious Number of Murders

When I was little, I loved watching Murder She Wrote.  Well…okay, I mostly loved the incongruously peppy theme song. Those of you too young to have ever heard it, … 566 kata lagi

Other Oddities

End of Hiatus...

So it turns out that I haven’t posted anything for around 6 months. My hiatus wasn’t exactly planned; but now that I’m back I decided that I might as well write a post explaining what happened, what I was doing during that time, and what my plans are from now on. 810 kata lagi


Case 22 - An Episode

This is an episode. An episode where we finish volume 7 and start volume 8 of the Case Closed manga as we over the Pro Soccer Player Blackmail Case. 42 kata lagi


[Apartment 507] Japanese Manga App Review: Detective Conan

I’ve recently begun a new article series over at Apartment 507 where I review Japan-only manga apps. This time I’m looking at the Detective Conan… 37 kata lagi