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I Got Tricked

Sometime when I read detective story, I wanted to prove whether the trick used is applicable in real life or not. Because mostly the tricks were difficult to perform without enough resources, so I just tried the ‘easy’ to replicate tricks. 197 more words

Random Thought

Review Komik Detective Conan (Vol.1)

Judul buku : Detective Conan (Vol.1)
Pengarang : Aoyama Gosho
Tahun terbit : 1997 (bahasa Indonesia)
Penerbit : PT Elex Media Komputindo
Bintang : *********(9/10) 413 more words


The Preposterous, Wonderful World of Detective Conan (名探偵コナン)

I’ve been on a tear recently watching as much as I can of Detective Conan (名探偵コナン;めいたんていこなん, meitantei konan). This show, known to US anime fans as… 832 more words


Click & Watch: Detective Conan Movie 1: The Timed Skyscaper (Sub + Dub)

Summary: Taking the original story of Detective Conan, this first Conan film follows his adventures as 86 more words


The Top 10 Anime Couples Fans Want to See Break Up Immediately

Charapedia asked 10,000 anime fans what couples they want to see break up ASAP.


Survey Period: May 7-13, 2015
Gender: 53.6% male, 46.4% female… 105 more words


Top 5 Case Closed Mysteries

Originally written for WatchPlayRead.com

Case Closed started out as a manga series by Gosho Aoyama, and it has been adapted into a long-running anime series. FUNimation Entertainment released the first 130 episodes on home video, and subtitled episodes from 754 and beyond are available for streaming on Crunchyroll. 877 more words


Detective Conan Episode 776

Uncle and I find ourselves cornered
The gang of thieves have surprising goal

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