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Why I Hate Detective Conan...

Now on the opposite spectrum, I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts about a series I tried to give a chance: Detective Conan or known in the U.S. 860 kata lagi

Case 28 - Alternative Truths

After a long wait, we are finally back with the first episode of 2017. We start this year with an introduction of a new character in The Great Detective of the West. 33 kata lagi


[Manga] Detective Conan 

Detective Conan is a shounen manga written by Aoyama Gosho. The first chapter was published in 1994 in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Sunday. Until today, there is 91 Japanese Volumes released. 500 kata lagi


Season 5

The White Sandy Beach Murder Case (Ep 113)

People: Dr Tanaka, Tomoko, Mitsuko


  • Dr Tanaka was drinking the previous night with his friends at a bar.
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Detective Conan

Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport - what a long name!

And so, today I’ll introduce you to the Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport! This is quite old news and I am sure this is not your first time hearing about this airport. 226 kata lagi

Conan Cafe (コナンカフェ)

In line with the new Conan movie, Gouka no Himawari (業火の向日葵),

2 Conan Cafes will be opened in Tokyo and Osaka, the TOWER RECORDS CAFE and Toki no Hiroba (時空の広場) respectively. 164 kata lagi