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Are You Playing The Victim or Taking Back Your Power?

In our society, it’s either shaming you or telling you why you’re not good enough. Does your family constantly compare you to someone else? Why can’t you be more like so and so? 419 kata lagi

Traveling to Yogyakarta, Come and Enjoy Prawirotaman Tourist Village

JUSTCALLMEMRADI – Visiting Yogyakarta – especially for travelers – is certainly very familiar with Prawirotaman Village. Yes! Prawirotaman village is one of the unique villages in the city of Yogyakarta. 370 kata lagi


To Borobudur Temple, Don't Forget to Visit the Chicken Church

JUSTCALMEMRADI – When you travel to Yogyakarta, you have heard questions ‘Chicken Church’ – Gereja Ayam. ‘Chicken Church’ is more appropriately referred to as a place of worship for all religions. 529 kata lagi

Borobudur Temple

The Entrance

The Entrance is located on the Central Coast of New South Wales. The Entrance is roughly 1 hour up from Sydney. This area represents what the Central Coast is known for entertainment, beaches, family friendly activities and a slice of paradise which is known as The Entrance… 291 kata lagi

Central Coast

Labor Day Tragedy on Block Island!

Like many of you, I freaking love Block Island!

Last night I got an email from Captain Breezy Grenier (Dockmaster at Ballard’s Marina) informing me of a tragedy that occurred over Labor Day Weekend. 341 kata lagi


Japan government plans to revive Hokkaido’s tourism

To offset the damage to Hokkaido’s tourism, the central government is planning to offer discounts to all travelers who visit the quake-hit prefecture.

Source: Travelandtourworld.