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From blog to book: one post at a time

I’ve heard people say if you just write one page a day, you’ll have 365 pages in a year—enough for a book. Others have suggested that you can take all your blog posts and turn them into a book, assuming they are all about the same topic. 401 kata lagi

Desktop Publishing

Book publishing process: Patience, my dear Watson, patience!

Ever wondered how a book is published? Yeah, me neither—until I started working in the book publishing industry!

I’ve been involved in some form of publishing since 1992, when I first 1.178 kata lagi


Typing trademark and copyright symbols

<class=”null”>Since your keyboard comes with a trademark symbol ™, a registered trademark symbol ®, and a copyright symbol ©, why not use them instead of typing the word or using alphabetic approximations such as (TM) or (C). 303 kata lagi

Stylings of Wordiness

Having had many a scuffle with macros et al in high school in the late 90s, which can only be described as “I made it the way I wanted it perfectly last night, now it is a dog’s breakfast!!!” A bit like “the dog ate my homework” to the teachers. 159 kata lagi

Classwork For MH

Breathing Room: Designing for Translation

You’ve created the perfect manual, press release or flyer. You send it to your language service provider for translation into seven languages. About a week later, you receive your translated document back and it looks awful in every single language for different reasons. 304 kata lagi

Desktop Publishing

Baby vs Bath water

I recently brought up a box from the storage room and found old curriculum books, including a number of “Teacher-Created Materials, Inc” technology books. This one is entitled “Writing and Desktop Publishing on the Computer” (TCM#924). 42 kata lagi


Been a While...

…that it has. We recently finished our big annual Open house here at my community and things have just begun to die down since. I myself, have been occupied with various jobs at the office and adding a few more graphics to my  243 kata lagi

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