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What is Desktop Publishing?

As I sat in that classroom one day, I realized that there was a method to design, the process known as Desktop Publishing. Before this class, I had experimented with Canva and Photoshop before. 721 kata lagi


En dashes – from where?

For years I wondered why so many writers and publishers were choosing to use en dashes (which are the width of a capital N) where em dashes (yes, the width of a capital M) used to be standard. 374 kata lagi

Microsoft Word

Tom Hanks And Ellen DeGeneres Have 'Pixar-Off', Star In 'Time Travel Earthquake'

Not only are Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres two of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces, their voices are just as famous thanks to their work in, respectively, Pixar’s “Toy Story” and its sequels, and “Finding Nemo and sequel “Finding Dory”. 129 kata lagi


What are YOUR favorite technology learning tools?

What are your favorite technology learning tools? Now (until September 23) is a good time to send your recommendations to Jane Hart (see this link… 180 kata lagi

Curious David

Get Help To Flourish Your Business With Online Publishing Services!

Business usually demands for a success to enroll in the superior market for longer times and achieve the set targets for a huge profit. Mostly, many things are to be considered for a successful business locally as well as overseas. 228 kata lagi

Desktop Publishing

Creating Magazine Covers in InDesign

The final activity for the grade 5-6s this term was to create a magazine cover in InDesign that would (hopefully) complement the magazine spread they had just finished last week. 129 kata lagi