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All About Print

This week, we learned about printed materials in my online class.  Two of the resources we had for the class talked about designing and printing your very own materials using a computer desktop or laptop, and a good quality printer (Matiru,  1995 and Lamb, n.d.).  451 more words

EDS 151

Continuing with InDesign

This week I’ve been continuing to play around with a trial of InDesign. As I explored it’s features all I could think is, “Why on earth have I never used… 395 more words


My Scribus review is gone? (and other updates)

I’m not sure what happened but my post on Scribus is nowhere to be found. No time for posting it again, so here we go with the truncated version. 571 more words


Desktop Publishing - Robyn Lee Bonnin (Interview)

As part of my 2nd year module, Desktop Publishing, I had to do an interview with someone who works in or has experience in desktop publishing/layout. 1.148 more words

Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing 101: Editing Simplified

Desktop publishing combines the personal computer and graphic design software to create printed documents. This course will focus on using desktop publishing software to effectively communicate messages in printed form. 101 more words

Starting a Desktop publishing business

Some sources might have you believe that all you need to startup a desktop publishing business is to have some software, a color printer, and some fancy paper, the truth is that a desktop publishing or graphic design business requires the same attention to details just like any other small business venture. 695 more words

Business Ideas

Desktop publishing. Again.

As an eager young guy in the advertising business a couple of decades ago, I remember how horrified I was when the introduction of desktop computers was quickly followed by the newest, new paradigm:  Desktop publishing. 216 more words