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Go Figure, Part 2

In Part 1, we learned the basics of Desktop Publishing with Inkscape. In this, the second part, we’ll take what we’ve already created and use it as a template for adding in some imaging data. 933 kata lagi


Go Figure, Part 1

After the imaging is done and the data are analysed, you are probably going to want to show off your lovely pictures in the form of a figure (for publication) or maybe a poster for a conference. 1.749 kata lagi


Stepping back from a problem

Sometimes I get so focused on an editing or formatting problem that I lose sight of the bigger picture.

Recently I was adding a list of graphics to a document. 378 kata lagi


Saving space with columns

I have heard that a two-column layout can save space, but I had my doubts, so I did a little research.

Every source, including my favorite book for editing and typesetting, Words Into Type, said that, yes, using two columns allows you to fit more text on a page in two situations: 172 kata lagi

Desktop Publishing

Cascading Technology Learning Tools Into the Classroom: Student Authored Guides

Inspired by the release of Jane Hart’s latest 2015 Learning Tool Guidebook (well worth the purchase and careful reading), my students and I are in the process of writing… 51 kata lagi

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TechSmith Snagit

One of the software programs that makes me look like a desktop publishing guru is TechSmith Snagit. I found this software several years ago when I needed to be able to quickly and easily capture clients’ website logos and manipulate them to the needed sizes for the registration portals for their websites. 148 kata lagi

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