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Business usually demands for a success to enroll in the superior market for longer times and achieve the set targets for a huge profit. Mostly, many things are to be considered for a successful business locally as well as overseas. 228 kata lagi

Desktop Publishing

Creating Magazine Covers in InDesign

The final activity for the grade 5-6s this term was to create a magazine cover in InDesign that would (hopefully) complement the magazine spread they had just finished last week. 129 kata lagi


Creating a Mock Magazine Spread with InDesign

The job of the students this time was to recreate a magazine spread design in InDesign using relevant photos and placeholder text.  Below is a video explaining and modelling the process. 34 kata lagi


Baby Dory Is Officially The Cutest Fish In The Sea

“Finding Dory” has found our hearts.

Ever since what we’ve deemed to be Pixar’s best sequel swam into our lives, we can’t get over how gosh darn adoryble Baby Dory is in the movie, and this new clip perfectly illustrates why. 168 kata lagi


'Finding Dory' Sets Box Office Record With $136-Mil Opening Weekend

It was a no-brainer that the long-awaited sequel to “Finding Nemo” would be a blockbuster, but the opening weekend of “Finding Dory” set a box-office record with the biggest opening-weekend revenues of any animated film in history. 161 kata lagi


Week 8: Fingerpainting, Glow Painting, Logos and Magazine Covers

This week the Preps looked at a couple more types of art on the iPad in the form of fingerpainting and glow painting. The Grades 1-2s started work on their Digital Portfolio (more on that in the next post), the Grade 3-4s finished their app logos and the Grade 5-6s created Magazine Covers in InDesign. 596 kata lagi

Graphic Design

Week 7: Funny Faces, Storytelling #2, Logos and Magazine Spreads

This week the Preps had a lot of fun making faces out of fruit and other assorted objects, the Grade 1-2s were finishing off their Toy Stories using Adobe Spark Video, the Grade 3-4s started work on designing logos for their mock app games and the Grade 5-6s were given an extra session to finish off their work on magazine spreads. 815 kata lagi