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Word Clouds... How Do I Do That?

Have you ever seen one of those cool graphics with the words horizontally, vertically, large, small… sometimes in a shape?  Like this:

Well, they’re called Word Clouds, and they are very easy to make, and you can do it for FREE! 122 kata lagi

From 'Toy Story' To 'Finding Dory', Pixar Reveals How All Their Films Are Connected In New Video

Fans have speculated for years that every Pixar film is secretly connected and now Disney has released proof.

Called the “Pixar Theory”, people have been determined to find a common link between all Pixar films. 495 kata lagi


"Microsoft Word in 30 Minutes" by Angela Rose #Review

“Microsoft Word in 30 Minutes”

by Angela Rose

Genre: Technical/Desktop Publishing

Release Date: November 28, 2016

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5/5 Stars!

Stress-free Instruction!

As someone who used Word Perfect when dinosaurs once roamed the planet, I was an instant fan of Microsoft Word and all its subsequent updates/revisions/versions, and am a current subscriber to Microsoft Office 365. 242 kata lagi


Jennifer Lawrence wants Mystique in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 over next X-Men

Jennifer Lawrence still isn’t sure whether she’ll appear as Mystique in another X-Men movie, but she sure wants the changling mutant to join Star-Lord in  234 kata lagi


Why Audio Transcription Services Are Still Necessary & Needed?

,The generic term, “audio transcription services” include a host of items such as the mp3 audios, recorded interviews, dictations and the seminars. In general terms, transcription means the conversion of the recorded audio into manual texts or manuscripts (typed word processor files) using the voice recognition software. 254 kata lagi

Please Read My Flyer!

There are 24 hours in a day and a million things to do, so if you want someone to spend their time reading your flyer you have to make it visually appealing. 939 kata lagi


What is Desktop Publishing?

As I sat in that classroom one day, I realized that there was a method to design, the process known as Desktop Publishing. Before this class, I had experimented with Canva and Photoshop before. 721 kata lagi