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Facebook Creative Hub

When Facebook launch ads, at the beginning no one thought that simple platform could change the way brands and agencies needed to approach creative, especially in mobile. 266 kata lagi


OOTD: Fall Collections

Recently the idea of making a fall outfits collections kept popping out in my mind, but I has been wondering whether my outfits fit the “fall” concept very well as you know the whether in HK now is still far from “cold”. 335 kata lagi


The tool for inside communication

Everyone complains about email, but inside companies almost everyone stills use it for internal communication. I think email has gotten worse over the last years, there is email marketing, receipts, new Twitter followers, Facebook comments, check-ins, monthly statements, newsletters, just count! 347 kata lagi


Scar from the Lion King: Retrospection of implementation of a...

Scar from the Lion King:
Retrospection of implementation of a mask of Scar from the scenic spectacle The Lion King for Iberostar spectacles. The rest scene can be viewed on… 30 kata lagi

Clear Lake

28 / 2 December week9

As designers, artists or even design managers, I think intelectual property (IP) is an extremely important matter, and most of us don’t even realize it. At least, I didn’t know to what extent it could be important. 432 kata lagi