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The core of the BARBARA I GONGINI brand DNA is centered on strength of individual and not on sex or sexual orientation, societal order or other normative pressures, but on playful imaginative tale of craftsmanship that breathes freedom of self-expression. 216 kata lagi


Every Question on the Insane Ford G7 Buyer Application and Will Smell Ever Come to Smartphones?

Core77’s editors spend time combing through the news so you don’t have to. Here’s a weekly roundup of our favorite stories from the World Wide Web. 279 kata lagi


Model behavior.

This past Sunday I had the honor to model in Jennifer Tierney’s latest endeavor, an active wear line (J. Tierina). It was a great learning experience not only for my own future projects but in general. 36 kata lagi

Money, Money, Money.

Why is it that almost all foreign currency looks so much better than the American dollar? I’m not bashing the buck, but from a design perspective, to me foreign currency is simply more visually interesting than the American greenback. 187 kata lagi

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When All is Said and Done... - Emily G.

Dear class of 2019,

congratulations on finishing your first semester of your Sophomore year! I know that WHAP is probably already stressing you out (not to scare you, but it does indeed get worse), and you’re running on about six hours of sleep, but I’m here to let you know that it’s okay, because your DAP is about to start, and you’ll only be a little more stressed! 376 kata lagi

Ann Richards School