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Working Out Again

So, I decided this post-mourning body needed to get back in shape again (figure eight and not round), so I have been doing non-weight lifting calisthetics every or every other day. 192 kata lagi


The Octogramulus

I wanted to expound upon the simple process creasing strips of paper.

Using simple strips of paper I created a towering array of an octagonal stars called octgrams which when viewed through one end create an axially symmetrical oculus . 28 kata lagi


Black Bridge

Barred Entry

The bridge in the distance is known as black bridge.  There is a 8-12 pool in the river below it and is a favorite summer hang-out spot for the local youth, drunks, druggies, me and the police.  ;)


Life Lessons of Gardening

So during this last week in my free time, I’ve been working on my spring garden. It’s the time of year you clean up the leaves, pull weeds, aerate the soil, fertilize, and plant your seeds. 572 kata lagi

Abstract Superimposition

Propane Portrait

Because I can

“Propane Portrait”



This piece was created for the Condo Design project, it was comprised of basic living necessities, such as a fridge, oven, sinks, toilet etc. We were taught how to utilize design constraints to create a proper draft. 90 kata lagi