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Landscape Design Assistant at Shades of Green Permaculture

Fields: sustainability, food justice, design, environment, agriculture

Location: Atlanta Georgia

Deadline: June 22, 2018

Details and Requirements: Shades of Green is a sustainable landscape design and installation firm based in the Southeast, with offices in Atlanta, GA and Asheville, NC. 181 kata lagi

Full Time

Orange is not the only fruit

Hurricane – in an attempt to win over a flagging US customer Triumph and BSA employed industrial designer Craig Vetter to create bodywork for the new and fast triple that would appeal to the American market. 89 kata lagi



This design was done for fun. I had a friend ask me to make this as she planned to give a gift later on.

Made this for a friend, obviously a play on Starbucks


Sustainability: A constraint, not a goal

Sustainability has to do with finding the best possible relationship between our environment, our social ideals and our economy. These three main pillars, when taken into consideration, act as the foundation to a more sustainable future. 1.344 kata lagi


Sweet Paradise | Amit Greenberg

SWEET PARADISE by Amit Greemberg

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 30, 6-8PM
Artist will be present at the opening reception.

AG Gallery is pleased to announce solo exhibition “SWEET PARADISE” by Amit Greenberg opening on Saturday June 30. 285 kata lagi


Modernism Uncut: Marianne Brandt's Photomontages

On the 18th of June 1983, German artist Marianne Brandt died in Kirchberg, Saxony at the age of 89. She was a complex multi-media artist and designer nowadays best remembered for creating metallic household objects such as… 922 kata lagi

Art History

Classroom Game Design

Seeds of an Idea

I teach at an elementary school and have tried to share my love of gaming. I run a board game club once or twice a week, but don’t get a lot of regular attendance. 653 kata lagi