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In the mood for mood boards

So, the basics of course, 

A colour board(the one that’s the featured image), and an inspiration board.


Update: Fashion Design Resources

I’ve have found some more free resources for inspiring fashion designers.

Beginning  Costume Design – This is a intermediate level course for kids who want to learn about theatrical design. 23 kata lagi


How high can you count?

One neat thing, till the early 1800’s, the Maori language was entirely oral.

…How does that even work?

For me, the immediate question I had was, how would mathematics be dealt with? 96 kata lagi


Settling down

My final choice is Ta Moko, as I explained earlier.

What I honestly find incredible is how the dedication and sanctity has remained unchanged even though the method of getting these tattoos done has changed drastically over time. 134 kata lagi


Maori, ou non?

Initially, I was leaning towards blue pottery or kundan jewellery from Jaipur, as the focus of my project. Changed my mind at the last minute, after a brief consultation with a teacher because they’re too, well, narrow. 109 kata lagi



Do you want to give your cabinets a brand new look? Find out how you can give your cabinets a gorgeous new paint color with these DIY instructions! 39 kata lagi