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U.S. Air Force prepares to support ground war in Eastern Europe...with depleted uranium?

—A-10 Demonstration of Power – I would not want to be in that tank when those 30mm depleted uranium rounds, firing at 3,900 rounds a minute, shred the inside.[1]

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How the World Health Organisation is prevented from doing real research into depleted uranium

It is quite unlikely that the WHO, as a professional organisation, has ever tried to block or downplay research. However, it is clear that the imbalances that exist in its funding, particularly for those public health projects that go beyond its regular country budgets, are open to state influence. 849 more words


Depleted uranium weapons bring birth deformities, cancers to Libya

In Libya now being recorded by the WHO (world health organization), the highest deformation in fetuses inside Libya and reached 23% of newborns and also the high incidence of new forms of cancer that were not known among ordinary Libyans and now amounting to 18% of the total of cancers that have been diagnosed by the organization’s branch in Libya . 494 more words

Depleted Uranium

Depleted uranium: contaminated sites in Hawaii

The Pentagon’s Dirty Bombers: Depleted Uranium in the USA, Aletho News By David Lindorff – 10/26/2009 The Nuclear Regulator Commission is considering an application by the US Army for a permit to have depleted uranium at its Pohakuloa Training Area, a vast stretch of flat land in what’s called the “saddle” between the sacred mountains of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea on Hawaii’s Big Island, and at the Schofield Barracks on the island of Oahu. 359 more words

Depleted Uranium

In Iraq, internal radiation emitters causing cancers and birth defects

Depleted Uranium And The Iraq War’s Legacy Of Cancer, Mint Press News,  Depleted uranium was used in Iraq warzone weaponry, and now kids are playing in contaminated fields and the spent weapons are being sold as scrap metal. 385 more words


Depleted uranium a carcinogen and genotoxin

Malignant Effects: depleted uranium as a carcinogen and genotoxin http://www.bandepleteduranium.org/en/malignant-effects

The purpose of this report is to introduce the reader to the growing weight of evidence relating to how DU can damage DNA, interfere with cellular processes and contribute to the development of cancer. 2.190 more words


Depleted uranium is a danger to anyone near it

Radiation Being Emitted by Consolidated Quantities of Concentrated “Depleted” Uranium Ammunition Not Yet Used in Battle Affects:

1. Workers in ammunition manufacturing facilities, military and civilian. 1.704 more words