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Making Calcium Acetate Alcohol Jelly  In this video, we use some...

Making Calcium Acetate Alcohol Jelly 

In this video, we use some of the calcium acetate that was made in a previous video to make some alcohol jelly!

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Rue de Maubeuge

Ah, la nostalgie…  This was the view a few minutes from our Paris flat on Rue  Rodier:

My aim here was to be quite precise with the outline shapes – but totally out of control with everything else.   261 kata lagi


Sunday at Sails

Hi everyone,

This Sunday just passed I had the opportunity to attend the Open Mic at Sails again. This time I was joined by the lovely and very talented Del Bartlett. 672 kata lagi


Make it through The Mayan Doomsday In Lonely Star Demonstration

Keep in mind all that End ofthe world conversation a couple of years back? You understand, when we were determined the Mayan schedule had predicted completion of the globe on December 21, 2012 and we were all essentially screwed as heck would almost probably take over planet? 7 kata lagi



Saturday 28th May 2016 at 3pm

Free Event
‘HARD GIRLS’ is a celebration exhibition of surfaces and the superficial, the damaged and the disastrous. Fuelled by the aesthetics of ‘women-only gyms’, make-up tutorials, bodybuilder’s instagram feeds and a general sense of fatigue, this show exhibits new paintings, sculptures and videos, in dialogue with each other in a space functioning as a landscape of recovery. 124 kata lagi

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G4S AGM being held in Sutton on 26 May

Sutton for Peace and Justice is joining with War on Want to protest at the G4S AGM that is being held in Sutton on 26 May. 114 kata lagi