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Watch Swedish Pilots Put the Phrog Through Its Paces

Airshows tend to be the stomping grounds of hotshot pilots who can push their aircraft to the very limit and then some. For the most part, these pilots tend to fly fixed-wing aircraft, but every so often, you get lucky and a rotary pilot comes across. 133 kata lagi

The Ready Room

Birth of a Vase

My fellow ceramic artist have made a short film “Birth of a Vase”

Great going Anjani Khanna, Rashi Jain, Neha Khuchadkar, hope to see many more such films


3D printing in Ceramics

3D printing technology is an exciting and interesting one. Large and medium scale functional design objects that we use such as bowls, plates & decorative objects could be made.  87 kata lagi


Budget Day Demonstration

The Battle for Bootle Campaign has called for a public demonstration on Wednesday 16 March, to coincide with the Chancellor delivering the Budget.

At its first planning meeting the campaign group, which was set up to oppose plans to close all of the local tax offices, voted in favour of the protest as a way to show the town’s opposition to plans which will cost hundreds of jobs locally and thousands nationally. 231 kata lagi


Painting the Winter through a Parental Haze

A demonstration for Heswall Artists Association this Saturday provided my first opportunity for an extended painting session since the arrival of our baby Robin. Though feeling significantly rusty after a 2 month layoff, struggling to concentrate fully after several sleep-deprived weeks, and making by no means one of my finest paintings, it was hugely enjoyable to pick up the brushes again in front of a friendly, appreciative audience. 347 kata lagi