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AT TWENTY-THREE, I BOUGHT MY FIRST COPY OF THE NEW YORK TIMES. The International Edition is called ‘The International Herald Tribune’. You can often see it perched on the newspaper stands around the tourist spots. 1.433 more words


Campsfield: unprecedented developments - Protesters step up call for an end to immigration detention


Within the space of a few weeks:

  1. An all-party parliamentary inquiry published a report on The Use of Immigration Detention and recommended a 28 day time limit to detention, proper judicial oversight of individual decisions to detain people, less use of detention, and more use of non-punitive community based alternatives to detention (3 March…
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Students Take to the Streets in Protest Against University Reform

Claudia Long

25/3/15 (Originally published at http://www.syn.org.au)

HUNDREDS of students and supporters have rallied accross the country in a national protest against the federal government’s higher education reforms. 215 more words

Demonstrate this Friday as 'End Detention' campaign continues

We’re going back to the Home Office in Cardiff, as the call for solidarity grows and Bristol demonstrations also continue.

See https://detainedvoices.wordpress.com and http://rabble.org.uk for the latest news.

Picket Cardiff UKBA

Please Share: Notice of Peaceful Demonstration, Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London, Friday 27th March 2015, 12:00-15:00

Please join us at ∼

‘Old Palace Yard’ – 

Just south of the houses of parliament,

Opposite the House of Lords: 

12.00 noon till 3pm. 2.311 more words


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My eight year old daughter has been attending a drama club for a few months. The inevitable invitation to come and watch her progress in the guise of a little show, arrived and duly I attended the church hall with a thick coat (the heating had to be turned off as it is so noisy we would not have been able to hear the performance). 184 more words