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A demo for the local art society

Last weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to the Western Cape Artists’ Society AGM to do a demonstration once the meeting business had been completed. 488 kata lagi

Di White Painting Tips

Ethiopia PM Hailemariam Desalegn In Surprise Resignation

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has resigned unexpectedly, saying he hoped to end years of unrest and political upheaval. 471 kata lagi


An Infinity Demo Night

It’s been a while since I had a proper stab at a tabletop wargame, and the last time was a quick skirmish with a starter set of Infinity, Operation Ice Storm which set myself and a friend up with a small force each of factions PanOceania and Nomad, seven models a side and a miniature city-scape in which to square off and experiment with the rules. 667 kata lagi

Gaming Posts

Ethiopia's Oromia Region Erupts As Political Prisoners Return

Ethiopia’s Oromia region has erupted with celebrations as tens of thousands flooded streets across the region. 292 kata lagi


February Club Meeting

The club welcomed back Sue Neal from Ilfracombe to our February meeting and what a joy it was!

We were transported on a whistle-stop tour “Around The World In 2 Hours” as she regaled us with memories of visits to some wonderful places. 163 kata lagi


The Crystal Garden Demonstration

This simple demonstration holds a special place in many chemist’s hearts – certainly mine. The vividness of the chemical reactions that you are witnessing, with little plant-like growths sprouting in different directions at a just visible speed, controlled as if by tiny different minds in each shoot, provides a visual representation of the unique characteristics of many transition metal compounds all in one demonstration. 2.350 kata lagi