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DUMSOR Demonstration in Kumasi..

Hundreds of Ghanaians have gathered at the Kumasi Cultural Centre for a demonstration against the current power crisis that the country has coped with for the past three years. 123 more words


Inside Aqua House - Peterborough Squatters Autonomy

Yesterday afternoon I had the opportunity to meet the occupiers of Aqua House, a former Environment Agency building in Peterborough left derelict since 2012, and since last Saturday the site of the only protest I have ever noticed in this city. 863 more words

Dalits Media Watch-Hindi News Updates 28.05.15

Dalits Media Watch

Hindi News Updates 28.05.15


दलित छात्रा का अपहरण कर गैंगरेप – अमर उजाला


पानी भरने पर दलित को जिंदा जलाने की कोशिश 81 more words


Protesters attempt to block Border Patrol checkpoint in Arizona

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision yesterday not to lift a stay on President Obama’s executive amnesty brought the issue of illegal immigration back to the forefront of the news, and today a group of protesters converged on a Border Patrol checkpoint near Arivica, Az., about 35 miles south of Tucson, in an attempt to shut it down. 585 more words

US Politics


G7 und Anti-G7

Bayern, das wissen alle, besteht im Prinzip aus drei Elemente: Bierzelt, Bier und der blauer Himmel. Deswegen kommen Jahr für Jahr Millionen Menschen in die Landeshauptstadt oder auf eines der unzählig anderen sogenannte Volksfeste. 1.235 more words


Birmingham END AUSTERITY NOW Demo 1 starts May 27, 2015 at 05:30PM

The Tory government has already started to attack our welfare, our unions and our human rights. Birmingham People’s Assembly has called a demonstration on the day of the Queens Speech, Wednesday 27th May and we will be joining in with the national day of action on Saturday 30th May. 36 more words