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Pressefreiheit auf gut Bayrisch

Bericht zum „zwischenTag“ in Erlangen

Es ist heiß. Sehr heiß. Der Asphalt flirrt in der Sonne. Es ist fast nichts los. Nur langsam und nur von Zeit zu Zeit trudeln die Besucher des „zwischenTags“ ein. 718 kata lagi



cats knock down a stool
demonstrating for more food
burning cars is next


Leftist Movements Protest against Austerity in Thessaloniki

Published on Demotix on 29.06.15

Hundreds of people gather in front of Thessaloniki’s White Tower to voice their rejection of austerity, and their support of No during Sunday’s referendum on newly proposed measures by Greece’s international creditors. 10 kata lagi



Coleslaw is one of those dishes that Thermomix does best.

No more chopping the cabbage or grating the carrot. Thermomix does it all in just a matter of seconds! 65 kata lagi


Bungie Tacking

While sailing upwind I find it easy to balance Tammy Norie on course with a bungie between the tiller and the pushpit. A fun thing about this is that you can tack just by moving the bungie. 7 kata lagi


Solidarity with Greece

Saturday 4th July
12 noon, The Fountains
(opposite the Hippodrome in Bristol)

Support the Greek people in their fight against austerity and the onslaught against them. 31 kata lagi


Budget Day Protests

Wednesday 8th July
5.30pm, The Fountains

The People’s Assembly is building on the success of the massive march in London with nationwide protests on Budget Day when savage cuts to welfare and public services are expected to be announced… 10 kata lagi