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The YF-19: Progress Reel

I compiled all the renders I’ve been working on (plus a surprise at the end!)


Chrome For Android WebAPK Demo Released

Google has sent their newest APK packaging format for Android, WebAPK, out into the world in the form of a test page left sitting around in a Google forum thread by a developer….



“COMMOND” by 3RD CULTURE Album: Deep Sea Creatures


Dollar Correction may be Over or Nearly So

The redress in the capital markets started not long after the Federal Reserve climbed rates on December 14. The redress or consolidative stage takes after a generally solid drifting quarter, where moves quickened after the startling triumph by Trump. 8 kata lagi

Bird Aeris One20 review

My day job is in travel and January is always manic, so I decided to book 2 days off and ride bikes instead. Rather than ride mine, I thought I’d give the new Bird Aeris models a go and pop some first impressions up to help people that may be looking for a new bike. 938 kata lagi

Oracle ADF Online Training Demo on Saturday, January 21 at 09:30 PM India Time

SM Consultant is pleased to invite you to join the upcoming Online Session for Oracle ADF Training.

To attend the class please login at : … 19 kata lagi


Touhou - Oracle of Forgotten Testament Title Screen

My circle, Great Conspiracy Theory is participate in Comic Frontier 8. To make up for my missing since mid 2016, we’re working harder on our upcoming game, Touhou – Oracle of Forgotten Testament. 122 kata lagi