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'Blight' (demo) - Demeter

Every now and then a release comes out of nowhere without the intention of becoming something worthwhile. Nowadays, demos are just bland versions of what we want to hear, and riffs and songwriting hides behind a poor mix. 803 kata lagi

Black Metal Reviews

Izzy Heltai-'Not Eden' single

Boston-born folk singer Izzy Heltai releases single “Not Eden,” a song about leaving, about growing, and about the waiting that always ends up being part of that process. 17 kata lagi


Enabling CXF goodies in Spring Boot

In this post we are going to add some of the CXF features to our existing app that we developed in previous post. These features are : 343 kata lagi


Liputan Hari Ini: Demo Rumah Ibadah

“Kamu ke Bekasi, ada demo protes pendirian rumah ibadah. Sudah memanas, antisipasi ricuh”, begitu kira – kira instruksi koordinator liputan lewat sambungan telepon. Seketika saya merasa “apes”. 622 kata lagi


MILK MAKEUP BLUR STICK | Demo, First Impression, Hot or Not?

I’ve never tried any item by Milk Makeup before, but after hearing so much about this Blur Stick, thought I’d give it a shot! Watch me demo this and get my first impression. 38 kata lagi


Climbing up the DIY Ladder

Editor’s note; if you haven’t, or have, read these 2 previous blogs, well you don’t have to now, per say, but I highly recommend just taking a quick glimpse at the pics. 913 kata lagi