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The Sea of Forgetfulness (FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY: OCEAN)

I wrote this piece near the end of last year about my dad to try to explain how it feels to love someone who has dementia and also to try to express how it might feel from his experience: 199 kata lagi


The Doll

They told her to get rid of her anger
Told her to do as was told-
As she wasn’t a child anymore

The girl didn’t cry ever… 112 kata lagi



Toni has a tendency to compliment me often about my hair, my clothes, my cooking and whatever else she can think of to compliment.  I’m not sure why.  314 kata lagi

Life With Toni

We just helped an older woman at the airport - such a cruel thief dementia is :(

We were sitting near the gate at the airport when an older woman suddenly clutched my suitcase. “Are you okay?” we asked her. “Do you need our seat?” 194 kata lagi


Sweet memories

She held the flowers under her father’s nose. ‘They’re from the garden dad. We still plant them each year just like you used to. In the bed at the edge of the patio. 275 kata lagi