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Joanne Costantino: Everyday Love and Tenderness

“Let all you do be done in love.” I Corinthians 16:14

As I sat with my Mother-in-law in the Cardiac Cath lab for a ‘versioning,’ waiting for her turn to be prepped for the procedure, I felt my cell phone vibrate. 980 kata lagi


The invisible symptoms of PD

Dear PD pals, I believe people underestimate us. They see us shake and shuffle and think we are just frail humans battling a pesky motor disease. 77 kata lagi

Parkinson's Disease

We would like to thank  all the people that contributed to the success of this Flash Mob video.

Jacinta Cassidy of Fit Kids/Fit Teens Group and their families… 67 kata lagi


Looking after Mum

I realise there is a lot of ‘personal stuff’ in this and my previous post.
Maybe too personal for blog land, but my feelings and emotions, usually kept to myself, run deep as I try to see everything from all angles, not just mine. 1.065 kata lagi

My Life