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Another Perfect Ending

Here is a picture of my mom Doris, my sister Kris and my dog Rommy from about 2009.  They are all united now and they are planning to meet me at the Rainbow Bridge when I am ready to join them. 269 kata lagi


Landscape Design for Dementia Care Facilities

As Mom and I were taking Dad out for a walk (if creeping along like a three-toed sloth counts as “taking a walk,” that is) this weekend in the enclosed outdoor space at his dementia care facility, we started talking about the things we would do differently if we were the landscape architect for the space.  464 kata lagi


Book Review: Still Alice by Lisa Genova

I heard about this book from watching the movie trailer on youtube. It seemed interesting to me, but it slipped out of my mind quite easily. 239 kata lagi


Bicycle misplacement

I forgot my bike somewhere across town,

I can’t remember even with my best frown.

Me and some friends were walking around,

I left it somewhere standing to cover more ground. 158 kata lagi

Peopley Story


Currently my mom is 54and is living in an assisted living facility where she is still very with it, however her hallucinations take over after 5pm and she gets very disorientated. 61 kata lagi