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My World

My mind, my mind, my mind runs like Flo Jo getting first place.
The chase, the chase, the chase that makes that race unbeatable.
Lost in a place I once recognized, but now it’s just a place to fantasize. 87 kata lagi

Alzheimer's Society

Dementia is something that is very close to my heart as my Grandad unfortunately suffered from the illness for 6 months before he died in 2013. 109 kata lagi

Mixed emotions

It’s a strange time at the minute and one where we are coping with a range of emotions. We interred mum’s ashes this morning and said our goodbyes once again. 421 kata lagi



Have you ever ridden into a box canyon? It is difficult to see the way out and the walls threaten to cut one off from all that is normal. 583 kata lagi


Goodbye to a special person

This post is to say goodbye and thank you to A, a wonderful carer at the nursing home. His last day is Sunday and I am trying to think of a gift to give him. 136 kata lagi


Bombay Sapphire gin, over €30 a bottle. Alcohol a waste of money.

Bombay Sapphire Gin ‏@SapphireGinUSA 47m47 minutes ago

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE: what’s art if not for its process? Each bottle is an expression of its journey through distillation.