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Compassion for those suffering the shadow land of dementia, and for those who love them

The other side of the true religion equation is caring for widows. In the months leading to my widowed mother’s death last July she longed to be free of her dementia ravaged brain and the bizarre world she crept through each day. 724 more words


Endangered Missing Adult Alert issued for SW Ohio - Story

CINCINNATI — An Endangered Missing Adult Alert was issued Sunday in south-western and south-central Ohio.

Betty L. Einung, 88, of Stephens City, Virginia was last seen Saturday, Feb. 25 more words


The Reality Orientation approach vs. the Validation approach

As carers, we are often faced with the dilemma of whether to agree and reinforce something an individual with dementia says that we know not to be true, or to disagree and correct the individual. 800 more words


Are #Dementia Web Sites Dementia-Friendly? Some #MindMaps of Questions

I think that a lot needs to be done to make the web sites of various dementia advocacy groups and non-profit organizations more friendly to those that have dementia. 51 more words

Mind Map

First in Flight

Who knew rag dolls could fly?

Mom’s most perfect of pitches (that had me in stitches) is picture proof that she launched the very first rag doll ever into space! 22 more words


The Mom I Knew

My mother Velma was complex and our relationship was complicated. Like many women of her generation, she took a job during World War II. As a chemistry major in college, she worked in a plant  that developed therapeutic uses for penicillin. 1.914 more words

Elder Law