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Perseveration: Often seen in concussion - in short duration before recovery

WESTBOROUGH, MA July 23, 2016 Perseveration results from a change in cognitive status often seen in athletes with concussion. It is most often manifest when an athlete says or does the same thing over and over without realizing it. 177 kata lagi


Is It Really Alzheimer's? 10 common misdiagnoses you should know about

Doctors misdiagnose a patient with Alzheimer’s disease at alarmingly high rates, when the true cause may be a different (and often treatable) disease. In 2011, researchers conducted autopsies on the brains of 211 men who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s while they were alive. 1.162 kata lagi


Gordons 40% alcohol by Diageo

Gordon’s Gin

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When the sun goes down the Legend comes out. — with Assab Red Sea.


The Gloaming. Absolut 40% alcohol by Pernod Ricard


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The Gloaming giving their all in Galway tonight at the Absolut BigTop!



Still Saving Seats in Old Age

Big, burly Jack moved closer to the adjacent chair.  Jack was saving that seat in the activities’ room for Emma. But Emma was already gone. 631 kata lagi