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Health minister announces expansion of west-end seniors facility

The Alberta government will take a small step closer to its goal of adding 2,000 new long-term care beds by expanding a west-end seniors facility. 336 kata lagi

Local News

The Train to D.C.

I knew a woman—we can call her Jill—whose husband couldn’t cope. She had to travel by herself from D.C. to New York City to take care of a particular situation. 205 kata lagi

Lower Risk Of Senile Dementia By Flushing Down Your Brain Trash.

Researchers have just discovered another essential reason for the value of regular sleep. I call it the brain sewage system (BSS). Scientists named it the glymphatic system. 490 kata lagi


Slightly Unrelated entry

Unrelated to my travelling story but not unrelated to the main body of my story… Finding myself, gaining what parts of myself I have lost and finding happiness within. 104 kata lagi

25 Good Reasons Why Psychiatry Must Be Abolished

  “Because psychiatrists frequently cause harm, permanent            disabilities,  death— death of the body-mind-spirit.”

By Don Weitz, Psychiatric Survivor & 24-year activist in the psychiatric liberation movement… 872 kata lagi

Mental Health

Support Groups - September 2016

September 1st; 6pm
For Caregivers
Good Shepherd Baptist Church
1127 N. 28th Street
Richmond, VA 23223
Please call 804-967-2580 for more information.

September 5th; 4:30pm… 586 kata lagi


10 Things to Remember if You Love a Person with Dementia

It’s sometimes hard to love a family member who has dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. People with dementia can be quarrelsome, uncooperative, negative, whiney, belligerent or combative. 592 kata lagi