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Mental Health Improves When Our Bodies Stay Moving

Recently, I’ve been thinking back on some of the main reasons why I was so motivated to start this blog in the first place…

I was going through a tough time where my emotions were taking a huge toll on my mental health-I was able to pull myself out of this when my mother practically dragged me to the gym with her two winters ago. 324 kata lagi

Lesson #4: How do You Say That in French?

It may be a global world out there, but here in Quebec, Canada, it continues to be an embarrassingly small one, where people argue over language  836 kata lagi


After Dinner

Sunday and Monday were slow days. Lyn was sleepy. The outings wear her out. I baked peanut butter cookies with a Hershey’s Kiss in the center and brought them over to her yesterday. 89 kata lagi


Stimulating memories

As part of my own on=going research into Alzheimer’s and Dementia I am reading through a colleague’s copy of an excellent toolkit to help understand and prevent..in theory some of the symptoms and challenges those who suffer are meeting daily. 124 kata lagi

Woman says uncle’s new female friend had her disinherited as lawyers warn of ‘predatory marriages’

As Albert Kanters’ closest living relative, Marietta Fewings felt a special bond with her uncle in Toronto, almost as if she were the child he and his late wife never had. 1.220 kata lagi