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A Journalist with Dementia Tries to Live a Full and Active Life

Former Sacramento Bee Assistant Managing Editor Kent Pollock describes how he’s lived with his cognitive dementia diagnosis and maintained an active lifestyle. Still, he must confront the sad reality of hi…

my brain ate my homework

“my brain ate my homework” – markers & ink on old homework

“old homework” – pencil on notebook paper

Should Presidents Get Tested for Dementia?

Should presidents get tested for dementia? What about other professions? We all know how demanding a job it is for the U.S. president. If a president is over 65, should it be a requirement that they are tested yearly for dementia?

How to make dementia care less frustrating

When I tell people that I provide dementia care, the most common response is an exclamation of sympathy and a comment about how patient I must be. 511 kata lagi


A Little Light Reading

Ever since Mom’s heart attack last spring, I’ve been reading more books on caregiving, dementia, and death and dying. The montage above shows what I’ve read on this topic over the past 10 months. 461 kata lagi

Comfort Care

“I’m in trouble,” yells out Dad in the night.

“You hit the ceiling,” he says as I climb back into the cot beside him in the Palliative Care Unit. 571 kata lagi