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Not long after the confirmation came that something WAS going on with mom, outside the normal aging changes, our family found ourselves facing another transition.  My husband had been asked to change ministries within our organization, which would require us to go from living up north in Michigan to living down south in Florida. 652 kata lagi

Alzheimers Disease

Senior Artists Accept Whimsical Turkey Challenge

There were only a few moans of apprehension when my class of assisted living artists saw my example of a whimsical turkey.  “You want us to paint that”?   518 kata lagi

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Study: First Brain Training Exercise Linked to Dementia Prevention Found

A related and thought provoking quote: “Our mind is all we’ve got. Not that it won’t lead us astray sometimes, but we still have to analyze things out within ourselves.” — Bobby Fischer… 112 kata lagi

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Being content when it doesn't make sense

Even in the midst of dementia, my dad found contentment through God’s Word.

One of the saddest moments in my life was realizing my dad was suffering from dementia. 332 kata lagi

Philippians 4:11

Reduce stress to slow aging and Alzheimer's - Dementia

Of the 100 year old who died and their brain were later on examined to have Alzheimer’s, 25% of them has but did not exhibit signs of Alzheimer’s. 370 kata lagi


After a summer outside

In early October it was time to take down the “In the periphery” exhibition. The weather had changed and aged the pieces in interesting ways. The wax had gotten sunburnt, some of the jars was filled with water, little algae and rust was climbing up my grandmother’s mazarines, only her hat acted as if nothing had happened while the moss grew around it. 10 kata lagi