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Travel is a non-trivial pursuit

So, here I am, in the flat. It’s about 6am (PST – assume all are PST now) and I’m awake. Not the “I should get up” kind of awake, but the “I am up, what next?” kind of awake. 1.743 kata lagi


Voices on Delta CEO Richard Anderson's retirement

Delta Air Lines CEO Richard Anderson’s announcement that he is retiring after nine years at the head of the Atlanta-based carrier generated talk in metro Atlanta and around the nation. 558 kata lagi


Delayed flights and long nights

I’m writing this as a very grumpy human, I’m sat on a plane at 8:30pm with no idea when I’ll be leaving Atlanta. (Side note: this is super whiney, first world problem post; if you’d like to avoid that skip to the last few paragraphs.) To set the scene, I need to take you back to 7:15am this morning. 985 kata lagi

Delta, MSP, and Me: A Bad Romance

It was a Tuesday at 10:30am when I left New York City. The ride to the airport was everything I hated about that damn town. Packed like sardines in the train cars, people sweeping you right along with them in their rush to get off the bus, no regard for me or my carry-on luggage. 1.488 kata lagi

Creative Non-fiction

Exploring Fort Worth, Texas

Recently I traveled to Fort Worth, Texas for two work assignments. For three days, I ventured about its different districts, exploring its culinary, historic, and cultural offerings. 707 kata lagi


Delta CEO stepping down

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Delta Air Lines CEO Richard Anderson will step down after more than eight years in charge. Anderson will be replaced by Delta president Ed Bastian from 2 May 2016, but will remain executive chairman of its board of directors, while Executive vice president Glen Hauenstein will replace Ed Bastian as president. 64 kata lagi


RUT 1150/1160C 800/790P expr. 03/18/2016

Symbol RUT
Implied Volatility 24.51%
Current Price $1014.79
Analysis Date 02/04/2016
Exp Date 03/18/2016
Days to Exp 44

Trade Info: Strike Price        % away from current     Delta Value              Standard Deviations away… 14 kata lagi