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Real Life Review – Craftsman 218331 Tablesaw – Part 1: Purchase and assembly

When you have gotten used to having a tool of a particular standard, not having an equivalent one has a way of gnawing away at you every time you find yourself at the point where you would have used the other tool. 1.586 kata lagi


A regret for the thought.

“Sometimes it’s hard to notice something around you can be so unnoticed that you assume it to be absent yet it proportionates itself for being there.”-AЯ©

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Delta selling gift cards made of airplane metal

Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines is selling an unusual limited-edition gift card aimed at aviation aficionados.

The gift cards are made from a retired DC-9 aircraft, and vary in color and condition depending on the part of the plane it came from. 138 kata lagi


Cross Gun: Chapter 82 - Picture Please

Chapter 82: Picture Please



Hearing an unexpected voice call out to him, Junichi craned his head as he saw Mayumi’s hand tugging at his shirt. 3.633 kata lagi

Cross Gun

Leaving Japan (via the Skyclub!)

I did a great many things during my five weeks in Japan.  There are a few last things that I wanted to do, but I couldn’t schedule everything. 631 kata lagi


No more gypsy moth spraying in Surrey and Delta for now: Ministry

It’s been seven months since the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations did its gypsy moth spray program in Surrey and Delta.

The spraying caused major controversy as residents complained about health problems and noise from the helicopters spraying the treatment. 161 kata lagi