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The Masked Man

I’ve come to accept that I am a magnet for strange strangers. As previously mentioned, if I am not in First Class, I am the very last to board the plane. 959 kata lagi


I am writing this quick post to share a realisation I came to this week.

After one year of worrying and studying for Cambridge Delta module 1, I finally feel it’s paying off. 131 kata lagi

Teacher Training & CDP

Delta Govt. approves N600m counterpart fund for SDGs

The Delta Government has approved the release of N600 million counterpart fund for the implementation of the 2017 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) cycle in the state. 544 kata lagi


Registration Is Open for Sandhill Crane Tours: New Requirement in Late Fall

The online registration period is now open for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (CDFW) popular Sandhill Crane Wetland Tours at the Woodbridge Ecological Reserve near Lodi in San Joaquin County. 386 kata lagi

Public Participation

A Long Additional Title to Test

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country

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Delta waves goodbye to its 747's

The final flights to Tokyo and back from Honolulu, then a stopover at LAX provided opportunities for many staff and passengers to say goodbye to Delta’s 744’s. 119 kata lagi

Overseas Flight Travel Tips

I’ve been a little MIA since starting my blog back again but that’s because I’m adventuring in South Korea for 7 weeks! Long story short, my husband is in the military and is stationed here for a year so we booked a ticket for me to come visit! 629 kata lagi