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Reason #86 Why I Love My Wife: She Won’t Leave Home without Her Defibrillator

A defibrillator is a device used to help jumpstart a heart that has gone into fibrillation. It’s a life-saving tool I have fortunately never needed to use on anyone. 164 more words


Medische hulpmiddelen en Richtlijn 85/374

Op 5 maart 2015 wees het Europese Hof van Justitie arrest in twee prejudiciële procedures over de uitleg van de Richtlijn Productaansprakelijkheid (Richtlijn 85/374/EG). Het gaat om… 1.405 more words


Bionic Woman

On Friday I will become the bionic woman. Well, a bionic woman. A bionic person. I’m getting an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD). Over 3000 implantation procedures are performed in Australia each year, mainly in men aged over 70, so being a female under 40 it is slightly unusual. 743 more words

Walmart Canada mulls adding defibrillators to stores

Watch above: A man suffered a heart attack over the weekend in the parking lot of a Saskatoon Walmart but bystanders had to go to another big box store for a defibrillator. 457 more words


Five life saving machines installed across Luton

Life saving machines have been installed at five public locations across Luton as part an initiative to assist people suffering from cardiac arrest.

Together with… 470 more words

Luton News

Aunt Francine The Coupon Queen

Aunt Francine the coupon queen
Oh what a lovely lady
Although obsessed with coupon cutting
On the verge of crazy

For her, desire mattered not… 326 more words


Do you know where the Defibrillator is?

The good news is that every Masonic Hall in the Burnley & Pendle District has a fully automated Defibrillator located in each building. But do you know where it is located?  158 more words