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Wearable defibrillator can save lives, Utah doctor says

Statistically, baby boomers have the highest rate of heart attack of any age group. For those diagnosed with potentially fatal heart problems, the time periods before and after treatment are often the most dangerous. 383 more words


This is Why There are So Many Defibrillators in Casinos

By: Jordan Gaines Lewis, 4th year PhD candidate in the Neuroscience Graduate Program

My brief experience in a casino was pretty typical, I’d say.

Flashing lights. 1.047 more words


Your Valentine's Day "To Don't" List

“Oh, no. Not the obligatory Valentine’s Day blog posting!” I hear you cry in dismay. “You never do those at TGA Fridays.”

It’s true, I never have done Valentine’s posting, but doing one now isn’t my decision. 603 more words

Awkward Situations

Is Cardiomyopathy in Your Future?

Heart disease is a multi-faceted diagnosis that can involve the arteries, valves, the heart’s electrical system, or the actual muscle of the heart. A Cardiomyopathy… 347 more words



The defibrillator vibrates

Against the cold heart

Which paralysis renders frozen

In silent darkness


 What does AED mean?

AED means Automated External Defibrillators.

Are Defibrillators and AEDs the same?

Automated External Defibrillators are a type of defibrillator. Other types of defibrillators are semi-manual defibrillators and manual defibrillators. 549 more words