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LWAH-015 Medical issues that complicate my life, part 4

On September 24th of 2014, I was working in a lab in one of my company’s locations in Southern California. Towards the end of the day, I got up out of a chair in the lab, turned to head for the door and bumped my lower right leg on a computer server protruding into the aisle from underneath a desk. 1.248 kata lagi

Care First really care first!

Our latest install has taken place at Care First in Silica Road, Amington. The students have worked hard to raise a large portion of the funds. 45 kata lagi

Survivors of cardiac arrest thank Cobourg-area emergency personnel for saving their lives

The third annual Survival Day ceremony took place at the Cobourg Lion’s Centre on Tuesday. Survivor Day pays tribute to first responders who were involved in a successful resuscitation of a patient suffering cardiac arrest over the last year in Northumberland County, and it gives an opportunity for those survivors to say thank you. 349 kata lagi


LWAH-013 Medical issues that complicate my life, part 2

After my heart attack at age 32, things were quiet for a few years on the medical front. I stayed fit running and playing basketball, continued working in my new career as a computer scientist (but moved from system test to software development and started traveling internationally), kept going to graduate school at night, continued to coach recreation basketball, and helped Sara raise our girls. 952 kata lagi

PRAIRIE SUNRISE - August 29, 2017

This morning I walked 4.65 miles out to the Ebey Prairie Reserve and back. Along the way I spotted another defibrillator. This one is located right at the front door of the Prairie Center, Red Apple grocery store. 178 kata lagi

Recycling in Bath

In Bath they’ve come up with some innovative yet still useful ways to reuse old telephone kiosks in the city centre.

Look out for another example on Friday :)


Adopt Our Iconic Red Phoneboxes? - Update

Last week i wrote to South Elmsall Town Council to propose that they adopt the iconic red telephone box, situated at the entrance to the market place on Barnsley Road. 379 kata lagi

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