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Life saving defibrillator - ready for use!

Cresswell has just become a safer place to be for anyone with a heart condition. In a marvellous example of partnership, the local community, local charities and major authorities have all come together to make sure a public defibrillator is now available to residents – and it could save a life. 755 kata lagi

Community Action


Someone save me
I just want to be able to breathe

The weight I have to drag with me, doesn’t get any lighter
but I’ve found some distractions to make me feel… 327 kata lagi


Sarah Palin and The Donald are a Defibrillator to Hillary's Campaign

The Donald may be many things.  Jeb Bush described him as

“a buffoon,” a “clown” and an “asshole.  Others have used words line… 747 kata lagi

Alarmed AED Defibrillator Wall Mounted Storage Cabinet Fit for

Automated defibrillators keep life safe and in this defibrillator has very important role as the defibrillator circuit provides the required energy to do so. Defibrillators shock the heart back into a normal heart rhythm after an interruption such as cardiac arrest. 331 kata lagi

The Accuform Signs TRS345CTP Inspection Record Tag Legend AED

INVESTIGATIVE REPORTEpidermal thickness at Different Body Sites: Relationship to Age, Gender, Pigmentation, Blood Content, Skin Type and Smoking HabitsJANE SANDBY-MØLLER1, THOMAS POULSEN2 and HANS CHRISTIAN WULF11Department of Dermatology, Bispebjerg Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen and 2Department of Pathology, Sønderborg Sygehus, Sønderborg, Denmark Epidermal thickness and its relationship to age, gender, skin type, pigmentation, blood content, smoking habits and body site is important in dermatologic research and was investigated in this study. 191 kata lagi

For AED Automated External Defibrillator Inside Decal Sticker

Dip the decal in water for about ten seconds. Hold it on a part of the sheet that doesn’t have the actual decal on it. … 379 kata lagi