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Beginning the next chapter

The alarm clock on my cell phone sounded.  As I reached to turn it off, I noticed it read 4:00 am.  For a moment, I couldn’t fathom why I had set the alarm so early.  606 kata lagi


Street Furniture

I’ve not taken many pictures recently, so, rather than do another post with no photographs I thought I’d do a quick post using photographs I already have. 254 kata lagi

Heckington, Hovis and Hearts

We were driving back from Springfields earlier in the week when, looking around for something to photograph, I spotted Heckington windmill. It’s an impressive sight, but as we drove towards it the sky turned murky and, as it was near closing time, we ecided to leave it for another day. 149 kata lagi

Portable Defibrillator - Rhythm Management Group

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Defibrillator Machine - Rhythm Management Group

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Defibrillator Device - Rhythm Management Group

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