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Budget Coyote Hunting AR-15


I was working as an engineering co-op between my junior and senior year of college making a fairly good week to week pay check when I decided that I needed an AR platform rifle to coyote hunt with. 746 kata lagi


Starting With a Bang

I once had a friend say, “I don’t know how you’re so adventurous, I’d be so scared.” I’ve heard variations of that sentiment throughout my life. 753 kata lagi


Duck or deer?

Now that’s an ambiguous title for you, but you’ll see the point after reading a bit further. Many thanks to everyone who has written to say they are missing my posts, and to ask how I am doing. 703 kata lagi

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962. Jamaica Street (11)

This wonderful group of radioactive deer is another ceramic delight from Chinagirl Tile that was left here on the eve of Upfest. I have said it many times before, but one of the biggest pleasures of Upfest for me is seeing an influx of new work from ‘out of town’ artists refreshing areas all over the city. 115 kata lagi



We came to see the eclipse
my friend and I with wine — look!

Oh! the dear deer
with her cute darling dears
we saw, but… 22 kata lagi

Douglas Gilbert

I must buy a new phone.

I need to buy a new phone and it really annoys me because it’s my own fault :-) Some weeks ago I had the phone in my lap while driving from the super market and forgot about it. 416 kata lagi

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