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A Runaway Rhea and Other News...

Read the news from Hillside Animal Sanctuary here.


Days 21 - 24 (3/21/15 - 3/24/15)

Day 21, 3/21/15

Start: Fontana Dam Shelter
Finish: Fontana Dam Shelter
Miles Hiked: 0
Miles To Go: 2023.3
Overall Miles Hiked: 165.9

The Fontana Dam Shelter is known among thruhikers as “The Fontana Hilton.” It has hot showers, electrical outlets and an amazing view. 1.310 more words

Appalachian Trail

Spring Break Extravaganza: Hunting for Sheds

Monday-Looking for Sheds

Because I already visited the available antique stores, my mom and I needed a different activity on Monday. Her BF lives out in the country and has access to several acres of wooded land so she proposed going out to tromp through the woods to look for sheds. 979 more words

Edging Ever Closer To Officially Batshit Crazy

My Stash Part One

One of my favorite pieces I’ve made. This necklace was shown at the Denver Art Museum in 2012. Made entirely out of nickel and copper sheet metal and shaped wire. 6 more words

My Stash

Photo 101 - Day Nineteen - Double

For the Eve to the last day to Photo 101, we were asked to show an image that has a double in it. I found this hard, not sure why I did… we were also asked to play with rotation, though I felt a square crop worked best for this composition, so I haven’t completely fulfilled the brief today… 9 more words

Blogging U

Flower Arrangements in the Garden

Tulips are safe in the “flower jail”, while daffodils keep guard on the outside.  In the lower right-hand corner is a  foxglove that is safe on the outside, also. 170 more words