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Assignment one- drafts and grasping for ideas

 So, the quote thing.

I remember a few months ago I was dead set on the tattoo idea, but that’s fallen by the wayside a bit. 433 kata lagi


Dear Wen XLIV

Dear Wen…

Yes, an eminently enjoyable weekend, it was good to rediscover an old friend. The sleepy energy of Beeley Warren Circle is a balm to the soul as the numerous Bees we encountered should attest. 371 kata lagi

Stuart France And Sue Vincent

Nature | Risk

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By Furstset

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Baby Creeper Fast Food Deer Running Funny Infant Body

While hunting, deer feders are a great way to attract deer to your stand or any area you wish. Keep in mind, however, that deer… 378 kata lagi


A different year

We can all talk about the weather, but the British do it best. The Eskimos have so many words for snow,  British are able to discuss life just by talking about the weather. 654 kata lagi

Now now boys!

Our young stags seem to be getting practice in a bit early! Some of them may have shed their velvet but they are a bit early for the rutting party and most probably too young! 88 kata lagi


Animals | Sunrise

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By dgwildlife

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