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Haiku-A-Day #1130

Deer in the headlights

Swerve across the midnight road

Carrousel of trees


Danish Pastry

Danish Pastry

  • Prep

    2 h

  • Cook

    8 m

  • Ready In

    3 h 8 m

Recipe By:Cindy

“Rich buttery flaky dough that turns pastries into a sinful delight. 408 kata lagi

Appetizers And Snack Recipes

February Highlights

February has again been a busy month with far too little wild time, brief visits to Pensthorpe to check out the ducks now in full breeding finery and the North Norfolk Coast at Holkham again populated by fine ducks and some pairing   409 kata lagi

All Talk, No Action

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks weather-wise and wildlife-wise.

  • A few nights ago, a great horned owl was hooting behind our garage. I told my wife that they eat skunks, which would mean fewer skunks in the area to spray our dog.
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Day 4 Plan

When I got around this morning I didn’t feel hungry. But being I am supposed to be doing my drink four times a week and three off I think I will adjust it to the first day of the week (Sunday-Wednesday) when I drink it and Thursday-Saturday when I don’t. 143 kata lagi

Thrive Journal

How a New York story about a big bunch of bull ended badly

If there’s one thing the NYPD is used to it is dealing with a whole bunch of bull. But this was different.

According to media accounts… 331 kata lagi

Law And Order

Watercolour Woodland

Painted onto lovely cotton pressed paper – it is such lovely paper to paint on. I hadn’t used watercolour paint in a while so just playing to get back into the swing of things.