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Mar Lodge, Scotland

We have gone away for the long weekend and rather than going to a city where we typically spend our time racing around to all the sights, we’ve done the opposite and come into the heart of the Cairngorms to peace, quiet, and spectacular scenery. 628 kata lagi



oak and birch
incarnate– a yearling
sniffs for acorns


Deer at Redcliff park

“River Valley park”, in Redcliff, is always a good place to see deers. Not always to photograph them, though. But today I got lucky! A mule deer buck came straight at me. 47 kata lagi


National Poetry Month Feature: Judith Stanton

Judith Stanton is a historical romance author, a former college professor and scholar. She’s obsessed with horses and generally, the natural world. I know Judith as a teacher through the wonderful creative writing program offered through my local community college in Pittsboro, NC. 341 kata lagi


The day I became a wildlife photographer **

The day was October 2nd 2011. I can remember it as if it was yesterday. Which is strange, as quite often I can’t remember what I was doing yesterday! 693 kata lagi


April Showers bring Snow

What’s with this weather?  Just when you think it’s time to plant tulips… or at least a garden; take off the long underwear and bring the shorts and t-shirts out of storage… NOT. 115 kata lagi