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4 // That one guy

There’s always that one guy who turns your world upside down. The one you think; I’ll never find anyone like you again. Little did I know the last real man would be that guy. 651 kata lagi

Dear Diary

3 // The tall man with a small dog

When you find yourself suddenly single, normal everyday routine tasks unexpectedly become a challenge. For me, grocery shopping was one of these. 

Food brings people together and cooking for those I love brings me great joy, so i’m sure you can understand why going to the supermarket suddenly became a massive chore. 416 kata lagi

Dear Diary


Dearest diary,

Today seemed a decent day.  Although as of late I find myself somewhere between emotionless and….. emotionless.  I began a new medication in August and initially I felt it was a wonder drug.  631 kata lagi


2 // Where do I even begin

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

They lied.

After going through what can only be described as the closest thing to a divorce, feeling strong I was not. 392 kata lagi

Dear Diary

Food For Thought: Let's Love A Little Harder

The weather is changing, my mood is roller-coastering and life is passing by one glorious moment at a time.

Lately I’ve being catching myself in a negative mindset more often than I’d like to admit. 270 kata lagi


My House

“I’m back.” I curse. “She’s

Back! She’s back! She’s back!” My house-

Mates shriek into the

Dingy grey-white. Except, they’re

Not really my mates at all… 17 kata lagi


1 // The old cliché

How did it come to this? Well, it was the old cliché. Boy meets girl, they fall in love and end up on the road to happy ever after. 358 kata lagi

Dear Diary