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A Wildly Speculative Article Regarding The Participants Of The Number One Contenders Ladder Match At ICW Fear and Loathing

ICW recently announced that their most recent shot at running The Hydro will involve a multi man ladder match for a shot at the ICW Undisputed Championship at The Square Go. 2.194 kata lagi

Decent or DCT and why it could be a real Unicorn

Recently published article in Forbes Magazine about Sofia TX is a game changer for blockchain and cryptocurrency.

From Forbes Magazine italicized below

A joint venture between Swiss-based blockchain content distribution platform  624 kata lagi


A Trip Down Memory Lane

Module 5 is about the cognitive theories of learning which includes the Information Processing Theories (IPTs), the Cognitive Load Theory (CLT), and the Dual Coding Theory (DCT). 1.199 kata lagi

Reflections, Insights, And Realizations

FPGA based OV7670 - Further image compression

In my last post, I was talking about image compression methods, mainly DCT transform based along with colour transform based. I’ve now combined these together and have managed to break the 6fps barrier for video over UART! 289 kata lagi

Blogging is clear way to interact with customers in a direct manner and a professional sense, also promoting new and innovating ideas and getting feed back on those idea helps people grow.

William. Makitae.

How Can Social Software Enhance A Business Or Organisations.

Social Software can enhance a business or organisation by , advertising, pictures and videos , these will give the target audience on all types of Social Media such as – Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Periscope these all can reach millions of people.

In-focus Region Detection Using Harmonic Variance of DCT Band-pass Filtering

Detecting in-focus regions in a low depth-of-field (DoF) image has important applications in scene understanding, object-based coding, image quality assessment and depth estimation because such regions may indicate semantically meaningful objects. 487 kata lagi