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Special issue - "A Review of HIV and Surgery in Africa"

Journal: The Open AIDS Journal

Authors: K. Bowa, B. Kawimbe, D. Mugala, D. Musowoya, A. Makupe, M. Njobvu, C. Simutowe


HIV has a significant impact on surgery in Africa. 228 kata lagi

Bentham Open

Setting the Right Ratio! 

Power transmission. The word that follows power generation. The power generated from the engine of the car needs to be sent to the wheels. After all, with great power comes higher gear ratios! 367 kata lagi


Merry Christmas

2016 Driskill Christmas Tree – Austin, Texas

It’s been several years since I shot and posted a picture of the Driskill Hotel Christmas Tree. And since my last posting in 2013, the Driskill went through a major lobby remodel. 279 kata lagi


Algorithm Alley | Dr Dobb's

The Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) is a crucial part of modern image and sound compression. Tim discusses several fast algorithms for computing the 8-point DCT and IDCT. 6 kata lagi



DCT = dream come true

Life is like this, he have to set ourselves. From Door to door, from roads to roads, he started selling balloons. 293 kata lagi


Should l trust companies offering signals?

DCT, BET trading group, Elijah’s Oyefeso’s KNS investment, Forex Help trading etc..Should l trust these company or how legitimate are they or just wondering how they work??? 592 kata lagi

Day Trading Introduction

#UpdatedCard: RI (@OFFICIAL_RITV) “The Reckless Rumble” *Match & More Added*

Reckless Intent Wrestling presents “The Reckless Rumble” at Murieston Scout Hall, Murieston, Livingston on November 5th.

Reckless have announced that Theo Doros will face Paul Tracey in singles action at “The Reckless Rumble” plus Doros, Tracey as well as RI UK Champion, DCT, Massimo & Amazon have been announced for The Reckless Rumble match. 56 kata lagi

Rampage Brown