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Aesthetics and Intrigue - The appeal of Dayak Art

Dayak Art has a unique character that is easily recognisable visually.

The swirls and curls that are used to create any picture are employed in the artworks of many Dayak subgroups. 272 kata lagi

Art Kaleidoscope

'Delirten' dayak

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Luha Mask -Dayak Tomun Masterpiece 

In the middle of the day after lunch when drowsiness tempts us to take a nap and most villagers submit to it but not in Delang. 274 kata lagi

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Weekly Photo Challenge : The Shield

This is a replica of Dayak traditional shield or Talawang, put on the gate of Maria Immaculata Church in Tarakan.

Its function is to protect the self from the enemy’s weapon and also to drive out and keep the bad spirits away. 29 kata lagi

Weekly Photo Challenge