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My first decision to get a tattoo had a superficial excuse. Like any impressionable young people, it held a certain appeal above the art of ink in the skin. 309 kata lagi


Kaharingan - Dayak Ngaju Belief

Hello again. Last week I shared about my tribe, Dayak Ngaju. Today I would like to share about the Ngajus belief system.

Before religions came into Borneo, for thousands of years the Dayak Ngajus practice a belief called Kaharingan. 535 kata lagi


Dayak and Its Culture - Part 1

I belong to a tribe called Dayak Ngaju in Central Kalimantan. I have been exposed to such rich culture since I was little. Listening to stories from my grandfather whenever we visited him at the village by Kahayan River was always fascinating to me. 448 kata lagi


3 aylık oğlunu hastanelik etti, serbest kaldı

“3 aylık oğlunu hastanelik etti, serbest kaldı” . Detaylar için ziyaret ediniz. http://guncelnets.com/yolo-dunyasi-icin-geri-sayim-basladi-2/

Malaysia’s Federal Court rules against Dayaks on Native Customary Rights

In a pivotal judgement, Malaysia’s Federal Court has ruled that the Native Customary Rights (NCR) of the indigenous Dayak people apply only to a limited area of farmland and not to the forest areas around their traditional longhouses. 864 kata lagi