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Gold Standard or Gold-Exchange Standard: What's the Difference?

In recent posts (here and here) I have mentioned both the gold standard and the gold-exchange standard, a dichotomy that suggests that the two are somehow distinct, and I noted that the Genoa Conference of 1922 produced a set of resolutions designed to ensure that the gold standard, whose restoration was the goal of the conference, would be a gold-exchange standard rather than the traditional pre-World War I gold standard. 2.440 kata lagi


Would You Be Willing to Pay 2 Cents More for a Ping Pong Paddle?


There is an interesting quote in today’s Star Tribune.  A resident of Ranier, Minnesota — a town of 150 people on the Canadian border… 1.646 kata lagi

Sexist Economics and Women Economiss (pun intended)

I ran across this very interesting article recently on feminism in economics; it put me onto a track that I usually don’t really think of. But it’s interesting, and on some thought, I could not really reject the hypothesis that economics is hmmm…. 930 kata lagi

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Exeunt the economist

Keith Hudson

Like philosophy, sociology and psychology, probably slowly dying as pre-university subjects (except as ‘fillers’), economics will probably also start declining before too long.  At university level, the PPE degree, still popular as a degree for potential politicians is probably dying also. 691 kata lagi

The Vengeful Racist Story of how Economics got labelled “The Dismal Science”

Today, I tell you a simple story. Its a story, many a times told and retold. A story of colonies and slavery, of a rapidly industrializing England, of corn and sugar, of the Irish and the Blacks, and importantly, of a crazy racist thinker Thomas Carlyle, who would give economics its “dismal” identity, which has lasted a whole 156 years after the term was coined in 1859. 1.386 kata lagi

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Economics, and Criticism of David Ricardo's Theories

This first appeared in a conversation on Facebook. My correspondent is a professor of economics who is also the author of a textbook on that subject. 627 kata lagi

What is a Free Trade Treaty?

With the upcoming April 13, 2015 vote on The Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty (TPP), it may be important to know what a Free Trade treaty is (which the TPP is). 1.805 kata lagi

Trans Pacific Partnership Pact