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En los siguientes días vamos a publicar una serie de documentales sobre historia del pensamiento económico producidos por el canal Odisea. También los podéis encontrar en el canal de Youtube  22 kata lagi

Economía Política

What Liberals Don't Want You to Know about Tax Cuts

The only thing Rich Liberal Losers (RLLs) hate more than a Nativity Scene at Christmas time is tax cuts for productive members of society. Why? Because tax cuts create mobility for the Working Class and the Job-Creating Rich who are actually dynamic, productive members of society. 2.472 kata lagi

Right Wing Lifestyle

Free Trade

Free Trade was inspired by the writings of Adam Smith; and Ricardo’s theory that the cost of the things we buy is the result of the amount of labour it takes to make them. 148 kata lagi


Carbon emissions - social benefits from enhanced growth

Key Points

  1. Cheap fossil fuels were undoubtedly a major element in China’s very high levels of economic growth.
  2. If Canada were to unilaterally cut its emissions, the impact on global emissions would be tiny.
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Climate Change Analysis

Microeconomics - Comparative & Absolute Advantage

This article follows on from the previous gains from trade article. People consume goods produced domestically and overseas. Interdependence and trade mean more goods and services are available in increased variety. 167 kata lagi