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Classical Economics and Methodology

The methodological question at issues during the classical period were very similar to those that were late to agitate neoclassical and modern economists. The controversies in classical methodology included:

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Free Trade, Libertarianism, David Ricardo, Protectionism. The Glorious Pill Stance

When discussing National Capitalism it is also important to elaborate on what stance should be adapted in terms of foreign trade. For the classic Liberal, who adheres to the teachings of Adam Smith and David Ricardo, Protectionism is a hindrance to prosperity. 502 kata lagi

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Last night I was at the Arts Theatre for the second performance in a limited run of Gatsby, courtesy of David Burns PR. 578 kata lagi

When 19th century economist David Ricardo thesis goes global: Shit hits the fan

When 19th century economist David Ricardo thesis is globalized: Shit hits the fan

What this David Ricardo wrote?

Any good or service will be produced where the cost is the lowest… 388 kata lagi


EC 12. Pointers No. 6

FAQ on Backhouse, Ch. 7 – Classical Political Economy

  1. Backhouse states that Adam Smith’s work was essentially “moral philosophy,” and not economics as the modern textbooks would have it.
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Economic Thought

The Nasty Society: Throwing Away Decades of Progress

One of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the gullible Western media and uninitiated public was the alleged benefits of opening markets under the guise of free trade. 961 kata lagi

貪腐的政治經濟文化學之一 從勞力等價到賊仔政府-----亞當史密斯,文化對比,國民黨

雖說不是第一個討論產品價格的原理,但《國富論》(The Wealth of Nations: An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations) 的作者亞當‧史密斯 (Adam Smith, 1723-1790)可說是第一個探討勞動力價值的人。亞當‧史密斯認為在一個原始社會裏,也就是說以物易物的社會裏,一個產品的價格取決於勞動力時間的多少。他以獵人為例,若獵殺一隻河狸 (beaver) 比獵殺一隻鹿要多一倍的時間,則一隻河狸的價格是一隻鹿的兩倍。用這個做推論,若做一雙鞋子要四小時,而做一頂帽子要2個小時,則一雙鞋子可換兩頂帽子。
亞當‧史密斯當然知道他所生活的18世紀不是個原始社會,許多其他的因素如原料,技術,生產工具等等他也都討論到了。但無可否認的是亞當‧史密斯首先提出了勞力與時間的價值。以後的古典經濟學家如David Ricardo (1772-1823) 與馬克斯 (1818-1883) 都受到他的影響。馬克斯的勞工被剝削及剩餘價值說都是基於那個觀念推論出來的。 38 kata lagi