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What is a Free Trade Treaty?

With the upcoming April 13, 2015 vote on The Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty (TPP), it may be important to know what a Free Trade treaty is (which the TPP is). 1.805 more words

Trans Pacific Partnership Pact

Henry C. Carey on Law and Civilization (Part 2)

In my previous post on the 19th century political economist Henry C. Carey I underscored some of his methodological suppositions (his Newtonianism, his Baconianism and his dependence upon William Whewell). 2.364 more words

History Of The Human Sciences

Resumen: "Principios de Economía Política y Tributación", David Ricardo (1817)

Resumen: “Principios de Economía Política y Tributación”, David Ricardo (1817) 

En el 2017 se cumplirán los 200 años de la publicación de la primera edición en inglés del libro. 6.280 more words


Knowing the Correct Nothing is the surest way of advancing in economics and politics

Probably it has been remarked elsewhere that ignorance is no barrier to advancement. This is certainly true of the economics. Despite the subject matter of economics being the stuff of existence, economists have little knowledge of the real economy. 716 more words


The principal problem of Political Economy

by David F. Ruccio.


The discussion of capital and labor shares puts the issue of class at the top of the agenda. No wonder, then, that mainstream economists are expending so much effort these days attempting to define away the problem. 557 more words


Comparative Advantage

Nineteenth-century economist David Ricardo discovered “comparative advantage.” The theory says that self-sufficiency is a myth. Nations and individuals should specialize in those activities they do best. 221 more words

If Smith and Ricardo were right, what patterns of economic specialization should we observe under free trade?

Many orthodox economists claim that the works of Adam Smiths and David Ricardo -the Wealth of Nations and On the Principles of the Political Economy- form a set of ideas that can be articulated perfectly in order to explain an alleged reality. 3.118 more words

Economic History