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Okay so this date is a joke because I don’t even know why I went on it. I was recently single and was giving every guy a shot and dating A LOT. 445 kata lagi

I don't want none of your timeeee... 👋🏼

Hope everyone had a lovely Monday 😁Another one blocked and managed to avoid date! Phew!!


The elusive third date

“Life is a long preparation for something that never happens.”  –― W.B. Yeats

Amazing what a difference a couple of days makes.  On Friday I was all excited about the third date with J. 681 kata lagi

Daily Life

A (Totally Not Sarcastic) List Of Reasons Why You Should Definitely Date Me

Upon being asked for the hundredth time why I am single and if I will ever find someone who will help me grace this world with my offspring, I have decided to compile a list of reasons why I am a total catch. 681 kata lagi


Agony Aunt: "HELP! I'm in love with my right foot. How do I marry it?"

Narcissism is very real, but what happens if you fall in love with one of your body parts? Can you, for example, marry your shins? Today we debate the living daylights out of this unique topic with a lovelorn human male. 490 kata lagi



I am very pleased to be apart of a team who will be releasing a brand new dating app solely for black people! We are definitely overlooked in the dating world, and everyone knows when you are swiping through Tinder and such, it is predominately white (which I’m not taking offense to), but it’s nice to know that there will be a space exclusively for us to do our thang. 127 kata lagi


My ten minutes tinder date

Here it goes :

I matched with this guy and I found him so handsome ( He is American, fit and he looked quite tall, which I was afraid of coz I am not that tall . 394 kata lagi