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4D3N Malacca Trip

On the 28th December G and I decided to embark on our journey to Malacca before school starts and here is our itinerary

Day 1 (Monday): Take bus to Golden Mile Complex to take coach to Malacca + Check-in at Venus Boutique Hotel + Shopping at Mahkota Parade + Portuguese Settlement for dinner… 6.279 kata lagi


KL here and there

im backkkkkkkk. i traveled from jb to kl yesterday and here i am in kl. not the first time la but still feeling excited? lol :D i stay at my sister place lo poor student maa no money to stay in 5-star hotel hahaha but im contented laaa at least i have place to stay. 564 kata lagi



Yang menanti
Rasa diatas puncak
Yang memang kunanti

Seandainya pun aku tiba diatas sana
Pada dataran yang kurasa aman untuk dipijak
Pada dataran yang kurasa tak berbahaya… 120 kata lagi

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