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Knowing about Batak’s Food

Hello hello..

Me, drinking Badak. It’s a well-known beverages that only can be found around here. It’s a sarsaparilla taste.

As some of you who previously read my… 989 more words


Lake Toba

Having had quite an active past week or so, i was looking forward to doing some chilling out in Lake Toba. It’s a massive volcanic lake, the largest in the world in fact, and it’s 900m above sea level. 2.020 more words

Goodbye my island paradise

So we finally left Tuk Tuk and Lake Toba, reluctantly it has to be said. Our 5pm bus journey is delayed by one hour and then there’s people in our seats. 223 more words

The island within an island

Sumatra is the largest of the Indonesia islands that is completely Indonesian, I think Kalimantan may actually be the biggest but that is half Malaysian. It is also the sixth biggest island in the world and home to the largest lake in South East Asia, Danau Toba. 300 more words

[Maw Mblusuk?] .:. Untung Terkapar di Hotel Atsari

Setelah kurang-lebih 4 jam terkurung di dalam mobil yang meluncur lancar dari kota Medan, akhirnya kami sampai juga di Parapat di hari Kamis siang (25/9/2014). Cuaca pada waktu itu hujan ditemani kabut. 47 more words

Exploring Northern Sumatra ~ Day 1 : Kuala Namu - Parapat

Visiting the Northern Sumatra is something that I have dreamed of since a long time. Being quite far from Jakarta, of course I need to consider the cost to go there. 682 more words


Mencari Batak Bagian III

Pagi itu hari kelima saya berkelana di Tanah Batak, sesuai rencana maka saya yang sudah checkout berangkat menemui The Ladies yang menginap di Carolina.

Sambil menunggu The Ladies yang masih belum siap, maka saya foto-foto dulu di Carolina. 761 more words