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33. The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown (100 book challenge)


So I have to admit I enjoyed reading this book. I enjoyed reading it 10 years ago on holiday to Thailand and I enjoyed reading it now. 313 kata lagi

100 Book Challenge

5 Years of Blogging: Top 5 Books and Authors

For the second part of my 5 year anniversary of this blog, I thought i’d give an overview of my top 5 books and authors. I don’t review novels that often on this blog, so I felt this was long overdue. 1.143 kata lagi

Game Of Thrones

Deception Point

While I was in a summer break, I was reading a book that I really liked. It is called Deception Point. The book was published in Greece in 2005 and its author is Dan Brown, one of the best litterature writers in the world. 139 kata lagi


My favourite books

Who doesn’t like to spend a day reading? Who doesn’t like the smell of a new or old book? Who like me enjoys the feeling of the paper when while reading?  138 kata lagi


Writing a Suspenseful Story

If you’ve ever read a story without suspense, then you know what it’s like to take a truly good nap. It’s great, it’s restful, but you wish you could’ve been reading or doing something productive instead. 2.733 kata lagi

Writing Advice

Quote Unquote: ORIGIN by Dan Brown

This week’s attempt at escapism was even lazier than usual, since it required no actual reading on my part but rather dipping in and out of the… 1.839 kata lagi


Did Jesus Have a Wife?

This is a response to Dan Brown’s The da Vinci Code and SPOILERS FOR THE BOOK AND THE MOVIE.

A few weeks ago, I was watching “The da Vinci Code” which is based on a book written by Dan Brown and for those of you that don’t know, MINOR SPOILER ALERT, it revolves around the mystery of if Jesus ever had a wife. 2.480 kata lagi