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Shekhar Mehta

There were times where a rally always meant adventure. But between the sixties and early seventies those races went into the transformation process that led to the rally scene we know today – divided in legs, each of them composed by a certain number of clocked special stages. 4.421 kata lagi


Photo de la Semaine: Week 6

Asalaa Maalekum, everyone! Did you know? Senegal is famous for it’s abundance of African wax print fabric. It’s called ‘wax’ because of the waxy texture, which is more or less shiny/stiff depending on the quality. 646 kata lagi


Day Trip - Lac Rose

One of the most exciting things that can happen when living abroad is having visitors. I was more that thrilled when my good friend from DC announced that she had just bought a ticket and was coming over. 230 kata lagi


Question, argue, negotiate, discuss, fuss, fuss, fuss, something pops...and you get your answer

“Jàmm rekk.”

Only peace.

After my fourth class of Wolof I can barely count to 4, although I can say hello, how are you (in 5 different ways) and ask about the health and wellbeing of every single member of your family. 602 kata lagi


Quoi de neuf au Technopôle?

Mon dernier post sur le Technopôle remontant déjà à plusieurs semaines, voici en quelques lignes – et images – les dernières nouvelles du site.

Rien d’exceptionnel à signaler, mais le Technopôle étant ce qu’il est on ne s’y ennuie jamais.  1.150 kata lagi

Recent Sightings


Much like shampoo & conditioner, some things are better when they’re two-in-one. And just like your Mom, Angka Utama’s tidy Dakar rally truck always has something inside it. 56 kata lagi


It's not really about the tea

After so many inspections of rice in warehouses comes the invitation to eat and drink. Everyone hovers around a big, metal bowl filled with spicy rice and fish elaborated with colours of boiled carrot and cassava and pokes a spoon in eagerly. 299 kata lagi