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La Garden Liste

Tout birder qui se respecte tient une petite liste des oiseaux qu’il ou elle a vu ou entendu dans son jardin: la garden list. 2.484 kata lagi

Recent Sightings

The way we travel

It’s time to lighten up and leave the ghosts of the past behind. We’re very fortunate to be able to experience Sénégal travelling in the protective bubble of our guide Yass and his crew. 436 kata lagi


Selfies at the Gate of No Return

One of our first excursions took us to the island of Gorée, a hop and a skip off the coast of Dakar. Boasting palm trees, a sandy beach, a historic fort and picturesque colonial architecture, this tiny outcrop of West Africa could double up as the perfect setting for a Pirates of the Caribbean sequel, and yet, it was the site of some of the most prolonged and detestable crimes against humanity. 326 kata lagi


Pre-flight check

Bonjour bitchez! As you can see, barely 48 hours in Francophone Sénégal have already made me fluent in the language of Molière, even though – sorry, Académie Française – English has gained a lot of ground. 514 kata lagi