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Female Rally Driver Weiss 1st lady during Dakar

German female rally driver Weiss breaking barriers

German female driver Edith Weiss along with her co-driver and officials after the conclusion of Qatar Internal Rally 2014, in this file photo. 787 more words


Bizarre Celebrations with My Fatick Family

Nearly five years ago, I created this dance video while I was living in Senegal.  Today, I am traveling to Tennessee to visit a whole bunch of people who lent their groove thangs to the making of this work of art. 209 more words


Senegalese Cash Dispenser / Cajero automático senegalés

Could you count it again, please? / ¿Podría contarlo de nuevo, por favor?

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Dakar Outdoor Pouch DK231192D

Dakar Outdoor Pouch DK231192D

Thick Nylon Pouch
Height 13,5cm, Width 9,5cm
2 Zippers Main Compartment
1 Front Compartment
With Belt Loop
Made in China

Rp 100.000


Morgan Freeman and the United Nations

I was lucky enough to see Koffi Annan speak in quite an intimate setting at the African Higher Education a summit in Dakar last month. After being introduced as “someone who needs no introduction” he told the following story. 147 more words

#BilsportPerformance Show på Elmia i påsk

Jag kommer vara i Svensk Bilsports monter tillsammans med Krutcupen och prata om enkel, billig och rolig racing. Finns här i påskhelgen. Kom och hälsa på.


Hellas Rally 2014: Videos

More drifting to support Driftt @DrifttHQ

Drifting, having fun, pendulum turn at the end of the race:

Day 5 pendulum turn

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