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A very New York sort of day

This morning at the subway turnstile I realized that my Metrocard had expired, and since I have so little time left in New York I renewed it with a weekly unlimited pass instead of my usual monthly one. 317 kata lagi


Maangi fi rekk! (I'm doing well!)

Hi from Senegal! (how are you? how is your family? where are you from? buy my sim cards?) One of the first things that strikes me about Senegal is how friendly everyone is (even the guys who tried to scam my group down town today!) Maybe it has something to do with the very elaborate system of greetings here (everyone says hi to everyone and shakes everyone’s hand) or the calmer pace of life here which gives everyone time to genially greet the people around them? 166 kata lagi


Peugeot display at the London Classic Car Show reflects on its many considerable successes

– Peugeot has an automotive history second to none and show opens to a celebration moment
– Key Peugeot anniversaries remembered with pictures, films and evolutionary developments… 1.313 kata lagi

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Things We Left Behind

Not too far outside of the city of Dakar, there’s a village/town that we went to shoot scenes for a film I’m working on. Modou, who I spent most of my time driving with, would be disappointed I didn’t remember the name of the village. 377 kata lagi


Sene-What? Where? Why?

New year, new continent?

WHAT? By this time tomorrow, I’ll be on my way to Dakar, Senegal to participate in a study abroad program! #superexcited Now, of course, everyone’s been a little curious about where I’m headed and why so, I thought I’d take this moment to clear up a few things ( 248 kata lagi


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REUNION DE PLANIFICATION POUR LES TROIS PROCHAINES ANNEES:WaterAid tient une journée d’engagement avec les parties prenantes du secteur eau, assainissement, hygiène

Jacques Ngor SARR (Dakar) WaterAid Afrique de l’Ouest réunit depuis hier à Dakar ses leaders Pays, l’équipe régionale senior et des collaborateurs issus de ses différents départements à Londres pour une réunion de planification pour les trois prochaines années à partir de 2016.  170 kata lagi