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Lessons Learned from a Crash in the Dunes

This post is Episode 1/3 of the Great Camel Odyssey of 2018, whereby I traversed 3 countries over the course of 3 months in search of one perfect camel ride. 2.374 kata lagi


Un nouveau fou aux Iles de la Madeleine...

Les fous des Iles de la Madeleine, j’en avais déjà parlé ici, en décembre 2016, pour faire le point sur le statut du Fou brun dans la région. 1.338 kata lagi


On the Monument that Inspired 1001 Sermons

Here is the one thousand and first, likely not the last.

As hard as I tried to dial down my disgust time and time again I found myself offering unsolicited art critiques in taxi cabs. 1.086 kata lagi

The so-called Universal Currency

“What time shall we have the meeting” I interrupt M., as he politely blinks up at me from his computer screen. “Whenever you like, whenever you like.” is his automatic reply. 1.751 kata lagi


Swearing is not a sin

My grandma goes to confession, like many catholics do. I asked her what kinds of sins she confesses. She’s a quiet, older lady so I was curious what she could have done in the last weeks or months which would merit going to confession. 593 kata lagi


Dad comes to Dakar (but mostly Simal)

My dad came to visit me in Dakar a couple of weeks ago. He (and my mum, who didn’t come this time, which is a problem I will come back to) had already been to visit in 2014, when we made it up to Saint Louis in the North AND down to the Casamance in the south as well as checking off most of Dakar’s (extremely small) list of tourist sights. 883 kata lagi