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Dajjal, Si Pembawa Bencana

Membicarakan masalah Dajjal, sudah banyak sekali tulisan-tulisan dan kutbah-kutbah yang disampaikan oleh para ulama dan cerdik pandai muslim. Namun demikian selalu saja menarik jika membicarakan makhluk yang satu ini, sebab kemunculannya diyakini umat islam sebagai awal kehancuran peradaban manusia. 1.026 kata lagi


The Devils in the world:Connecting the Dots

As it is right, in this post we’ll actually see how the devils in various regions and religions actually look and what are the influence of their powers. 527 kata lagi


The one eyed

I am coming, I am coming
but I can hear you cry!
This is just a trailer of a movie coming soon.
Now save your bloody tears… 26 kata lagi


How your ideology is correct and others are wrong

There is only one straight path to heaven (Jannah). But we see many divisions amongst us with each claiming to be correct. When we the Huzbut Tawheed movement begin to call upon all to embrace the truth which Allah gave us knowledge, we are obviously questioned, how our claim is right, and on which basis we are saying that, what Hezbut tawheed is saying is ultimate truth. 320 kata lagi

The Necessary Evil

On ne saurait faire d’omelette sans casser des œufs

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The coming of Dajjal

Dawud ibn Dawud said, “‘Abdullah ibn Sallam said to me, ‘If you hear that the Dajjal has come out while you are planting young palm trees, it is not too soon to put it in order, for people will still have livelihood after that.”




Answering Jihad: A Better Way Forward Question #18 - What Does Jesus Have to Do With Jihad?

This is the eighteenth in a 19-week series from Answering Jihad: A Better Way Forward by Nabeel Qureshi, author of Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. Weeks one through eighteen will cover eighteen questions people most commonly ask Qureshi about jihad and Islam. 1.545 kata lagi