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Why I Tell Stories

Man, I’m so late in posting my daily posts. I haven’t gotten any better since the first daily post so I had to take lots of rest on my bed. 406 kata lagi


Cry Baby

Yesterday night I watched the world cup finals between France and Croatia. It was definitely one of the most memorable finals in football history for sure. 332 kata lagi

Daily Stories


Why does seeing your picture enough to make my heart beat faster than it should?

It’s a question that I’m not able to answer until now. 226 kata lagi


Suffocating Night

I woke up with a heavy feeling on my chest. Last night I could barely sleep. The suffocating feeling just wouldn’t let me sleep. I was wondering what really happened to me last night. 342 kata lagi

Daily Stories

Saya suka kupi Stardes

Saya tinggal di desa, di kawasan Bandung coret. Udara yang saya hirup bukan udara Bandung. Tidak percaya? Kalau Anda menuju rumah saya dari arah jalan Gegerkalong, anda akan melewati jalan menurun setelah Polban. 403 kata lagi

Daily Stories

Snake and ladder

I thought you were my ladder, someone who I can lean on, my rock. But it turns out you are a snake instead, bringing me to my downfall.