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The secrets to making the perfect Homemade Dahi!

As much as I like the readiness of store-bought Yogurt cups, it just never comes close to Homemade Dahi or ‘Curd’ (how most Indians refer to it!). 1.517 kata lagi


South Indian's obsession with curd rice

One of the perks of being a business journalist is that you get to eat in fancy hotels, where more often than not wonderful array of mouthwatering delicacies from pasta salads to exotic desserts are spread before you. 623 kata lagi


Today's Lunch

In the morning I get up & I have the problem of subji .as there is weekend & my fridge is empty. Now there is a question to me what can i do for husband’s tiffin? 311 kata lagi

Indian Vegetarian Food

Masala Rice With Lemon Juice

time for it

prep cook total

5        5       10 min

author ;  chhaya kulkarni

cuisine  :   Indian

food type :  rice

serve for 2

Dahi Rice Ingredients..: 96 kata lagi

Indian Vegetarian Food

Chura weds Dahi

💐💐 आमंत्रण 💐💐

🌺🌺 !! श्री गणेशाय नमः !! 🌺🌺

मंगलम् भगवान् विष्णुः ॐ मंगलम् गरुड़ध्वज
ॐ ॐ ॐ
मंगलम् पुण्डरीकाक्षः ॐ मंगलाय तानोsहरिः

🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷 15 kata lagi


Instant Breakfast Dahi Poha

Instant Dahi Poha

 May 27, 2017 pranita Deshpande DAHIINSTANTPOHA

How to make Dahi Poha easily.    

We know that we have a traditional method to make a Poha for any function.Generally, when there is engagement program we are making it. 198 kata lagi


Kolhapuri Misal With Dahi Masala

Since so many days I am planning to make this recipe but somehow it is missing, yesterday also I made its nice video along with nice images but I didn’t know naughty grandson has deleted it from my mobile. 205 kata lagi