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Okra Yogurt Curry

Okra popularly called ‘bhindi’ in our language, is one of our favourite vegetables. My mother would make it in a lot of ways and I used to devour all of them with equal swiftness. 296 kata lagi


Dahi Vada

Whether you know them as “Dahi Vadas”, “Dahi Bhalle” or “Thayir Vadai”; these plump lentil dumplings buried under smooth creamy curd and garnished with cumin and red chilli powder, sweet-spicy chutneys and fresh coriander melts in the mouth even before your spoon leaves it! 328 kata lagi


Dahi Bhallay

Dahi Bhallay is a delicious snack prepared in yogurt. The bhallay are prepared with different methods. Here I have used urid daal and moong daal to make the soft bhallay. 176 kata lagi

Ramadan Recipes

Curd Rice (Dahi Bhath)

3 cups cooked rice, cooled (leftover rice
from the night before works well)
400 gms yoghurt
1/2 cup milk, heated and cooled
Coriander for garnishing… 118 kata lagi


Dahi Bhindi / Okra–Easy And Simple Dahi Bhindi Recipe

Ingredients –

  1. Okra (bhindi) –10 –15 pieces (wash and dry)
  2. Asafetida (hing) -1 pinch
  3. Whole cumin seeds -1 tsp.
  4. Garam masala powder – 1 tsp. …
  5. 160 kata lagi
Indian Recipe

Do you Dahi?

Well do you?

Dahi (the Hindi word for yogurt) is a thick, creamy, yogurt traditionally made in India. However, we also produce it here! Yogurt days are considered “fun days” back in the plant. 260 kata lagi

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