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Instant Breakfast Dahi Poha

Instant Dahi Poha

 May 27, 2017 pranita Deshpande DAHIINSTANTPOHA

How to make Dahi Poha easily.    

We know that we have a traditional method to make a Poha for any function.Generally, when there is engagement program we are making it. 198 kata lagi


Dahi Misal Of Sprouts

Since so many days I am planning to make this recipe but somehow it is missing, yesterday also I made its nice video along with nice images but I didn’t know naughty grandson has deleted it from my mobile. 205 kata lagi

BİLSEM sınavı

Geçen gün tanıştık, nedir kendileri anlatayım bizim gibi delileri daha ilkokul aşamasında tespit etmek için MEB’in yaptığı hemde öyle böyle değil sınavı tabletle yaptığı, acaba tabletler IPAD mi ? 993 kata lagi


Sweet and sour

Quick, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say the word: Jalebi

If you’ve grown up in India, sometime in the 90’s, then let me describe this for you. 523 kata lagi


Energy boosting foods to keep you upbeat during and after Diwali

During Diwali, we need oodles of energy to do all the things the festival entails.  Post which, we need the strength to recuperate. To keep us charged through all of this, we have listed some energy boosters that will keep you vibrant and enthusiastic till the New Year. 633 kata lagi

Healthy You