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A like for Dahi Please !

Before I discovered the fun loving, alcohol dipped dudes and food frenzy of Delhi, I was introduced to the cruel summer heat and hopelessly rude city during my first real encounter with the capital. 362 more words


Mishti Doi

Well – they asked me to.

Ok, well, what actually happened was this. One of my friends, who writes poetry here and is also an artist, facts that I do not hold against her, posted an article on the benefits of bhindi, aka okra. 658 more words

Last Word

VADA Science

Andhra’s staple food that is a science in itself. Simple to prepare yet very tough to get it right, energy warehouse for all ages, delicious in many varieties and is a true signature of whoever makes it. 59 more words


Palak kadi

A minor variation to the usual Dahi Kadi that I make as written about here. I decided to try Palak Kadi today, as I’d read about it some day on some site. 62 more words