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DAHI BAINGAN ~ Eggplant cooked in spiced Yoghurt

Dahi Baingan is a dish belonging to the North Indian Cuisine.It is basically an Eggplant/Brinjal dish in which the Eggplant is cooked in a spiced Yoghurt base.Frankly speaking,I have a strong dislike for Brinjals(Though I love its Purpley Violet colour),I just cant seem to like the taste of this vegetable.But when I had lots of Brinjals sitting in my refrigerator,I thought I had to make something different than the usual Brinjal Sambar or stir fry.Thats when my neighbour gave me this recipe.I tried it out and it turned out really good.To my surprise my kids loved it too . 238 more words

Dahi butti

Summer calls for easy digestible meals with rice accompaniment of dahi butti many times. I have memories of very hot summer afternoons in India when all we preferred was dahi butti and kutachya mirchya fried. 272 more words

Ruchira Videshini

Dahi Machhi (From Kitchens Of Maharaja Digvijaya Singh)

It is a little too late in the day to write a blog post but what to say, this is the only time in that I get to pay attention to my baby! 406 more words


S.P.D.P. - A Mouth-Watering Indian Street Food

Sev puri dahi batata (spdp) is a famous chaat in Pune, India. The Puris are topped with sev, boiled potatoes (batata) and then topped with beaten curd and a range of sweet and spicy chutney and Sev. 217 more words


apakah anda mempunyai dahi yang rata ?? Operasi Dahi di GRAND

<Operasi Dahi>

Garis Wajah di samping seperti ‘BAribie’!

Dahi bulat yang imut-imut meningkatkan kecantikkan anda!

Membuat garis wajah indah dan kesan yang lebih cerah dengan efek berdimensi dan awet muda. 160 more words

Daily Grand

Raj kachori

Women talk so much!! Chaat is the only thing that keeps them mum!!! ;) Thats what my husband believes! I think all of us can agree to that! 253 more words


A like for Dahi Please !

Before I discovered the fun loving, alcohol dipped dudes and food frenzy of Delhi, I was introduced to the cruel summer heat and hopelessly rude city during my first real encounter with the capital. 362 more words