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Selamat Menempuh Hidup Baru Yang Mulia

Suatu hari aku melancong ke Yogyakarta untuk menghadiri acara pernikahan temanku sewaktu kuliah Denny Satria Pristyanto. Aku sudah berjanji padanya kalau akan datang ke acara nikahnya suatu saat nanti. 139 kata lagi


Timepass 2 Review

Watched Timepass 2 today First Day First Show with Rakhee Kaustubh Ghotikar…after seeing all the teasers it was bit difficult to come to terms with the fact that timepass 2 will feature the grownup versions of dagadu and his friends….the boys who not only acted well but more importantly made a lasting impression of each of the characters played by them…but full marks to the casting crew who took lot of pains while choosing each of the actors…excellent job there….Priya Bapat looked a perfect choice for Paraju and she looked beautiful in the movie…though I must admit Konkan looked even more beautiful and I was lost in the scenic beauty…the sea…the sky….the beach and the sunset…’Kharach Apala kokan bara asa…’ 234 kata lagi