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Hi Food lovers,

hari ini spesial campur dadar, hahaha……. kali ini ada resep dadar ebi yang menemani makan anda. silakan lihat resepnya :

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जब अंग लगा उस कोहनी से,
तो हलक-हल्का दर्द हुआ
उस दर्द का शॉट तो मैं पी गया,
वरना काहे का मर्द हुआ |

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Dadar Market

Dadar (west) market is a very popular shopping destination for residents of central Mumbai, the suburbs, and distant towns; I photographed the energetic market during the onset of Diwali. 67 kata lagi

Dadar Phool Galli, Mumbai's Oldest Flower Market

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I was lucky that I was able to travel to another city in the same month as my Kolkata trip. With only 3 days & 2 nights at hand, mostly dedicated to work, I managed to slip out early morning with my best friend who stays in Mumbai & have a photowalk at… 339 kata lagi


Cafe Trofima, Dadar

Cafe Trofima may be a difficult name to remember, but my dining experience here was unforgettable. This is by far one of the best restaurant or cafe that I have ever visited. 317 kata lagi


Cafe Trofima 

​after a hard days work if you are looking for a place to just sit relax and sip some good coffee and you happen to be in shivaji park area of mumbai then cafe Trofima is a place to go. 321 kata lagi