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Mama Kane, Dadar

Over a hundred years old, this place is a must visit if you love Maharashtrian food. I visited this place a few days ago on a friend’s recommendation. 109 kata lagi


Mama Kane

Mama Kane is old. It has been here since 1910, older than well anything I can think of. Mama Kane is a pure veg Marathi food restaurant with an upidi touch and the place looks like an old parsi or Irani restaurant. 259 kata lagi

Quick Bites

Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Fitness Trainer

In today’s fast paced world, physical and mental demands leave you feeling totally worried at the end of the day. With a little effort, we can keep our health optimum by following a healthy routine. 531 kata lagi


Potato Pancake

Hari ini kita cobain buat dadar kentang alias potato pancake alias pancake kentang yuks… Cocok banget buat sarapan simpel, bekal anak sekolah, atau sebagai lauk pendamping (side dish). 208 kata lagi

Moody Foody

Treat by Grandma

Who doesn’t love food ? Everyone does, but what if there is a twist in the flavors, what if our own Grandma adds her twist to it. 885 kata lagi

Heart of Mumbai

I was in Bangalore for the past couple of months, and I did realize that Mumbai is Mumbai – there is no place even close to it! 255 kata lagi