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The New Rodent

At last, I have a picture of the new rodent living in our back yard. I’m not sure what kind of rodent it is. I thought either a groundhog or a gopher. 37 kata lagi


Unable to Shoot--a Photographer's Dilema

I am a photographer.  I have an attachment to my favorite camera, which is a Nikon D750 that I received at Christmas.  My husband and I both upgraded to them at the same time.  290 kata lagi


New York Skyline at Sunset

The top of the Empire State Building is probably one of the top tourist destinations in Manhattan, but if you get a chance to go, the best time is definitely at sunset. 77 kata lagi


Photography Comparison D90 D7000 X30 Part 1 - ISO

For a long while I have wanted to compare my D7000 with a D90, and as I am in the process of producing a simple photography elearning package to explain Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO, it seemed like the ideal opportunity to compare them side by side for quality and noise handling at extreme iso. 457 kata lagi