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Interface This!

Just a few days ago I ordered a handful of assorted (but carefully chosen) components on eBay. This consisted of a large selection box of resistors, a huge box of presorted resistors from a UK vendor delivered was still less than 1/3rd  of Maplins prices, and the ones in my local branch looked tarnished and quite old Рsome of their mixed component selection bags had solder flagging on the legs suggesting these were used components in some cases. 743 kata lagi

Raspberry Pi

Flashing LED's and Infra Red

In my previous post I used a simple piece of code to flicker an LED. This made me think, the D90 could be triggered by IR remote, I have a small remote for this purpose. 343 kata lagi


Where to start?

So, in the About page I ramble on about what I want to achieve, what equipment I have to do it with and when I must be able to do it by. 639 kata lagi

Raspberry Pi

Kite Runner Series

These were my first personal project I did last year. First time I went out for days and took pictures of people in public place. From all these pictures (I took more than 500 hundreds in total for four days) I learnt a lot. 82 kata lagi



Another non-iOS pic. High school chorus concert, pre-show.