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As you may know, DART is close to finding a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) that we will submit to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) in the fall.  322 kata lagi


Why Migrate to Documentum D2

I’ve just seen this post by OpenText and I couldn’t resist to add some comments:

One of the striking advantages of a D2 application versus a Webtop application is that upgrades become much easier, and keeping up to date with product development and patches becomes so much easier, because D2 applications are constructed in the configuration framework, and upgrade of the D2 platform does not require ANY work on the configuration.

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Test Plan

My test plan for the system, everything went according to plan, with only a couple minor hiccups, that were solved as quickly as possible, with simple fixes. 13 kata lagi

Unit 3.4

User feedback

From my survey, i got a fairly similar result from all users. The results all said the same thing, meaning the upgrades people would like to see would be very similar. 239 kata lagi

Unit 3.4

R2-D2, lightsaber: Force is strong in this Star Wars auction

BOSTON (AP) — Die-hard Star Wars fans will need to rely on more than the force if they want to bid on an R2-D2 droid that appeared in several of the franchise’s movies. 380 kata lagi


Can you tell fact from fiction? D2 + Cotton Belt

This week, we’re testing your knowledge on two of DART’s newest Capital Investment Projects, the D2 Subway and the Cotton Belt! Although both of these projects fall into the category of Capital Investment Projects, they each have unique purposes, are funded in different ways, and both offer specific benefits to bettering the DART system as a whole.  401 kata lagi

Capital Projects

Meet #OurDART Team for the D2 Subway!

Transit projects like the D2 Subway are a big deal for everyone involved, including North Texas residents, businesses, and the neighborhoods through which the subway will run. 648 kata lagi