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How To #Replant A Garden Area

Some of the plants on the terraces had become lanky. The Tecomara arches and low Lantana hedges required much hedge trimming. Time for a change. Dig up and rehome the old plants. 100 kata lagi

Home And Garden

Oxi or Nai, it's still a Greek tragedy

Oxi or Nai. No or Yes. The Greek public has just begun voting in a referendum that presents the biggest challenge to the running of the euro since its adoption. 566 kata lagi

Bail Out

Every country for everyone

Americans have told me they are twenty five per cent manganese twenty five per cent cadmium ten per cent Icelandish ten per cent Ohioian ten per cent New Zeland and twenty per cent alien. 44 kata lagi


Bumping along to Jack Johnson

Don’t tell the rental car company, but the Matchbox and I went off-road today. I’m almost certain my insurance was void as soon as I left the tarmac, but I took the Australian “she’ll be right mate” approach. 794 kata lagi

Michael de Glanville and Viola Edward - The Iceberg Theory

The Iceberg Theory

By Michael de Glanville & Viola Edward…. 

Searching for a deeper understanding about ourselves and our behaviour patterns can sometimes feel like a long road as we experiment with one theory and then another, developing the tools and skills to make sense of our existence, of our purpose in life. 1.638 kata lagi

North Cyprus

Reastaurant Review: Delicious - Paphos, Cyprus

We explored the ancient ruins of Paphos, which include a medieval castle, houses of noblemen of the 2nd Century, ancient churches and tombs of the Kings. 280 kata lagi


Rally for Cyprus 2015

As the 41st black anniversary of Turkey’s unlawful invasion and occupation in Cyprus approaches, Cypriots will take to the streets of central London on Sunday 5 July 2015… 259 kata lagi